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Don Barnes

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  • 2 years later...

I guess you are referring to this album ?




Have a look here for more infos:


Don Barnes - Ride the Storm


Hmmm ..., that does not look good ! :-(



Interview with Don Barnes:


RTJ: You have a solo album, Ride The Storm. I read it was never released, why?


Don: Yeah it was during the end of the eighties. I had left the band for about four years and I had no personal life really just from trying to push so hard for success and keep things going and you find that you sacrifice a lot of things. During all those years of pushing I was just weary from it all. There was nobody behind the door waiting for me to come home you know. If you’re not happy in your heart then your work tends to reflect that.


During that time I was given a deal with A&M Records. I traveled around and wrote songs and put a lot of material together. Then in 1990, the year it was supposed to be released the company, A&M, was sold to Universal in the area of seven-hundred-million or something. But everybody that had release dates in that year, it was kind of the kiss of death because what happens is they change all the staff, everybody, completely, just gone. The guy who was championing my project, was paying to write all the checks and all that… well he was gone. He went to CBS. And so everyone just scatters when that sort of thing… the restructuring, you know how that goes.

They restructure everybody. People don’t even know where their desk is.


So a lot of albums were shelved that year. Unfortunately mine was one of them. Then Universal having owned the masters, they’re just all about acquisition and the holdings. They’re not really interested in selling any master tapes to a second party. I was kind of stuck. Stuck there. After all these years I put it out. I told Tom Soares, our web site guy to make a web page and give it away for free. The thing about it is; You always want as many ears as you can on the music and that’s why with myspace pages and all that you gather a fan base. It just grows your fan base and they tend to seek out Greatest Hits packages plus they’ll come to live shows. You can’t download a live show. They’ll come to live shows, buy a t-shirt or a ticket to the show. But that’s the story on that. It’s still out there and probably won’t ever be released formally.

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No joking, this is one of my favourite albums of all the time, although I only got some very average sounding MP3s of it from MR-X, but the songs are pure AOR bliss!

Hopefully some label can release this one with the right treatment!!!

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  • 8 months later...

This album with Riggs - S/T need to be released on cd.


I have a cdr that was copied from a friend who got it from somewhere?


Let`s hope it gets it`s justified quality release in the near future :tumbsup:

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'Looking For You' is a brilliant track and better than the Khymera version released on 'A New Promise' a few years back. I'm still hoping 'Ride The Storm' gets the proper release it so badly deserves one day, as some of the tracks on it are killers.

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history of this has mixed views...its a crime its not out on cd. but due to poltics of the music indistry has played a ugly part in this.a decent lable working with don should make this a cd issue...mitch

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  • 1 year later...

I guess there hasn't been an official release of this superb disc...
This being unreleased is a big crime. Such a great set of musicians.
Get it released now! Pronto!

Ride The Storm

Track List :

01. Ride The Storm
02. Looking For You
03. I Fall Back
04. Dont Look Down
05. Maybe Youll Believe Me Now
06. I Would Do It All Over Again
07. Everytime We Say Goodbye
08. Feeling Stronger Every Day
09. After The Way
10. Johnny Ain't So Cool

Don Barnes (Vocals, Guitars)
Dann Huff (Guitars)
Alan Pasqua (Keyboards)
Jesse Harms (Keyboards)
Bill Cuomo (Keyboards)
Mike Porcaro (Bass)
Jeff Porcaro (Drums, Percussion)
Denny Carmassi (Drums, Percussion)

This has a typical Giant guitar. Excellent!



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  • 4 years later...

It's definitely about time this was released properly. Top quality album it is

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  • 1 month later...

This one has me more excited than almost any "new" release. There's just a difference when it comes to a song or an album actually being written and recorded in the 80's vs. written and recorded in 2017 to try and sound like the 80's. I don't know how to explain it, exactly. The only thing that comes to mind right-off-the-bat is the difference between the smell of an actual apple pie vs. the small of a candle labeled as apple pie. It's just not the same.


Anyway, I was a huge .38 Special fan back in the 80's, and naturally I love just about anything and everything The Porcaro's are a part of (not to mention Dan Huff).


That full-length track MR is fantastic. I pre-ordered my copy this morning.

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Fantastic news and one really great album. Well done to Andrew at MRR.






MelodicRock Records is thrilled to announce one of the biggest releases for the label thus far! How else could you describe an album featuring Dann Huff, Alan Pasqua, Jeff & Mike Porcaro, Jesse Harms and Denny Carmassi?
MRR will be the label finally able to extract one of the best “lost” albums of all time for an official release. Plenty have tried over the years, but timing is everything!
Nearly 30 years ago, what would have been an instant classic was relegated to storage thanks to the old story of record label machinations.
Of course, we are talking about the classic AOR masterpiece DON BARNES solo album ‘Ride The Storm’.
MelodicRock Records started a conversation with the legendary 38 Special vocalist nearly 12 months ago to the day, suggesting that more than enough time has passed and that this record deserves its time to shine.
So it is with great pleasure that MRR announces that DON BARNES ‘Ride The Storm’ will be released worldwide June 30.
And even better news for fans and collectors that have had this record in its various MP3 forms over the years, what you have isn’t the main record you’re about to hear.
In searching for the original masters for ‘Ride The Storm’, after being lost for two decades, Don found the only existing copy of a ‘rock mix’ that was commissioned back in 1989 to take a look at how the songs would sound, remixed for a bigger ‘rock’ impact.
Ever the completist, MRR’s Andrew McNeice insisted that both mixes of the classic album were included in the release – as well as the three individual, heavily traded, solo demo tracks that were recorded but not included on the original album.
The complete ‘Ride The Storm’ release will therefore be a 2CD set, featuring the album in its intended form, plus the second ‘alternate mix’ disc, on which the three additional bonus tracks are added at the end.
1. Ride The Storm
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Guitar Solos - Dann Huff / Keys - Martin Briley / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
2. Looking For You
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys and Additional Guitar - Martin Briley / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Pocaro
3. I Fall Back
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Martin Briley / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
4. Don't Look Down
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Jesse Harms / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Denny Carmassi
5. Maybe You'll Believe Me Now
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Denny Carmassi
6. I'd Do It All Over Again
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Guitar - Dann Huff / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
7. Every Time We Say Goodbye
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Rhythm Guitar - Tim Pierce / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
8. Feelin' Stronger Every Day
Guitars - Don Barnes / Additional Guitar - Dann Huff / Keys - Alan Pasqua / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Jeff Porcaro
9. After The Way
Guitars - Don Barnes / Keys - Martin Briley / Bass - Mike Porcaro / Drums - Denny Carmassi
10. Johnny Ain't So Cool
Guitars - Don Barnes / Bass Guitar - Mike Porcaro / Keys and Guitar Solo - Martin Briley / Drums - Denny Carmassi
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A bit off-topic, but damn I loved me some "Special Forces" and "Tour De Force: when I was in junior high school.


This was right around the time we first got cable television in my neck of the woods, and MTV was brand new. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours my friends and I sat in front of the television watching Martha Quinn and the crew from 1982 - 1986 when all they did was play videos and have awesome interviews. You had to be there to fully appreciate the enormity of it all.

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