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On 4/15/2018 at 3:21 AM, Stefan said:

The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough (June 29/Nuclear Blast)


1. This Time
2. Turn To Miami
3. Paralyzed
4. Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough
5. Moments Of Thunder
6. Speedwagon
7. Lovers In The Rain
8. Can’t Be That Bad
9. Pretty Thing Closing In
10. Barcelona
11. Winged And Serpentine
12. The Last Of The Independent Romantics


A little disappointed they didn't continue with another female named song. But I expect this to be one of the top albums this year. 

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1 hour ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

A little disappointed they didn't continue with another female named song. But I expect this to be one of the top albums this year. 

the top album ;)

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3 hours ago, Glen said:

the top album ;)

Personally, I'll be happy if Electric Boys can beat it. 

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Rust n' Rage - Tales From The Wasteland (out now)




Clif Magness - Lucky Dog (July/Frontiers)


1. Ain't No Way
2. Don't Look Now
3. Unbroken
4. Like You
5. Love Needs A Heart
6. Nobody But You
7. Maybe
8. Shout
9. Rain
10. All Over My Mind
11. My Heart



Johnny Gioeli/Deen Castronovo - Set The World On Fire (July 13/Frontiers)


1. Set The World On Fire
2. Through
3. Who I Am
4. Fall Like An Angel
5. It's All About You
6. Need You Now
7. Ride Of Your Life
8. Mother
9. Walk With Me
10. Run For Your Life
11. Remember Me
12. Let Me Out



Fred Mika (Sunroad) - Withdrawal Symptoms (May 4/Rock Company)


1. The Coming of Symptoms
2. Wired In
3. Artwork Nightmare
4. Sly Side Effect
5. Silence In Heaven
6. Saints Spirits Slave Sinners
7. First Day Without You
8. Sharppia
9. Dawning Of Aquarius
10. Second Skin Arena
11. Miss Misery



Crying Steel - Stay Steel (June 15/Pride & Joy Music)


1. Hammerfall
2. The Killer Inside
3. Speed of Light
4. Born in the Fire
5. Blackout
6. Barricades
7. Raise Your Hell
8. Crank It Up
9. Sail the Brave
10. Name of the Father
11. Warriors
12. Road to Glory



Robby Valentine - The Alliance ((June 16)


1. The Alliance Theme (1:01)
2. Judgement Day (4:11)
3. Black Dog (4:10)
4. Sons Of America (3:30)
5. Running On Empty (4:16)
6. Eleanor Robyn (6:58)
7. Soldiers Of Light (4:25)
8. The Bitter End (4:11)
9. Masters Of Our Minds (4:55)
10. Remember Who You Are (5:36)




Francesco Marras - Time Flies (out now)






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Frontline - Heroes  [May 25 /AOR Heaven Reissue]


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Michael Bormann - Rock Hard (out now)





Jean Beauvoir- Rock Masterpieces Vol 1 (June 29/AOR Heaven)


1. Faith

2. Crown Of Thorns

3. Dying For Love

4. Feel The Heat (Cobra soundtrack)

5. Lyin’

6. Heartbeat

7. The Awakening (Shocker – Wes Craven)

8. Missing The Young Days

9. Hike It Uo

10. Secret Jesus

11. Rock Ready (EA/MTV Rock Band Game)

12. The One

13. Voodoo Queen

14. Standing On The Corner For Ya (2017 single version, as performed on The Wendy Williams TV show)




Von Baltzer - Cultural Daze (summer/AOR Heaven)


1. All Night Long
2. Better Days
3. Burning Bridge
4. Cry No More
5. Cultural Daze
6. Fatal Attraction
7. Flick Of A Switch
8. Night And Day
9. Radio Active
10. Stepping Stone



Kissin' Dynamite - Exstasy (July 6/Metal Blade)


1. I've Got the Fire
2. You're Not Alone
3. Somebody's Gotta Do It
4. Ecstasy
5. Still Around
6. Superhuman
7. Placebo
8. Breaking the Silence
9. Waging War
10. One More Time
11. Heart of Stone
Bonus Tracks:
12. Wild Wind
13. No Time to Wonder



Acacia Avenue - Worlds Apart (TBA)


1. Stand Up And Shout
2. Worlds Apart
3. Out Of Control
4. Fly Away
5. Wait For Love
6. Straight To The Heart
7. Reaching Out
8. Seeing Is Believing
9. Don't Chain My Heart
10. Mine All Mine
11. Chasing Starlight



Destinia - Metal Souls (July/Frontiers)


1. Metal Souls
2. Be A Hero
3. Rain
4. Raise Your Fist
5. Metamorphosis
6. The End Of Love
7. Judgement Day
8. Cross The Line
9. Take Me Home
10. The Promised Land



Chinawhite - Different (June 14/Rock Company)





Guild Of Ages - Rise (June 29/Escape Music)


1. Intro 2:27 
2. Deep In Heaven 7:13
3. Around The Sun 4:30
4. Addicted 3:55
5. Every Road Leads Me Home 5:06
6. All Fall Down 4:47
7. Awaken 4:08
8. Love Rules All 4:13
9. I’ll Keep Burnin’ 4:10
10. Rise Another Day 3:37
11. Hearts Collide 4:46
12. Outro 0:54




Graham Bonnet Band - Meanwhile, Back In The Garage (July)


1. Meanwhile, Back In The Garage
2. The Hotel
3. Livin' In Suspicion
4. Incest Outcest U.S.A.
5. Long Island Tea
6. The House
7. Sea Of Trees
8. Man On The Corner
9. We Don't Need Another Hero
10. America...Where Have You Gone?
11. Heading Toward The Light
12. Past Lives
13. The Crying Chair
14. Starcarr Lane - Live From Daryl's House 2018



Two Of A Kind - Rise (July 13/Frontiers)


1. Here is the Now
2. Rock Your World
3. Wheel of Life
4. Nake
5. Rise
6. Touch the Roof
7. Higher
8. Alienation
9. It Ain't Over
10. Without You
11. Run



Beyond The Katakomb - s/t (June 29/Black Lodge Records)


1. Pavor Nocturnus
2. The Parallel God
3. Catacombs (A World Buried Beneath)
4. The Killing
5. Strain Of The Lycanthrope
6. The Exegesis
7. We Rule The Night
8. Sin Eater
9. The Otherkin
10. Revealing The Concealed
11. Veilpiercer
12. The Spark Divine




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Dare - Out Of The Silence II: Anniversary Special Edition (June 29/Legend Records/Warner)


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On 4/16/2018 at 9:58 PM, KarpetRydOFunk said:

A little disappointed they didn't continue with another female named song. But I expect this to be one of the top albums this year. 

track 13 is called Marjorie 

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4 hours ago, Glen said:

track 13 is called Marjorie 

Bonus track?

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3 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Bonus track?

digipak bonus.

there' another on the Jap 

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Kane Roberts posted a few updates on his FB page over the last few days regarding his new album.  Unfortunately, no release date is mentioned...

I have no more tracks to do on this CD for Frontiers but I wanted to see the progress on our first mix....Def keeping my fingers off the tracks now. Resisting the temptation to re-sing this or re-play that. Plan A is to deliver the Masters to Frontiers before the 26th.  I'm getting CD graphics and credits lined up as well. Keep you all posted.


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Clif Magness and Gioeli/Castronovo probably worth the wait

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Groundbreaker (Overland/Säll) - s/t (September 14/Frontiers)


1. Over My Shoulder
2. Will It Make You Love Me
3. Eighteen Til I Die
4. Only Time Will Tell
5. Tonight
6. Standing up for Love
7. Something Worth Fighting
8. The Sound of a Broken Heart
9. First Time
10. The Days of Our Life
11. The Way It Goes



Treat - Tunguska (September 14/Frontiers)


01. Progenitors 
02. Always Have, Always Will 
03. Best Of Enemies 
04. Rose Of Jericho 
05. Heartmath City 
06. Creeps 
07. Build The Love 
08. Man Overboard 
09. Riptide 
10. Tomorrow Never Comes 
11. All Bets Are Off 
12. Undefeated



Beyond The Black - Heart Of The Hurricane (August 31/Napalm Records)






Dion Bayman - Better Days (September/Art of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group)






Earth For Sale - Reset (out now)





Livesay - Chronicles (September 14/RFL Records)


01. Live & Let Rock
02. Fallen Nights
03. Red Room
04. Evil Eyes
05. No Way Out
06. Under The Table
07. Darkest Hour
08. Love N’ Chains
09. You Won’t See Me Fall
10. Awaken The Giant
11. The Burning Times
12. Aphasia
Bonus Track:
13. International Man



Uriah Heep - Living The Dream (September 14/Frontiers)


01. Grazed By Heaven 
02. Living The Dream 
03. Take Away My Soul 
04. Knocking At My Door 
05. Rocks In The Road 
06. Waters Flowin' 
07. It's All Been Said 
08. Goodbye To Innocence 
09. Falling Under Your Spell 
10. Dreams Of Yesteryear 
11. Take Away My Soul (alternate version) (bonus track; CD/DVD deluxe edition)

Bonus DVD track listing:

* "Grazed By Heaven" music video 
* "Take Away My Soul" music video 
* "Making The Dream" documentary



Nitrate - Real World (July 20/MelodicRock Records)


Waiting On You
Crazy Like You
Hot Summer Nights
Crank Up The Weekend
Only You
Real World
I'll Be There


Mob Rules - Beast Reborn (August 24/Steamhammer)


1. Beast Reborn
2. Ghost Of A Chance
3. Shores Ahead
4. Sinister Light
5. Traveller In Time
6. Children's Crusade
7. War Of Currents
8. The Explorer
9. Revenant Of The Sea
10. Way Back Home
11. My Sobriety Mind (For Those Who Left)



Brian Barnhouse - Sign Of Life (out now)





3.2 - The Rules Have Changed (August 10/Frontiers)


1. One by One
2. Powerful Man
3. The Rules Have Changed
4. Our Bond
5. What You’re Dreaming Now
6. Somebody’s Watching
7. This Letter
8. Your Mark on The World



Ted Poley - Modern Art (TBA)






Free From Sin - ll (July 20/Pride & Joy Music)






Mad Max - 35 (August 10/Steamhammer)


1. The Hutch (Intro)
2. Running To Paradise
3. Beat Of The Heart
4. D.A.M.N.
5. Snowdance
6. Thirty 5
7. Already Gone
8. False Freedom
9. Goodbye To You
10. Rocky Road
Bonus Track:
11. Paris Is Burning 



Vixen - Live Fire (July 6/Rat Pack Records)


01. Rev It Up (Live) 
02. How Much Love (Live) 
03. One Night Alone (Live) 
04. Cryin' (Live) 
05. Meet The Band (Live) 
06. Rock Me (Live) 
07. Streets In Paradise (Live) 
08. I Don't Need No Doctor (Live) 
09. Love Is A Killer (Live) 
10. Love Made Me (Live) 
11. Big Brother (Live) *previously unreleased* 
12. Edge of A Broken Heart (Live)

Bonus tracks:

13. You Ought To Know By Now (New Studio Version) 
14. Edge of A Broken Heart (New Studio Acoustic Version)





Big Mouthers - Wishes (out now)





Fireblast - Dreams To Life (June 15/Z Records)





Wonderworld - lll (June 19/Sliptrick Records)


01. Background Noises
02. Stormy Night
03. Big Word
04. Crying Out For Freedom
05. A Mountain Left To Climb
06. Brand New Man 
07. Rebellion
08. The Last Frontier
09. Stay Away From Me
10. There Must Be More



Creye - s/t  (October 12/Frontiers)


Holding On
Nothing To Lose
Different State Of Mind
Never Too Late
All We Need Is Faith
Straight To The Top
Love Will Never Die
Still Believe In You
City Lights
Desperately Lovin’
A Better Way



B4U (Be For You) - The Things I Never Told You (out now)





King Company - Queen Of Hearts (August 10/Frontiers)


1. Queen Of Hearts
2. One Day Of Your Life
3. Stars
4. Living In A Hurricane
5. Under The Spell
6. Never Say Goodbye
7. Learn To Fly
8. Berlin
9. King For Tonight
10. Living The Dream
11. Arrival
12. Good Thing (Bonus Track, Digital)



Space Elevator - s/t (June 22/Steamhammer)


1. Elevator
2. We Are The Losers
3. I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)
4. Ordinary Day
5. Little White Lies
6. Loneliness Of Love
7. More Than Enough
8. Really Don't Care
9. Oils And Bubbles
10. We Can Fly
11. Move On
Bonus Track:
12. Don't Believe A Word



Charlie Giardina - Dreamland (out now)






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