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DeCarlo - Lightning Strikes Twice


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From Frontiers:

BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of the powerhouse AOR band DECARLO to the label!

DECARLO is the band featuring Tommy DeCarlo, best known for having performed with Boston since 2007.

The band's lineup includes: Tommy on lead vocals together with his son and guitarist Tommy DeCarlo Jr, drummer Dan Hitz, and bassist Brett Nelson.

"I’m extremely proud to be recognized by Frontiers and offered my very first recording contract! Getting to work with such a powerhouse label, that has signed some of the top bands from my era, is an accomplishment!” Says Tommy. "I’ve had a lot of blessings in my life (getting married to my wonderful wife of thirty years, having two beautiful children, having performed with a legendary rock and roll band, being a grandfather and last but not least having the opportunity to perform alongside my son Tommy Jr. in our band DECARLO. Through all of those blessings songwriting has also played a big part in my life. I’ve always written for myself, for my own enjoyment, it was something I did simply to pass the time never thinking anything would ever come of it…but it has! Frontiers has given me the opportunity to take my music to the next level. The world will finally get to hear the music of Tommy DeCarlo!"

Get ready for a great new album to be released in mid 2019!







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More info from Frontiers:

DECARLO will release their debut album, "Lightning Strikes Twice" on January 24, 2020! First single & video + more details coming soon...

1. A Better Day
2. You Are The Fire
3. Give Love A Try
4. Into The Storm
5. Lightning Strikes Twice
6. Still In Love 
7. Rock N’ Soul
8. There She Goes
9. Stand Up (Play Ball)
10. The One
11. Gotta Go
12. I Think I Fell In Love With You



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7 hours ago, melodicrock said:

That song is awful.

Haha. It's kind of like they wanted to record a song... but not really. Ridiculously bland, subdued and boring. Maybe next time they'll record something they care about? 

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  • My Little Pony
On 9/24/2019 at 9:46 PM, melodicrock said:

Yeah, it sounds like it was done in a bland factory with an army of bland-bots, previously used on old Hootie & The Blandfish albums. 

So, would you say it's bland?

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On 10/28/2019 at 7:27 PM, Stefan said:

New song.



The song itself is pretty naff but the video is even worse.

Considering some of the professional looking videos most Frontiers signed bands put out these days, even from some of the smallest artists, there is no excuse for how poorly put together this video is.

Apart from the singers awful "moves" and gestures, it is a horrible use of green screen and the zoom in shots are laughable.


Yup, this is not a band I will be adding to my "to buy" list.

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My favorite track by a fairly large margin... "You Are the Fire"



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On 1/28/2020 at 3:12 PM, whiplash1972 said:

My favorite track by a fairly large margin... "You Are the Fire"



Oh dear. Unfortunately I thought that was as terrible as the rest of them. The only track I could stand for a second was 'Gotta go.' Still average but for me it was the best on there. Awful album, though, it must be said. 


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