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  1. If they would spend more time on writing decent songs and less time on the Steel Panther like attitude they could get good.
  2. Ok, I watched Cobra Kai (good show btw) and after hearing them play Back In The Game from Airbourne I had to go out and get the album. CD was at normal price on amazon but not anymore. Don't blame me for the mark up.
  3. I like the look but by the song titles it looks like another Steel Panther which I've never liked. Can't listen to it now. (at work)
  4. Sometimes I wonder how this band continues to put out cd's.
  5. Am I the only one having trouble getting to the front page? heavyharmonies.com Maybe I should of donated.
  6. The Tell Me Why song sounds better than the first one to me. Maybe this will grow on me.
  7. Will it come out in Japan first, I want it now?
  8. Still don't own an Eclipse album, will have to hear the new single.
  9. Same album has grown on me. Starting to play more all the time.
  10. Can I hear him sing some saltydog songs and see what I think. He kinda sings like that.
  11. First thought was maybe sounding a bit like Brian Howe.
  12. First Time I've heard of him but yea I like this one.
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