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John Diva & The Rockets Of Love - Mama Said Rock Is Dead


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JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE promise the most awesome rock’n’roll party ever! Ever since the era of the great hair bands of the 80s, there had been no one more authentic, more powerful and more ambitious than JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE. JOHN DIVA is a born entertainer. His outstanding vocal talents had been in the background for way, way too long. He worked as a coach, as a manager and – predominantly - was involved in the songwriting process of oh so many true classic Rock‘n’Roll legends, including the likes of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, KISS, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, to name just a few.

He now made the inevitable step and emerged from the shadow of his alter egos, manifesting his ultimate mission: ROCK’N’ROLL!!!! As he always tutored his partners who soon became legends by themselves shortly thereafter, JOHN DIVA also is embraced by this certain perfection on stage. That perfection only very few real rock stars are blessed with. So here he goes again, crowning his career accomplishment while taking every house with cheering crowds by storm.

Check out what JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE have in store: Whatever JOHN was involved with, they surely will bring on stage. And that is nothing less but THE greatest hits of the world’s hottest rock bands!!! Hence you will get to hear the likes of “HERE I GO AGAIN”, “ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE”, “YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME”, “WHY CAN’T THIS BE LOVE”,”POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME” or “POISON”… you name it! All those songs DIVA was involved with as a songwriter! Never before had rock’n’roll been so authentic, so connected with its audience! DIVA allows everyone to party hardy at the ROCK’N’ROLL CIRCUS and schools the fools on how a REAL DIVA rocks the motherfxxxxx’ house!!! What was a revelation on Sunset Strip once, just heralded the new hairy rock sensation across the globe. Be prepared for JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE to come, conquer, and ROCK continental Europe and beyond! JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE ARE THE ROCK’N ROLL POWERRANGERS …MISSION: MAXIMUM PARTY, MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL!


From FB:

DIVA LOVERS: your favorite band signs worldwide deal with SPV GmbH /Steamhammer - YEEEEEAAAAH!!! 

SPV GmbH/Steamhammer signs worldwide deal with JOHN DIVA & The Rockets Of Love!
What started some six years ago as an 80s rock show paying tribute to icons suchas Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi has long developed into a hot, autonomous act with fantastic songs and an impressive stage show: John Diva & The Rockets Of Love, a flamboyant rock band in true 80s style, graced with a talent for breathing fresh air into the classic rock music genre, are scheduled to release their debut album "Mama Said Rock Is Dead" on 8 February 2019. 23 November 2018 will see the arrival of their lead single ‘Lolita’, supported by a congenial video clip featuring scantily clad girls and sunny beach scenes. The second single ‘Rock´n`Roll Heaven’ will be out on 18 January 2019, masterly presented Tarantino-style in a dusty Western-type desert landscape. The twelve songs were produced by Michael Voss (MAD MAX, Michael Schenker, among others), with CHRIS VON ROHR (Krokus,Gotthard) involved as creative supervisor.


And as a side note:

When Erik Løøvaxe was touring in The States, he suddenly found himself lost in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Luckily he managed to stop a Camaro with two hot chicks that were heading towards a party at John Diva’s ranch. 
At the ranch they met up with Mr.Damage who was traveling through Route 66 on Harleys with his buddy Ace Stirlingslinger. They also met up with drummer legend Uli Kusch who had disappeared from the heavy metal scene years ago. He had simply forgotten about time, and had been enjoying himself at the ranch. The rest of the guys in The Rockets of Love were there as well, and helped out with keys and partying. 
They all jammed and recorded «What you give is what you get (Party Like A Red Neck)» that night, and even though the rednecks got curved, the tune stands out as a heavy metal classic!
Line up:
Vocals: John Diva (John Diva) 
Bass Guitar: Erik Løøvaxe (Trollfest, Souls of Tide)
Drums: Uli Kush (Ex-Helloween, Ex-Gamma-Ray, Ex Masterplan) 
Lead Guitar: Mr. Damage (Chrome Division, Breed) 
Keys: Snake Rocket (John Diva and the Rockets of Love)
Backing Giutar: Ace Stringslinger (Wyruz)




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Good band name.

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This arrived this morning 2nd hand from ebay...even though the release date isn't until 8th February?

Definate Steel Panther vibe throughout which isn't a bad thing and seeing that I'm going to see Panther on Thursday night then this was well timed release  :)

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Full few listens and even though I have not heard too many new 2019 release thus far this one is probably the best to date,the only tune im not fussed on is "Toxic" the rest is pretty damn good,great sound to it too...and they do have a less vulgar(not much swearing that I could hear nor duuurty lyrics) Steel Panther vibe to em

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I'm very lukewarm (closer to frosty) on this one. 'Just a Night Away' is a great 80's style ballad and 'Lolita' is a solid track. The rest? Doesn't really do anything for me at all if I'm being honest. Just C-grade 80's hard rock that you wouldn't even blink at if it was recorded in 1990 (or for me, 2019). 

Be honest - if this was released in 1990 would you even acknowledge it's existence? 

Well, for me, anything I wouldn't acknowledge in 1990, I'd also not acknowledge in 2019. :)

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13 hours ago, Socratic Methodist said:

So far my album of the year.  

The Magnificent > John Diva... tenfold. ;)

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6 hours ago, Socratic Methodist said:

Are you in cahoots with The Rocker?  :lol:

John Diva is a good album, but come on. You don't have to love it, but your're the ONLY one who thinks the Magnificent is not at least a "good" album.

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For the record... and I really need to go back into the memory bank here as The Magnficent album wasn't a stand-out for me. But from memory, it was a good solid album with one truly cracking song. Let me check my archives. 

Ok, so I actually did really dig it. I rated it 87%. If I remember I'll whip it out of the CD racks in the garage tomorrow morning on the way to work. I'll make a serious point of this. 

Either way, this Diva album isn't very good stuff, in my honest opinion. To each their own. :) 

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Ah, come on. It's kind of fun but if it were in any way successful lawyers from David Lee Roth, Whitesnake , Def Leppard and a few more would be all over him as there's barely an original note on there. It's well done though and fairly enjoyable. 

I notice they're playing in Munich with Kissin Dynamite. Might be a laugh. Bet they're good live. 

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John played another band before The Rockets of Love, name escape me. Read an interview, he was saying it sought after. It was a thrash band.

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