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Catchy Choruses


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One of the catchiest choruses I've ever heard is "Love Bomb Baby" by TIGERTAILZ. That song practically defines what a great glam-metal anthem should sound like. Monster hooks with shout-it-out gang backing vocals. Whenever I listen to that song, it sticks in my head for days. I guess you could call it taffy for your eardrums...


Keep the faith.


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Some of the catchiest/most memorable choruses I know of...in no particular order:


Autograph - Turn Up the Radio

Beau Nasty - Paradise in the Sand

Black n Blue - Rock On

Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

Bulletboys - Smooth Up

David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise

Def Leppard - Paper Sun

Dokken - Night By Night

Extreme - Hole Hearted

Frehley's Comet - It's Over Now

Iron Maiden - Stranger in a Strange Land

Union- Who Do You Think You Are

Kiss - Heaven's On Fire

Saigon Kick - Love is on the Way

Stage Dolls - Love Cries

Motley Crue - Too Young to Fall in Love

Mr. Big - To Be With You

Poison - Stand

Queensryche - Last Time in Paris

Quiet Riot - Trouble Again

Ratt - I Want a Woman

Skid Row - Firesign (If you've never heard this song, I'd reccomend picking up "Subhuman Race" just to do so...in-freaking-credible!)

Slaughter - Up All Night

Tigertailz - Love Bomb Baby (Catchy as hell!)

Twisted Sister - Wake Up the Sleeping Giant

Vain - Laws Against Love

Van Halen - Love Walks In

Warlock - All We Are

Tyketto - Forever Young

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Yngwie Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight



Hmmm, wish I could've thought of some more! ;)


Seriously though, when I think of the songs listed above, I don't think of a guitar solo,a bass line, a particular drum beat, or even the singer, it's the chorus, the words, and how well they flow. These songs, to me, have it going on!



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Some cool choices. I've never heard 'Firesign' by Skid Row - I don't have the 'Subhuman' CD - have to check that one out. Some of my favorite memorable choruses include:


Touch - Don't You Know What Love Is

White Sister - Walk Away

Van Halen - Love Walks In

Legs Diamond - Fugitive

Y&T - Midnight In Tokyo

Angel - L.A. Lady

Angel - You Can't Buy Love

Slaughter - Real Love

Kiss - Sure Know Something

Skid Row - Can't Stand The Heartache

Blvd - In The Twilight <<I think that's the title


that's just a few of about a million more



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Good Topic!!!


Yes, there are too many to mention but on the top of my head I think of these:


Contagious - Y&T

Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

Hungry for a Game - Skagarack

World of Promises - Treat

Conspiracy - Treat

Get you on the run - Treat

Hold On - Tour de Force

Shot Down - Tour de Force

If looks could Kill - Heart

Tattoed Millionaire - Bruce Dickinson

Cop To Con - Baibang



Millions more!

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Guest timosand

Here's some songs. Many of these bands have much more great songs, but only one song per one artist listed here. So some other as catchy songs are not mentioned here.


Craaft - Running on Love

Julliet - She's So Shy

Tigertailz - Call Of The Wild

Legs Diamond - One Way Ticket

Quiet Riot - Don't Wanna Be Your Fool

Y&T - Armed And Dangerous

Gotthard - Hush

Honeymoon Suite - Cold Look

Twisted Sister - I Believe In You

Ozzy Osbourne - I Just Want You

Vixen- Edge of a Broken Heart

Petra – Armed And Dangerous

White Heart - Once and For All

Scorpions - In Your Park

Glass Tiger - Animal Heart

Foreigner - I'll Fight For You

Shylock - Lost In A Dream

Battagia - Wall Of Women

Heaven And Earth - Prisoner

Raine - Without You

Savatage - When The Crowds Are Gone

Elf - Never More

Michael Sweet - Real

Black Sabbath - I Won't Cry For You

Silverhead - Ace Supreme

Uriah Heep - Between Two Worlds

Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

Edguy - Vain Glory Opera

Sinergy - Razor Blade Salvation

Kurgan's Bane - Through The Camera

Survivor - The One That Really Matters

ASIA - Heat Of the Moment


And a special mention to the first two Quiet Riot releases (with Rhoads, DuBrow, Forsyth and Garni/Sarzo...). Really catchy songs with catchy choruses.


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Well I agree with Swedish steel about Contagious from Y&T and Livin'on a prayer from Bon jovi and then

Muscle in motion from Treat

Don't be afraid of the dark-Y&T

Summer days-Attraction

The final countdown-Europe

Slaughter-Up all night


Somebody beat me to the punch-Silent witness

Crazy crazy nights-Kiss

One by one-Fate

Do you love me -Pretty boy floyd

10.000 lovers-Tnt

You give love a bad name-Bon jovi

Walk this way-Aerosmith and Rev it up-Vixen

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Here's a few more:


Crazy Nights - Both Kiss' version and Danger danger's version

Lovers - Fate

Breakin' walls ain't easy & I wanna look in your eyes - Craaft

Lonely Nights - White Lion

Who wants to be lonely, Tears are falling & Thrills in the Night - Kiss

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Yeah, I completely forgot FIREHOUSE


All she wrote & Reach for the sky must be some of my faves! :headbanger:

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"IN THE EYYYYES OF A STRANGER...DEDEDEDEDEEE....THERE LIES A MYSTERY" Man, you oughta hear my falsetto right now! :crazy:

Great track from Lizzy and the Bordens.......


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We Will - John Sykes

Dirty Love - Thunder

Guilty - Tora Tora

Naughty Naughty - John Parr :P

Girl Money - Kix

Never Enough - L.A. Guns

Rattlesnake Shake - Skid Row

SLANG - Def Leppard (well.....sooooo many by Def Leppard!!!)

Amnesia - Tora Tora

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Yeah!!! :banger: "Never Enough" is a great track. I'd go with "Dirty Love" too...

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Two that I've been listening to lately...


Black 'n Blue - Hold On To 18

Black 'n Blue - Wicked Bitch


Although at 36 the "Hold On To 18" isn't quite as relevant as when I first heard it....still rocks though!



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Here are a few of mine favorites (OK, more than a few)


Bon Jovi - Livin On A Prayer

Van Halen - Unchained

Ratt - Round And Round

Motley Crue - 10 Seconds To Love

KISS - Crazy Nights

Def Leppard - Photograph

Dokken - The Hunter

Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy

Tigertailz - Love Bomb Baby & Living Without Your (with Kim Hooker on Vox)

Poison - Nothing But A Good Time

Skid Row - Can't Stand The Heartache & Youth Gone Wild

Harem Scarem - Stranger Than Love (hell, their entire first 2 albums basically and all their early stuff before their first CD)

Skin & Bones - All The Girls In The World

Smashed Gladys - Legs Up

Shake City - Lust And Love

Tuff - Don't Complain

Hotboy - Young Wild & Free

Roxx - Kids Rock

Rail - 1234 Rock N Roll

Lancia - Sweet Melody

Concrete Jungle - Wear And Tear

LA Guns - I Wanna Be Your Man

Swingin Thing - Lets Do It With The Lights On

Brass Kitten - You Can't Hold Back The Young

Britny Fox - Louder

Keel - Lay Down The Law

Icon - In Your Eyes

Southgang - Ode To Peggys (this one is great)

Spread Eagle - Spread Eagle

Johnny Crash - Crack Of Dawn

Julliet - Eight Lives Gone

Killer Dwarfs - I'm Alive

Kix - Cold Blood

Lillian Axe - Show A Little Love

Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar

Signal - Run Into The Night

Masquerade - Four Letter Words

Y&T - Don't Stop Runnin'

Tyketto - Wings

Waysted - Singing To The Night & Heaven Tonight

Wrathchild - Kick Down The Walls

Mr Big - Green Tinted Sixties Mind (don't like the song but it sure sticks in your head)


...and my current favorite - Autograph - Buzz from their new CD also titled Buzz.


...and last but not least - Warrant - Cherry Pie, either you love it or you hate it but everyone seems to know all the words :0)

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Man, forgot 1 of my all time favorite songs, it may have never been officially released but I have a demo from a band called Wikked Gypsy, I believe they were from L.A. but I may be wrong. The song is Shoot Me Down Again. If you can find the demo it's definitely worth a listen.

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Yeah...You just mentioned KEEL...Completely forgot them too!

Their version of "Because The Night" is one of my alltime fave tracks...Amazing melody!

There's also "Don't Say You Love Me" from KEEL... :omg:

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"Know it ain't easy" from Pretty Maids is very memorable too...My fave power ballad

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Here's a handful that haven't been mentioned (a day late and a dollar short :rolleyes: )


New Thing by Enuff Z'nuff


Stranger by Holy Soldier


Nothing to Fear by New England


Hot Cherie by Hardline


Alibi by Vandenberg


Caught in the Game by Airrace


You're So Strange by Kik Tracee


Lorraine by 220 Volt


My Girl by Chilliwack


***pant, pant, pant... ***


Chain Lightning by .38 Special


Messin' Around by Heartless


Island in the Sun by Alcatrazz


Anyway You Want It by Angel


Anytime by MSG


***hoo... haaa... must catch breath... ***


No More Lies by Schon and Hammer


Holiday by Scorpions


House of Pain by Faster Pussycat


Gypsy Road by Cinderella


Little Fighter by White Lion


Tell Me What You Want by Zebra


More Than a Feeling by Boston


God Gave Rock and Roll to You II by KISS


***I'm getting dizzy... I need to go lay down... Does anyone else notice that the room is spinning?***

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LOVE DON'T BOTHER ME!!!! Stagedolls version, Rockmama version, any version....WHAT A FUCKIN' FANTASTIC CHORUS!!! Almost makes me cry in sheer admiration :crying:

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"Seven Seas" by Steelhouse Lane is a worthy contender too... :freak:

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Guest motley

Fave choruses?!?!?!??!?!?! Man I could sit here for days!!!!


All that she wrote

Dont blame it on love

Crazy nights

Shout at the devil

Pour some sugar on me

Dr. feelgood

She's too tuff

All new generation

Living on a prayer

Bad Medicine

Everybody wants some

Leather boyz with electric toyz

Rock you like a hurricane

Hard On me

Sweet obsession

Vain glory opera

Hey Stoopid

Bed of nails (with AC)

Lost in the City

creatures of the night......etc etc etc etc etc

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Gotta include my alltime fave metal track: HELL BENT FOR LEATHER by the mighty priest :banger:

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    • Appreciate the support and enthusiasm for the title. In ALL past releases I've fought hard and at times with the artists and rights holders to release something I as a fan would want to buy - and that includes original artwork, track listings and bonus material etc.. (had some good fights over those).  However, in this case, I fully agree with the guys. Its just not feasible to release and promote something called Sex Crimes in 2023. Politically correct, woke, reality...it just is what it is. The band has felt uneasy over the title for some time now. We will endeavor to make the release as true to the original apart from that title and a fresh take on the artwork. Apologies for the right-wing comments, that's my immediate reaction when I start hearing cancel culture stuff.
    • Yeah, I felt that Auslander was having a go at those who are easily offended, not Andrew.  I think the wombat got the wrong end of the stick.
    • This makes my brain hurt. You literally cannot win in this day and age.    
    • Bringing politics into a post about a band we are all here to celebrate isn't a good look, and that's coming from me, a right winger, because somebody would like a proper real release as in the original artwork and the way we bought it in 86 isn't being a right winger, it's being a good audiophile, I too think it's absurd to finally give this album a proper release after waiting so long for it, then to completely alter it for the sake of what? it's a re-release, that is going to be bought by people who already know what it is, and not some clueless stick figure buying it on a whim, It just kind of feels like a slap in the face, primarily because we all have a semi good idea as to why it's being changed, and that isn't right wing, that's actually left wing these days, so should I not buy it cause its altered? just to make a political point? I mean since you aren't concerned about him being offended? well I guess I could be labeled "others", and I would think you'd be a bit more understanding why someone would be irked over the decision, and it aint because they voted for Trump or Biden, but if me and him don't buy it you'd be losing a sale right? you can say you don't care, but if everybody didn't buy it to make a point, then you'd care, so why play to the people who aren't going to buy it regardless? instead of the people waiting decades for it to be released? that's all he's saying, you don't gotta be an asshole. If you knew him you'd know how horrible calling him a right winger is to him, as I assure you he's not, I feel I gotta say something, I blew it off originally but since the curtain got pulled back I feel the same way he does, but I'm not gonna fight over it, and it is a valid feeling and im sure others possess it, so you can call me all the names you want, talk about my mom, or my ex, you can trash me and my politics, I welcome it, but you really don't gotta bag on somebody for being a little put off over a 1st time release and the only CD release of an album many of us here love, BTW, regardless what you say to me, I'll still buy it, and I still appreciate what your doing even if I disagree with how your doing it, cool bro. now lets here what a fascist i am.
    • Thanks 4 the heads up bro, I truly appreciate it
    • Year of the Dog - Trench Dogs
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