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Salty Dog - Lost Treasure


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From Escape Music:

Salty Dog are a hard rock band formed in late 1986 in Los Angeles and originally consisted of Jimmi Bleacher, Scott Lane, Michael Hannon and Khurt Maier (Ratt, Max Havoc). The band released its first record in 1990, titled "Every Dog has its day” composed of all original songs except for a cover of Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful”. Guitarist Pete Reveen had joined the band by this time, and his input improved the band’s sound immensely. The band showed great promise in the early 1990s, and at one point ruled the sunset strip and Hollywood. Things were looking so promising but they were sadly lost in the shuffle when the grunge-rock movement hit in late 1991.

Thankfully this dog has still got a day… and more as we are about to find out with this exciting new release entitled “Lost Treasure”. The line up here includes the great Darrel Beach on vocals and with production from Pete we have the great recordings you are about to hear. This is great American rock played just as it should be. The band have drawn influences from Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and have also tinged some early blues into their fantastic sound.

The songs on “Lost Treasure” should have been released many moons ago, as the band says “The music is bad-ass and has a lot of attitude” But, back then it was never meant to be so here we are with these fantastic songs now, it’s so good that the band have proved that a good dog can’t be put down, this dog lives to fight another day.


Band is:
Pete Reveen – Guitar and Banjo
Khurt Maier – Drums
Darrel Beach – Vocals
Hilljack Hannon - Bass


Release Date: 23 March 2018
Catalogue No: ESM315

Track list: 
1. Damned If I Do 4:24 

2. I Need More 3:25 

3. Walk Softly 5:07 

4. Open Sezme 4:05

5. Mission On A Hill 5:21 

6. All That Glitters 4:20 

7. Woman Scorned 3:31 

8. Honeysuckle Wind 4:03 

9. Didju 3:12 

10. Old Fashioned Love 4:32 

11. When Fools Rush In 5:33




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I've always liked their debut and  I think I have demo versions of most of these songs on a cdr.  From what I recall, the band had just replaced the original singer and recorded them for their 2nd album back in the early '90's.  

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Hhhm only 2 original members. Shame as I LOVE Salty Dog. I actually started a thread here and shared the demo tape tunes (pre EDHID) with Mike Hannon a while back as he contacted me after seeing the post and wanted copies of that demo again.


As mentioned some samples will need to be listened to prior to being to negative...

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5 hours ago, kethdredd said:

I'm curious if this is a new recording or if it matches the mp3's I have of this.

Here is the tracklisting I have:



I was wondering the same, that is the tracklist of the demos I have. This new release includes a few additional tracks, but I'm not sure if those are new songs or simply weren't part of the bootleg that was circulating 

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On 3/29/2018 at 9:33 AM, PeterS said:

Some of these songs aren't exactly huge derivations from what was on the original album. 

It is similar in style for sure, but the songs aren't as strong to me.  I think it is worth checking out for anyone who liked the debut.  Just be aware that they had replaced the original singer when they recorded these tracks.

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