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  1. I wanted the drum sounds to be even more retro.real drums will be used next time.budget wise was on one man hence why there only 8 songs.now if the cd sells well there be no excuses for album number two.all in all this cd is aimed to steal you ears and mind and diff back to what the 80s AOR sound was.
  2. Geoff,2010 terry brock did strangeways cd and solo and giant,for mr saylor all he has done is one solo this year.on this project he was ment to be producer and play guitar.due to last minute singers pulling out he saved the day by doing 3 tracks my quick choice.as for andy rock and the Spanish cd.i can`t answer it.its not saylor fault at all.
  3. Hi...im the bloke who put this cd out...aor heaven is our distibution world wide.right at the last minute they decided they dont want this this cd.so i have to go back to plane b..find other ways..NEH Records will have the cd as i have sent them the cd for USA customers.
  4. Hi The push cd mastered and remixed with 8 bonus tracks and bio booklet ..very much in the mold of lost aor uk jewels.
  5. jez i vaule your point of view.,im such a tiny lable.6 of the 7 cds would of come out..im not proud of the AOR cd just a jinx affair.anyway.you got beef up solos and the vocals are a highlight with good songs..all good geezer cheers m
  6. As withany saylor cd the funding has to come from my pocket.if S.O.O sells enough i can then inlist the drums and bass players.me personly feels we have got aor genrea sound that seems to be lost on other cds.few bands have the same ol sound like work or art and lionville as example.i do have and like both of those bands.for u buying this cd its new..for me i had it playing for 3 months and it grows to what i think are my fav songs.to those who buy this cd ...cheers to you ABR Owner mitch
  7. Hello Mitch!Are you willing to trade or sell the NEW REGIME-THE RACE CD for me?Let me know!Regards,Peter

  8. Which one do you choose?


  10. Here is the trade list: BRUNOROCK-S/T signed!

  11. Hello! I'm interested in NEW REGIME-THE RACE cd!What you want for it?Let me know!My contact:sopetya@t-online.hu Thanks,Peter

    1. rudders73


      can you send trade list and we go from there cheers mitch

  12. straight eight-straight to the heart bronz-unfished business
  13. Ok..i just had phone chat with mr saylor and me and him have agree if we get enough people to buy S.O.O cd the next vid wiill have semi naked woman hahahha
  14. Hi yes a new cd by them..it be unrelease demos that never got used with some new track thst be in the aor side of things
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