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  1. New single from the forth coming solo album by Mick Devine (Seven). Also on guitars and keys Steve Morris (Lonerider / Heartland / Ian Gillan Band) and on bass and drums Brian J Anthony (Lonerider / Steve Walsh /Overland).
  2. From Escape Music: Carl Sentance was born 28th June 1961 in Loughborough Leicestershire, UK and started his first band Leading Star playing guitar and singing in 1977. After participating in several local bands, he replaced John Deverill as a vocalist in the NWoBHM band Persian Risk. In 1981 he recorded his first single “Calling for You”, the band then recorded “Ridin High” in 1983. In 1984 Persian Risk toured with Motörhead throughout the UK and appeared on The Tube prime time TV on Ch4. In 1985 Carl recorded his first Persian Risk album "Rise up". At this point he received an offer from manager Smallwood Taylor to join Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) as lead singer in his solo project. The collaboration lasted from 1986 to 1988 and created demo songs, videos and various bootlegs. Carl left the Geezer Butler Band in 1988 to join the Welsh band "Monroe". In 1988 Carl decided to return to Cardiff and joined the band Tok-io Rose. In 1990 he decided to move to Florida to form the band "Ghost" with Welsh ex- UFO and WASTED guitarist Paul Chapman. In 1995 Carl returned to the UK. From 1996 to 1999 he sang in various musicals, such as JUDAS in Jesus Christ Super Star and the AMERICAN in Chess. From 1999 to 2002 Carl became the lead singer of the Swiss Hard rock band Krokus, with whom he recorded the album Round 13. In 2004 he then joined the Whole Lotta Metal Theatre Tour for 2 years. 2006 Carl joined up with Deep Purple's keyboardist Don Airey for his solo project "Don Airey and Friends" and has co-writen with Don ever since. Albums include "A Light in the Sky", "All Out", "Keyed Up" and "One of a Kind". In 2009 Carl recorded his first solo album MIND DOCTOR! That led him to try and reform the original Persian Risk but at the time the members were busy with other projects so Carl put a brand new Persian Risk together and came up with two great albums "Once a King" and "Who am I", which will be released by Escape Records in Summer/Autumn 2019. In 2015 Carl became the new singer for the band NAZARETH after founding member Dan McCafferty had to retire due to illness. More recently Carl has recorded Nazareth's latest studio album "Tattooed On My Brain" (song credits include "Never Dance With The Devil", "Change", "State Of Emergency", "Silent Symphony" and "Don't Throw Your Love Away"). Carl is currently touring all over the world. Release Date: 22nd November 2019 Catalogue Number: ESM338 WHO AM I? Musicians: VOCALS: CARL SENTANCE (Nazareth and Krokus) GUITARS: CARL SENTANCE / PHIL CAMPBELL (Motorhead) / MANY MAURER (Krokus / Killer) / JASON BANKS (Kee Marcello) / DANNY WILLSON (Martin Turner Wishbone Ash) KEYS: DON AIREY (Deep Purple / Ozzy Osborne etc) BASS: WAYNE BANKS (Brazen Abbot / Chris Ousey Heartland / Kee Marcello) DRUMS: TIM BROWN (Martin Turner Wishbone Ash) MIXED AND MASTERED BY DARIO MOLLO (Glen Hughes / Tony Martin / Graham Bonnet) AT DAMAGE INC STUDIOS, ITALY PRODUCED BY CARL SENTANCE LOGO&ARTWORK BY NELLO DELL’OMO AT ART FOR MUSIC STUDIO - NAPLES (ITALY) “CD1" WHO AM I? Track Listing 1. DON’T LOOK BACK 3.17 2. WHO AM I? 3.45 3. MY CREATION 4.29 4. IN MY LIFE 4.31 5. THE WRITING ON THE WALL 3.03 6. I FEEL FREE 3.44 7. DARK TOWER 4.08 8. FACING YOUR DEMONS 5.26 9. CALLING FOR YOU 4.10 10. I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU 3.52 11. DON’T WALK AWAY 4.52 Bonus Track 12. LIFE GOES ON 3.38 Bonus track “CD 2" ONCE A KING Musicians VOCALS - CARL SENTANCE GUITARS - CARL SENTANCE / HOWIE G / DANNY WILLSON BASS - CARL SENTANCE / CHRIS CHILDS / ALEX MEADOWS DRUMS - TIM BROWN KEYS - DON AIREY MIXED AND MASTERED AT BIGRED RECORDERS BY CHRIS CHILDS (Thunder / Lonerider / Tyketto) PRODUCED BY CARL SENTANCE Track listing: 1. ASYLUM (CHILD INSANE) 3.42 2. RIDING HIGH 3.03 3. KILLER 4.44 4. ONCE A KING 5.30 5. SOUL DECEIVER 4.06 6. BATTLECRY 3.36 7. SPIRIT IN MY DREAMS 3.41 8. RIDE THE STORM 4.43 9. FIST OF FURY 3.57 10. WOMAN AND ROCK 4.00 11. WASTELAND 4.26 12. MIND DOCTOR 4.28 Bonus track 13. GIRLS GOT FIRE 4.04 Bonus track
  3. New album to be released next year through Escape Music. More details to come...
  4. From Escape Music: Catalogue number : ESM333 Release date: 23 August 201 Tracks 1-Where The Truth Lies 4:21 2- In Denial 3:41 3-Try 3:22 4- Damage Done 4:07 5- Takes Me Back 4:57 6- Such A Shame 3:24 7- Unnoticed 4:23 8- Should’ve Been Gone 5:23 9- The Rising 5:02 10- All This Time 4:10 Bethlehem is a city of 75,000 people in eastern Pennsylvania - a city known for its rich colonial and industrial history. It is home of The Moravian Book Shop, the oldest continuously operating bookstore in the world dating back to 1745. Bethlehem Steel Corporation was the second largest steel producer in the United States and the largest ship builder. It manufactured steel for the George Washington Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, Hoover Dam, and many other American landmarks. It perfectly exemplified the hard working nature of the historic area. Bethlehem is also home of Eighteenth Hour, a band that has captured the Lehigh Valley’s hard working essence by continually reaching new heights throughout their extensive career. The most recent achievement being selected as the opening act for Bon Jovi in their hometown area. The band has gradually put a bigger and bigger stamp on the vibrant Lehigh Valley music scene and is now poised to break out. Eighteenth Hour’s musical prowess has earned them a reputation for being one of the area's best live original bands. Their music resonates with a broad audience as exemplified by the eclectic mix of artists they have shared the stage with including 3 Doors Down, Bret Michaels, Thin Lizzy, Spacehog, Collective Soul, Hinder, Skid Row, Days of The New, Saigon Kick, The Outfield, Ratt, Blessid Union of Souls, Great White, and blues great Shemeika Copeland. Eighteenth Hour's remarkable list of accomplishments includes being named "Best Band" in the Lehigh Valley Magazine's Best of The Valley Poll, “Best Original Band" in the Reader's Choice Poll of Pulse Weekly Magazine, winning the 95.1fm WZZO 15th Annual Backyard Bands Competition, and winning numerous Lehigh Valley Music Awards including "Best Rock CD" and "Best Original Band". The band’s high energy performances have captivated audiences along the east coast including such notable venues as PPL Center (Allentown, PA), Alive@Five Festival (Stamford, CT), World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA), The Bitter End, (New York NY), and the main stage of the USA’s largest free music festival, Musikfest. The CD you hold in your hand showcases straight-ahead rock & roll songwriting at its finest while capturing Eighteenth Hour's live performance musicianship, which is what this band has become known for over the years. Eighteenth Hour is: Tom Chaffier – Drums Geoff Houser – Vocals/Guitar Jim Touchton – Bass David Zullo – Guitar
  5. From Escape Music: Stranded is back with new album New Dawn this time with the brainchild, Producer and multi instrumentalists Lewis Nitikman, a talented musician from Winnipeg in Canada. Lewis moved to Vancouver when he was 14 and eventually started to produce numerous albums in Canada and was a staff writer for a number of major publishing companies. Lewis was actually in the band “Stonebolt” and replaced John Webster on keyboards in 1981, he featured on their 4th album “Juvenile American Princess”. Speaking of Stonebolt the “New Dawn” recording features none other than Ray Roper on guitars and backing vocals. If that isn’t enough the singer is Troy Reid, a man with a well- known set of pipes that graced albums by Canadian favourites “Agent” and, later, “Stranded” first album “Long Way To Heaven”. The tracks on “New Dawn” were actually penned some years ago by Lewis along with many co-writers which he met along the way. One of these is the talented John Reilly (Boy on a dolphin) as well as Daryl Burgess and Corey Abrahms. The end tweaks and the mixing was carried out by Bill Buckingham and it must be said that he has done a great job. New Dawn contains 11 tracks of West Coast / AOR that suits the voice of Troy Reid admirably and they are fine pieces of music that are so easy to listen to. These are all ideal for radio airplay, the opener “Not enough sorry” is testament to this as it is a wonderful tune with a fantastic keyboard sound and, of course, Troy’s unmistakable vocals. An album to look forward to indeed and finally a few words from Lewis himself “These songs were written during a particularly tumultuous time in my life and I’m very pleased that they are getting this opportunity to be heard”. Musicians are: Troy Reid: Lead Vocals (Agent) Lewis Nitikman: All instruments (ex Stonebolt) Ray Roper: Guitars and Backing Vocals (ex Stonebolt) Additional Guitars: Bill Buckingham Release Date: 19th July 2019 Catalogue No: ESM332 Track List: 1-Not Enough Sorry 4:15 2- I’ll Be The One 3:28 3- Get over this 4:06 4- Arrow 4:22 5- More than words can say 3:41 6- Take Good care of me 3:17 7- Power of Love 4:33 8- Cindy 4:23 9- One Piece of Heaven 3:51 10- Give Me Love 3:48 11- I Believe in this love 4:30
  6. From Escape Music: Escape Music is pleased and delighted to announce the return of Alliance with a brand new album Fire And Grace! The band is: Robert Berry: All vocals, Bass and keyboards (solo artist, 3, and GTR) Gary Pihl: All Guitars (Boston and Sammy Hagar) David Lauser: Drums (Sammy Hagar And The Waboritas) Release date: 24th May, 2019 Catalogue No CD: ESM330 Track listing: 1-DON’T STOP THE WHEEL TURNING 3:39 2- GOOD LIFE 4:03 3- UNCERTAIN 6:34 4- I'LL HAVE SOME OF THAT 4:43 5- FIRE AND GRACE 3:26 6- RAISE YOUR GLASS 3:24 7- TIME 4:38 / 8- REAL THING 4:33 9- REASON TO WALK AWAY 4:26 10- FAST FORWARD TO LAST NIGHT 3:13 11- CHANGE OF HEART 4:21 12- THE SAME 4:02 13*-YOU ARE THE HEROS 3:27 *bonus track with first pressing only It seems people often have differing recollections of important events. Everyone has their perspective or a different point of view. Sometimes it’s hard, even for trained eyes and ears to trace the roots of relationships or find the source of a fire. If you were a serious musical archaeologist or perhaps simply a curious person with a shovel, and you were in San Francisco’s fog shrouded North Beach area, specifically on Columbus Ave. in the late-80s you would have been digging through the ash and sifting through the rubble of Bill Graham’s venue known as Wolfgang’s after the big fire. If you were lucky you might have found crucial evidence, tattered threads or charred clues hinting to the origin of Alliance. It was at Wolfgang’s that long time Sammy Hagar drummer David Lauser and a bandmate, both recently set adrift from the positions they had graced for years until Hagar jumped to join Van Halen, came to see the Robert Berry Band perform. It seems Lauser, along with guitarist Gary Pihl and Gamma / Night Ranger keyboardist Alan ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald were searching for an allusive missing piece for a new project they were plotting. There was a spark for sure. But would it become a flame or a smouldering match? It seems like just yesterday that Gary called me about forming a group for the purpose of having a band outside of our main musical commitments. After several failed attempts with male and female vocalists and bassists, the illustrious A&R man, John Kalodner suggested we contact Robert Berry. Subsequently, Gary, Fitz and I jammed with Robert at Sammy Hagar's home studio. There was a definite spark. An immediate connection. Was that really 30 years ago? Spanning three decades and an ever changing musical landscape, Alliance has been truly a labor of love for all of us.” - David "Bro" Lauser I grew up thinking that being in a band would be the coolest thing ever. A musical oasis where everybody contributes creative parts to make a new and unique sound. Bands like Cream or Led Zeppelin had terrific guitar players but the other musicians were just as important in creating a style that was easily recognised and different from anyone else. Even different than the bands those players had been in before. The term, "supergroup" was coined to describe how several well-known players could bring their previous experiences to the melting pot of something new. A match, for sure. I'm very fortunate to be a part of what I think of as a supergroup. Fitz, David and Robert all have long histories with successful groups and Alliance has been our opportunity to take the best of what we have as individuals and create a new and unique identity. One of my proudest moments with the band was arriving at our first gig and instead of addressing us by our individual names or past affiliations, the promoter just said, "Alliance?" ... our answer; "Yes, We Are!" - Gary Pihl As I look back on this musical journey called Alliance I can’t help but think that my band mates were, and still are, the best musical partnership I could have ever dream of. But, it almost didn’t happen. Timing is always an important ingredient for success. In 1986 Sammy Hagar left his band to join Van Halen. David Lauser, Alan Fitzgerald and Gary Pihl from Hagar’s band, were determined to continue their musical endeavours together. In their search they had come to see my band at Wolfgang’s in San Francisco. It was complicated by the fact that Steve Howe had just invited me to join him in GTR and I had planned to move to England. Gary had been invited to join Boston and David was still performing solo shows with Hagar. Jump ahead to 1989 and Gary, David and FItz still hadn’t come up with the right combination. I had just returned to the U.S. and the timing was perfect to start this new, yet unnamed band. Now, 30 years later, after all the writing and recording, the many miles traveled, and an honest, supportive friendship, we’ve done what I believe is the definitive Alliance album. Creative, non-compromising, and putting our heart and soul into every song. Alliance has all the ingredients of what a band should be. The fire still burns. - Robert Berry
  7. New project featuring Steve Overland (FM), Simon Kirk (Bad Company, Free), Steve Morris (Heartland, Ian Gillan Band) and Chris Child (Thunder, Tyketto). 'Attitude' out April 26th on Escape Music
  8. From Escape Music: Stefano Viana is an Italian guitarist, songwriter and producer who has already caused a stir with his first album “Viana” (2017) which received very positive reviews. Following his passion with enthusiasm Stefano contacted singer and producer Bryan Cole (Giant, Steel City, solo artist) and started to work on new material. Alessandro Del Vecchio was the vocalist on the first outing but this time Bryan Cole is at the mike stand. The music was recorded in a studio like in the “good old days” and this has made a great impact on the end result as the musicians have bonded and made a richer sound. This new album features some great musicians such as Terry Brock and Francesco Marras and also boasts the talents of great American guitar player John Roth from Giant, Winger and Starship. The 10 tracks we have here are all strong songs, there are no fillers here.. just great melodic hard rock played with a passion and flair. This is one album that is going to be talked out in the coming weeks. Keep the flame of your passions alive and be “Forever Free”…. Bryan Cole – Lead Vocals / Backing vocals (Giant, Steelcity, Marc Scherer and Jennifer Batton “Battlezone”,and solo artist) Stefano Viana – Guitars Terry Brock – Backing vocals (duet on “Do you remember”) Anna Portalupi – Bass (Hardline, Terry Brock) Adam Ernst – Drums Francesco Marras – Guitar Pasquale India - Keyboards Special Guest: John Roth (Winger, Starship), lead guitar on “Heart of Stone” and “Forever Free” and second solo part “Do you remember” Mixed and Mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio Produced by Stefano Viana & Bryan Cole / vocals produced by Terry Brock Release Date: 25th January 2019 Catalogue No: ESM326 Track list: 1- Forever Free 4:15 2- In the name of Love 3:55 3- Heart of Stone 5:26 4- We can’t choose 3:38 5- Who do you think you are 4:39 6- Live Free or Die 4:15 7- Do you Remember 4:59 8- Friday Night 3:39 9- I Wanna tell you 4:19 10- We will never say goodbye 4:47
  9. Release date 22 February 2019TUG OF WAR is:BK Morrison - Lead vocals,Tommy Denander - Guitars & keyboards,Billy Orrico - Drums,George Hawkins Jr Bass,Brian Anthony - BassChris Ousey - Backing vocalsBill Champlin - Backing vocalsJoseph Williams - Backing vocalsOnce in a while a new epic voice comes into the world of rock and roll!Let us introduce you to BK Morrison.Canadian singer BK Morrison has been a well kept secret from the world and only once he started posting some videos on Youtube of himself singing to various tracks in his living room did he attract the attention of Swedish guitarist, song writer and producer Tommy Denander.The two quickly became friends and Tommy felt that this amazing voice must finally be heard to everyone so he actually wrote a whole album of great songs.BK flew over to Stockholm and recorded all vocals at the famous old EMI/Abbey Road Stockholm studio where Tommy worked.Tommy played the album for Khalil Turk at Escape Music who really liked it and a deal was done.The plan in the future is to build a new band around BK so they chose the band name Tug Of war instead of doing a solo album.The album is solely written by Tommy Denander who plays guitars and keyboards plus also produced it together with Khalil Turk.It features a great list of people like Chris Ousey, Bill Champlin (Chicago) and Joseph Williams (Toto) on backing vocals, Billy Orrico on drums and Brian Anthony on bass plus mix and mastering.Get ready for a new favourite singer in the style of David Coverdale, Bob Seger, Richard Marx and Lou Gramm.
  10. From Escape Music: Release Date: 10th November 2017 Catalogue No: ESM311 Musicians are : Steve Walsh: Lead and backing vocals, piano Tommy Denander: All guitars and keyboards Jerome Mazza: Lead vocals on tracks 5,7 and 11 Steve Overland: Backing vocals Brian Anthony: Bass and string arrangements Peter Yttergren: Drums and percussion Produced by Khalil Turk and Tommy Denander Mixed and mastered by Brian J Anthony Executive producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd. Logo & cover design by Eric Philippe Track List: 1. BORN IN FIRE 3:32 (duet with Jerome Mazza) 2. THE PIPER 6:02 3. GRACE AND NATURE 4:11 4. DEAR KOLINDA 4:59 5. WINDS OF WAR 4:45 6. TANGLEWOOD TREE 5:07 7. NOW UNTIL FOREVER 4:38 8. WARSAW 4:49 9. NOTHING BUT NOTHING 4:45 10. HELL OR HIGH WATER 5:14 11. MERCY ON ME 4:58 12. BILLY CARBORNE IS DEAD 4:52 All songs by Walsh / Denander except 2 Walsh / Denander / Ousey 5, 7, and 11 by Overland / Denander As the former lead vocalist and keyboards player for the American Classic and Progressive rock band Kansas, Steve Walsh is the voice behind the hits “Carry on my Wayward Son”, “Point of Know Return”, “Dust in the Wind” and “All I Wanted”. As a songwriter Steve is well known for penning a classic tune and his wide range of musical influences can be heard on his previous solo releases as well as the melodic rock band “Streets”. He has also contributed his vocal talents to more than a dozen projects by other artists covering a variety of musical genres. Steve is well known for his dynamic live performances, passionate vocals and multi instrumental talents on stage. In addition to keyboards Steve has played Congas, Harmonica, Glockenspiel, in short, an all-round great musician. Through their good friend Mike Slamer (Streets / Steelhouse Lane) Mike introduced Steve to Khalil and they hit it off instantly and Khalil invited Steve to guest on Radioactive “F4UR” album to sing one song and after that he was delighted to record an album for the label. Khalil had a few ideas and one of which was to involve a singer called Jerome Mazza to sing duet on “Born In Fire”.. Khalil had discovered Jerome on you tube singing for the band “Pinnacle Point”. Jerome is also the voice behind the second album by Angelica and was honoured to be asked to sing a duet on the album with Steve and asked if he could contribute more. As Jerome has such a fantastic voice it was an easy decision to make and the result is explosive! Black Butterfly is everything you would expect it to be from someone like Steve Walsh, the man is a legend and this album oozes quality from start to finish. This is the album everyone is talking about, and its finally here..
  11. From Escape Music: American Tears is an American keyboard trio that released it's first record, Branded Bad, on Columbia Records in 1974 and it's second, Tear Gas, in 1975. Formed in the fertile musical environment of Long Island, New York, the band was initially made up of Gary Sonny, on bass, Tommy Gunn on drums and Mark Mangold on keys and vocals. For the second record Greg Baze took over the bass duties. The band was a power keyboard trio, using keyboards of the day, Hammond organ, synths, mellotron, clavinet, electronic melodica and playing progressive music which showed the bands stellar musicianship. Eclectic in their approach, their heartfelt music ranged from aggressive keyboard based extravaganzas to beautiful lush melodies circling pop of the day.. The band was fortunate to have toured major venues with such bands as Peter Frampton, J. Geils, Alvin Lee, Gentle Giant, Gary Wright, John McLaughlin and many others. They reached a wide audience and had an impressive show, topped off by Mangold doing handstands on his Hammond. Mark, surrounded by 12 keyboards, Tommy being almost invisible behind a huge battery of drums, with Gary, and later Greg, showing their bass virtuosity in front of a wall of amps, the band stressed musicianship and musicality, while exploring new sounds, and always pushing the envelope. The third American Tears album, Powerhouse, added the guitarist and singer, Craig Brooks, and the band evolved into the critically acclaimed band Touch...but that is another story. This fourth American Tears album "Hard Core" heralds the return by Mark to this keyboard based approach, using instruments only available in the 70's when the band made it's first foray. In fact this band may be the only band on the planet playing exclusively keyboard rock. With influences from his earlier work, tipping an occassional hat to ELP, Moody Blues and even Deep Purple, this new album shows the daring, and pure emotion, that can be ripped out of those instruments. American Tears defies the term "generic" as this purely original music, and scathing lyrics, have few if any standards for comparison. Release date: 23rd April 2018 Catalogue Number: ESM318 Keys, drums, bass and Vocals: Mark Mangold BG Vocal on Fyre: Jake E Track List: 1. HARD CORE (3:03) 2. CARNIVORE (4:56) 3. LOST IN TIME (4.11) 4. FYRE (4:29) 5. SMOKE AND MIRRORS (5:06) 6. THE FERRYMAN (4:23) 7. NUCLEAR (4:10) 8. TEAR GAS (4:17) 9. LORDS OF LIGHT (5:29) 10. DEPLORABLE (4:57) 11. BOTTOMS UP (7:12) 12. AT LAST (5:37)
  12. Press release: Escape Music presents Heaven's Trail title "On The Rise" from the new album "Lethal Mind" Will be released in Japan on the 24th October 2018 via King Records and in Europe on the 26th October 2018 on Escape Music. Heaven's Trail is: Rick Altzi - Vocals (Masterplan) Barish Kepic - Guitars / Keyboards (ex Jaded Heart) Michael Müller - Bass (Jaded heart) Kevin Kott - Drums (Masterplan)
  13. Press release from Escape Music: Guild of Ages roots extend all the way back to 1989. The band was named Caught in the Act and they played every battle of the bands, benefit show or backyard party they could. The band quickly rose among the ranks of the most popular bands on the Denver rock scene. After winning a number of Battle of the Bands competitions, Caught in the Act started gaining attention from agents, management companies and A&R. The early 1990's brought about a significant change in the music scene away from Hard Rock, Metal and Melodic Rock. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam became popular. Caught in the Act seemed to press on, despite the unpopularity of their music and it paid off. The band was noticed by former Axe / Blackfoot vocalist and guitarist Bobby Barth. Barth lived in Los Angeles and brought the band out for a recording session in the summer of 1992. The trip changed the landscape for the band significantly. After a drummer replacement, Caught in the Act sent a number of demo recordings to various record labels in Europe, Japan and the US. The melodic rock scene was still very much alive in Europe and Japan. The Scandinavian record label Empire Records offered the band a recording and distribution deal in 1993 and Caught in the Act began recording ‘Act 1:Relapse of Reason’. Relapse of Reason was well received in both Europe and Japan. The boys began recording their follow up almost immediately after the release of their first effort, despite turmoil. Two member changes happened after the release of Relapse of Reason, but core members Antz Trujillo (guitar) and Danny Martinez (vocals) remained. Bassist Jim Lostetter and drummer Steve Stuntz joined in 1994, The band recorded and released Heat of Emotion and was subsequently signed to MTM Music in Europe and Toshiba EMI in Japan. The Heat of Emotion Cd received critical acclaim and served as a fantastic follow-up to their first release. The band was in demand and secured their first European tour as an opening act on the Pink Cream 69 - 1997 summer tour. Caught in the Act was sued shortly thereafter by a Scandinavian "Boy Band" with the same name. Despite using the acronym CITA, the band was issued a cease and desist order and forced to change the name after nearly a decade. Guild of Ages was reborn in 1998, toured Europe that year with Axe, released 3 more studio CD's (One, Vox Dominatas, Citadel) and 1 Live CD (Live Over Germany). The band parted ways in 2002... In August of 2014, GOA was asked to reunite and play a festival show in Nottingham, England. Firefest: The Final Fling! The band agreed to play the show. The band had a number of ‘warm up’ shows lined up to help get back into the groove known as Guild of Ages. It was evident that the band still had chemistry and sounded as if they had never split. During these warm up gigs, they decided to reunite Guild of Ages not only for Firefest, but for years to come. The band travelled to England knowing that they planned on putting the band back together, but they had no idea the fan base was so strong. Even after all those years. The band finished recording 12 new tracks in December 2017. A chance inquiry from Khalil Turk of Escape Music Ltd, happened in early January 2018. Escape Music was very interested to secured a deal to release the long-awaited new Guild of Ages album RISE …. now is coming on the 29th June 2018 All previous catalogue from CITA and Guild of Ages will be re-mastered and repackaged and will be available on Escape Music in the near future!!! Band is: Anthony 'Antz' Trujillo Guitars, keyboards, vocals Danny Martinez Jr Lead Vocals, guitars James Lostetter Bass Steve Stuntz Drums, vocals Additional Piano: JC Cernan on "All Fall Down" facebook Release date: 29th June 2018 Catalogue Number: ESM321 Track list: 1. Intro 2:27 2. Deep In Heaven 7:13 3. Around The Sun 4:30 4. Addicted 3:55 5. Every Road Leads Me Home 5:06 6. All Fall Down 4:47 7. Awaken 4:08 8. Love Rules All 4:13 9. I’ll Keep Burnin’ 4:10 10. Rise Another Day 3:37 11. Hearts Collide 4:46 12. Outro 0:54
  14. From Escape Music: Escape Music is pleased to announce the re-release of The Sign both titles “Signs Of Life” and "The Second Coming" as a Double CD Deluxe Digipack Boxset. "Sign Of Life" with two bonus tracks with the original mixes by Mark Mangold and Randy Jackson, and fully mastered by Jacob Hansen, and "The Second Coming" with one bonus track, fully re-mastered by Mats "Limpan" Lindfors", Limited Edition of 1000 copies only! Release Date: 24th August 2018 Catalogue Number: ESM323 CD 1 : Sign of life 1. I’ M ALIVE 7.12 2. CROSSED THE LINE 4.44 3. ARYON 5.47 4. FOREVER AGAIN 5.04 5. STRANDED 3.43 6. ALL YOUR LIFE 4.26 7. THE WAIT 4.26 8. I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU 4.32 9. NOTHING BUT A HEARTACHE 5.36 10. WINE 3.57 11. DESPERATE HEART 4.09 12. SIGNS OF LIFE 5.08 *13. love is alive 4.45 *14. Aryon (Radio Edit) 4.41 (*BONUS TRACK) CD2 The second coming 1. Aryon Overture 2.16 2. Stained (Gone) 4.17 3. The Morning After (Time To Run) 5.16 4. Motorcycle Messiah 3.30 5. Shine 3.11 6. Bliss 2.07 7. If For One Moment 1.54 8. Canyon (We Are One Tribe) 1.20 9. Flame Of The Oracle 4.02 10. The ooze 1.52 11. Inner Child (Exorcise) 2.49 12. Black Mountain 3.49 13. Keep On Breathin' 4.39 14. Shine (Finale) 7.01 15. Trans Americana Symphony 2.05 16. Rapture (Ode to Aryon) 2.55 17. Maniacs 5.07 (BONUS TRACK) The Sign is: TERRY BROCK: Lead vocals of STRANGEWAYS RANDY JACKSON: Guitars of ZEBRA BILLY GREER: Bass of KANSAS, SEVENTH KEY and STREETS MARK MANGOLD: Keyboards of DRIVE, SHE SAID, TOUCH and AMERICAN TEARS, Michael Bolton BOBBY RONDINELLI: Drums of RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and BLUE OYSTER CULT JOHN BIVONA: Bass of TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA SIGNS OF LIFE (The first CD) THE SIGN is made up of five very talented and seasoned stars of American hard rock music. With keyboard player and singer MARK MANGOLD, who earned cult fame in melodic rock circles penning hit songs for Michael Bolton and Cher, as well as being in AMERICAN TEARS (Columbia and Escape), TOUCH (Atlantic), DRIVE, SHE SAID (CBS Associated) and most recently FLESH AND BLOOD (along with MEGADETH AND TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA guitarist AL PITRELLI and TYKETTO singer DANNY VAUGHN). Joining Mangold are guitarist and singer RANDY JACKSON of ZEBRA (Atlantic) and LED ZEP SYMPHONY, and singer TERRY BROCK of STRANGEWAYS and LE ROUX, in addition to singing background on over 35 records for artists like MICHAEL BOLTON, KANSAS, VALENTINE and others, and of course his solo records. The rhythm section of THE SIGN consists of the amazing BILLY GREER, the bassist of KANSAS and SEVENTH KEY, and famed drummer BOBBY RONDINELLI (drummer of RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and BLUE OYSTER CULT). The band produced a phenomenal, critically acclaimed album with diverse styles, a mixture of the sounds of all their styles, with scathing musicianship, huge walls of vocals, and strong symphonic overtones. All these elements combine to create a signature sound, from stellar "I'M ALIVE" and "ARYON", to classic ballads "FOREVER AGAIN" and "I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU", to the heavy riffy "STRANDED" and more melodic rockers like "NOTHING BUT A HEARTACHE", "THE WAIT" and "DESPERATE HEART" and the anthemic "LOVE IS ALIVE" and "SIGNS OF LIFE". All the songs have a common lyrical theme, essentially a flowing rock opera that follows the contemporary story of ARYON, a young girl who was raped by a priest, who she kills, and then escapes across country to find herself. This first record, originally mixed by Randy Jackson and Mark Mangold, has been remastered by Jacob Hansen and now sounds the way it was originally intended. THE SECOND COMING (The second CD) The second record by THE SIGN marks the introduction of a second guitarist in the band, the stellar JOHN BIVONA (also TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA). The CD continues the story of Aryon...and delves into her tale; the abuse, the murder, the escape and the epiphany...meeting such colorful characters as the MOTORCYCLE MESSIAH, the OOZE...having a revelation on BLACK MOUNTAIN (a killer ZEP style riff rocker with huge drums). The exquisite STILL BREATHING stands out as a stellar melody and message. The record also explores various symphonic melodies as well as some scathing musicianship, guitar and keyboard solos by JACKSON, BIVONA and MANGOLD. This second record, the original mixes by Mark Mangold, Randy Jackson and Ed Douglas has been remastered by famed Swedish mastering engineer Mats "Limpan" Lindfors and now sounds as originally intended, far superior to any previous releases. Finally, these two records have been combined with a LIBRETTO to tell the very contemporary and portending STORY OF ARYON.
  15. From Escape Music: Coldspell are based in the north of Sweden and were formed in 2005 by guitarist and songwriter Michael Larsson. Since their first release ColdSpell have been one of the bands you like to mention when talking high class Scandi hard rock. Coldspell blasted onto the scene in 2009 with their own brand of hard rock/metal. They first took the world by storm with their "Infinite Stargaze" release, an album that created a stir in rock circles and the album received stunning reviews all over the world and was on several album "top lists" for 2009 and album of the year at various magazine´s and radio stations. Two years later in 2011 a brand new release "Out from the Cold" was put out to an eager audience, once again mixed by Tommy Hansen in Denmark, Tommy of course having previously worked with Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids, Jorn and Pagan's Mind. In 2013 Coldspell put out a new recording entitled "Frozen Paradise", once again with Tommy Hansen at the mixing desk. This was an unbelievable recording and the band have extended their expertise with razor sharp riffs, solid rhythms and great choruses. With three albums released so far the wait is over. Coldspell are ready to strike again with the brand new album titled “A New World Arise”. This is stunning recording that features 12 new songs of epic proportions and it’s going to put ColdSpell firmly on the map. This is Scandinavian melodic rock of the highest order and will be a strong contender for the hard rock album of 2017. Coldspell is: Niclas Svedentorp – Vocals Michael Larsson – Guitars Chris Goldsmith – Bass Per Johansson – Drums Additional musicians – Matti Eklund – Keyboards Guest Musicians: Jona Tee (Heat) - Keyboards on: It hurts / Love me like you do / Wait until tomorrow Ged Rylands (Tyketto/Rage of angels) – Keyboards on Get to the top / Just one night www.coldspell.se FB Release Date: 22 September 2017 Catalogue No: ESM308 Track list: 1 Forevermore 04:49 2 Call of the wild 05:17 3 It hurts 04:56 4 Miles away 05:23 5 Signs 05:00 6 Love me like you do 04:34 7 This is me 04:41 8 Get to the top 04:36 9 Wait until tomorrow 05:01 10 Losing my mind 04:30 11 Just one night 04:46 12 A new world arise 06:10
  16. From Escape Music: Signal Red is a brand new band from the UK and features two very respected musicians namely Guitarist Steve Grocott (ten) and Vocalist Lee Small (Phenomena / Shy / Lionheart). The collaboration first came together in February, 2013 when Steve was at a loose end. He had been in a band previously called “Sevendayz” which had recently folded and he contacted Lee as he had heard so much about him, mainly from the self-titled SHY album that appeared in 2011. The two hit it off straight away and it seemed inevitable that an album would follow. Steve got caught up working with the UK band (Ten) as Gary Hughes asked him to be in the bands line-up for some shows and to feature on the new album, so the Signal Red production was halted for a while. Eventually Steve’s time freed up so he could once again concentrate on new material for the album and the whole thing has just progressed into a fantastic recording. The collaboration with Lee was clearly a good match as Lee has already proved his worth with “Shy” as well as solo albums, the Phenomena project with Tom Galley and the rock band “Snowfall”. Lee is a very soulful, melodic vocalist and has featured on 17 albums as lead vocalist and on many more that have featured him as a guest, “Dante Fox” and “Magnum” to name but two. This exciting new venture is bound to cause a stir, and with Brian Anthony twiddling the knobs (Steve Walsh) then this is going to be one album people will be talking about. Lee came up with the title one day thinking that trying to get recognition for what you live and breathe for is like “living under the radar”. Well, they should not be living under it for much longer when this one hits the streets. This is a rock album that just begs to be heard… and we are sure that you will like what you hear. The Musicians are: Lee Small: Lead vocals and All Backing vocals (Phenomena / Shy) Steve Grocott: All guitars, Keyboards, Strings (Ten) Brian J Anthony: Bass (Steve Walsh) Dave Anthony: Drums (Dennis DeYoung) Release Date: 23 February 2018 Catalogue No: ESM314 Track List: 1. DEFIANT 4:36 2. HOUDINI 4:05 3. STRONGER 4:57 4. TELL IT TO THE BEES 3:57 5. MONSTER TRUCK 5:15 6. PYRAMIDS OF MARS 4:44 7. EMOTIONS IN MOTION 4:25 8. HIGHWIRE 4:40 9. MAKING CONTACT 4:15 10. GOTH THE GIRL 4:04 11. THE TIME MACHINE 7:59
  17. Press release from Escape Music: SEVEN originate from the AOR scene in the late eighties where Polydor records having been fairly successful in the U.K with the likes of Magnum and Little Angels, set their sights on SEVEN, a relatively unknown act that had started life as a successful South African group, reformed to hit the big time in the UK. SEVEN toured extensively supporting an eclectic variety of acts that included the likes of Jason Donovan, Richard Marx, The Monkees and Brother Beyond. It’s a time period that Mick Devine is keen to reminisce about, “Even though they were out and out pop gigs, we loved the crowds and the noise. We went from pubs to opening to 3000 screaming fans in Southampton. It is a very addictive adrenaline rush. We got to play all the top venues, which were fantastic; including Wembley Arena, the NEC, BIC, SEC and even the Royal Albert Hall. The Richard Marx tour was definitely the best for us with a more grown up audience we were able to rock it up and truly be ourselves. It went down really well!” Entering the recording studios, with John Parr at the production helm, they recorded two very strong singles in the shape of “Inside Love” and “Man with A Vision” both of which achieved moderate success in the UK. In 2014 the original bass player Pat Davey was working alongside Robert Hart on an Escape Music album when the name SEVEN cropped up in the conversation. It would seem that Khalil Turk was a big fan, as Devine explains, “Yeah, back in the day Khalil had really loved the band and he got in touch to see if we would be interested in finally releasing an album,” Without too much convincing the project was born. The production talents of Lars Chriss (who’s repertoire includes albums with Steve Overland, Chris Ousey, and Radioactive) were enlisted to produce the band’s debut album called ‘7’, which was released to critical acclaim and was held up as one of the “Albums of the Year” on many lists. SEVEN was born again! Following the success of the first album, a passion was re-kindled within Devine & McFarlane, who began work on new material, and along with the writing talents of Lars Chriss, Fredrik Bergh, Andy Loos, Kay Backlund and Jeff Paris, that passion was given focus and a place to come to life. What they discovered was a well of untapped creativity that had been hidden for far too long and the songs poured out. SEVEN ‘Shattered’ is a collection of wonderfully catchy songs that rely on clean and memorable melodies that allow Devine’s distinctive voice to shine through. It was Devine who took the lead in writing the lyrics on this album, matching the intensity and feel of the music to deliver a modern melodic rock album with influences ranging from hints of Foreigner in “A Better Life” and “Broken Dream”, Journey in “High Hopes” and even traces of Magnum in “Light of 1000 Eyes” and “Last Illusion” The lyrical themes are drawn from a depth of life experience and observations and are heartfelt and real. The production talents of Lars Chriss and the line up of truly great musicians, deliver an album of depth and variation which ranges from driving guitar-led tracks with memorable riffs to melodic anthems, all backed by stunning keys, bass and standout solo’s. It is an album that is a worthy follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘7’. This album represents a natural progression for SEVEN and it features 11 stunning tracks that are laden with great musical performances and soaring vocals, and while being fresh and up to date, they have bite and edge and yet remain melodic and catchy. This is one superb follow up album that will not disappoint. Mick Devine – Lead Vocals Lars Chriss – guitars, drums Andy Loos - Bass Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards Kay Backlund – Keyboards Guest vocals Nigel Bailey and Lin Devine Release Date: 23 September 2016 Catalogue No: ESM295 Tracks: Light Of 1000 Eyes A Better Life Fight Shattered Live This Life Pieces Of You Broken Dream High Hopes I Needed Time Taking Over Last Illusion
  18. From Escape Music: PRAYER are back! It has been some 12 years since we were presented with the album “Wrong Address” (ESM117), which really set the pace way back in 2005 and gained the band a cult following. Then they followed up with an excellent album “Danger in the Dark” (ESM241) in 2012 and gained some more fans along the way. If you are unfamiliar with Prayer well they play Melodic Rock/AOR and hail from Oulu in Northern Finland. They are the brainchild of Tapani Tikkanen who is the main driving force behind the band. Tapani´s musical career began in the early eighties with “IC-Rock” and continued later with “Tanna”. Together with those bands he did hundreds of gigs all over Finland but after several albums and more than 20,000 records sold, it was time for a break. However, he kept writing songs, such as three albums for the craziest football club in the world, F.C.Rainbow and a solo single entitled “Everyone’s a Winner”. Tapani wanted to create a band that brought out his rock and roll heart. After the recording of a few demos Tapani contacted his friend and keyboard-wizard Jari Huvila to talk about forming the band PRAYER. Since “Wrong Address” there has been some line-up changes, which now features distinguished keyboards player Mika Pohjola as well as Tom Pohjola on Bass. Prayer excel in exciting hard melodic rock with a style that joins together the best of Thin Lizzy, Saga, Treat and sometimes a little bit of Royal Hunt. Their music has meaning and these guys are all committed to making this one of the most talked about Scandinavian bands in recent years. Anyone with a penchant for soaring vocals, driving guitars and plenty of keyboards are in for a real treat. Just check out songs like Fires of the Heart and Feel like a prisoner for prime examples of their work. This is a superb album and certainly their best to date. It’s as if all your prayers have been answered. The Band: Jukka Ihme - lead and rhythm guitar Tapani Tikkanen - lead and background vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion Mike Pohjola - Keyboards Tom Pohjola – Bass Ville Hanhisuanto – Drums Release Date: 19 Jan 2018 Catalogue No: ESM313 Tracks 1-Silent Treatment 2-Rock and a hard place 3-Fires of the heart 4-Feel like a prisoner 5-Ten days of Hell 6-Dead dog 7-Ghost Train 8-Devil’s Daughter 9-King of the Hill 10-Get me out of here 11-No Giver, All taker 12-Mystery Island
  19. From Escape Music: Salty Dog are a hard rock band formed in late 1986 in Los Angeles and originally consisted of Jimmi Bleacher, Scott Lane, Michael Hannon and Khurt Maier (Ratt, Max Havoc). The band released its first record in 1990, titled "Every Dog has its day” composed of all original songs except for a cover of Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful”. Guitarist Pete Reveen had joined the band by this time, and his input improved the band’s sound immensely. The band showed great promise in the early 1990s, and at one point ruled the sunset strip and Hollywood. Things were looking so promising but they were sadly lost in the shuffle when the grunge-rock movement hit in late 1991. Thankfully this dog has still got a day… and more as we are about to find out with this exciting new release entitled “Lost Treasure”. The line up here includes the great Darrel Beach on vocals and with production from Pete we have the great recordings you are about to hear. This is great American rock played just as it should be. The band have drawn influences from Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and have also tinged some early blues into their fantastic sound. The songs on “Lost Treasure” should have been released many moons ago, as the band says “The music is bad-ass and has a lot of attitude” But, back then it was never meant to be so here we are with these fantastic songs now, it’s so good that the band have proved that a good dog can’t be put down, this dog lives to fight another day. Band is: Pete Reveen – Guitar and Banjo Khurt Maier – Drums Darrel Beach – Vocals Hilljack Hannon - Bass Release Date: 23 March 2018 Catalogue No: ESM315 Track list: 1. Damned If I Do 4:24 2. I Need More 3:25 3. Walk Softly 5:07 4. Open Sezme 4:05 5. Mission On A Hill 5:21 6. All That Glitters 4:20 7. Woman Scorned 3:31 8. Honeysuckle Wind 4:03 9. Didju 3:12 10. Old Fashioned Love 4:32 11. When Fools Rush In 5:33
  20. Release date: 20th January 2017 Catalogue Number: ESM299 Coming soon on Escape Music, Last Autumns Dream "In Disguise", their 13th album. An album showcasing the band's favourite songs and influences of all time! Last Autumn’s Dream is Mikael Erlandsson: Lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards & guitar Peter Pac Söderström: Lead and rhythm guitars Jamie Borger: Drums, percussion and backing vocals Nalle Påhlsson: Electric bass guitar, lead and backing vocals Ulf Wahlberg: Keyboards, backing vocals and “The Big Knob” as usual Track listing: 1 If Love Should Go 4:33 Original Artist - Album/Year: Streets - 1St/1983 Peter: This is another favorite with Mike Slamer on guitar. When City Boy broke up he started Streets with Steve Walsh from Kansas. This is just a wonderful -80´s rock track with a great chorus and the kind of guitar work I enjoy! A perfect album starter! 2 Jet Airliner 4:10 Original Artist – Album/Year: Steve Miller Band - Book Of Dreams/1977 Jamie: It´s just a great song that I always wanted to record! When we tried it out with LAD, it was a keeper right away...So simple - so damn good! 3 Working For The Weekend 3:48 Original Artist – Album/Year: Loverboy - Get Lucky/1981 Mikael: Loved this song from the first time I ever heard it. This song has been a kind of a guide for me when I´m writing songs. All the dramatic chords and big harmonies are just there - Brilliant song. Always wanted to perform it. 4 Wig Wam Bam 3:16 Original Artist – Album/Year: The Sweet - The Sweet/1972 Jamie: The first record (single) I got was Ballroom Blitz (1974) with The Sweet. I was totally blown away - I knew from that very moment what I´d do in my life. Wig Wam Bam was also a favorite and an easy pic for this album. 5 Slow Down 3:32 Original Artist – Album/Year: John Miles - Stranger In The City/1977 Jamie: I borrowed a friend’s vinyl with J M (Rebel from -76) and loved many of those songs. «Music» was a big hit back then, and I got all his albums from that day on. «Slow Down» is a killer song from the follow up album, great groove and just perfect for Mikael to sing. 6 Need A Little Loving 4:06 Original Artist – Album/Year: City Boy - Heads Are Rolling/1980 Peter: I still remember when Jamie came to my house with this album! «I just had to check out this guitar player», so I did, and Mike Slamer´s been one of my heroes from that day on. Back then I was just 14 years old, Jamie 16, but I played that album over and over till I nailed it. Me and Jamie jammed quite a bit in our younger years, played in the same bands - and here we are - still doin´ it! Mikael: Just have to say that the verses in this song sound a little bit different from the original song - in my opinion – We do them better!!! 7 I´ll Bring The Whole World To Your Door 3:23 Original Artist – Album/Year: Angel - Sinful/1979 Jamie: Me and Nalle always loved Angel, though he was in to the earlier albums a little more and I liked the later ones - the pop stuff! This one is from their last studio album, and I just love the mix of pop-rock-Motown-Abba-Phil Spector-all n´everything-in-one-song! A great band with a bunch of cool songs! 8 Just One More Time 5:11 Original Artist – Album/Year: Headpins - Line Of Fire/1983 Jamie: One of my favorite bands! From Canada, never really hit it off, but man, they got a lot of cool tunes! They opened up for Whitesnake at Isstadium here in Stockholm 1984, and this song´s been with me ever since! Great songwriter & guitar player (the late) Brian MacLeod and singer Darby Mills. 9 When I Kissed The Teacher 3:21 Original Artist - Album/Year: Abba - Arrival/1976 Ulf: A tribute to ABBA, the most exported Swedish sound ever. Of course we had to give it a new dress of our own. Mikael: All of us always liked Abba, tricky pop songs with lots of harmonies. It was hard to pick one song from this Swedish band, because they had so many hits with the girls singing. So we just picked one of our favorites and did it in a much pleasant style and I think we did a great job with this one. 10 All The Way 3:22 Original Artist – Album/Year: Kiss - Hotter Than Hell/1974 Nalle: A friend of mine showed med the riff of this song on his guitar when we were about 12 years old - and I just thought “Wow - That´s Fantastic” ! I´m gonna love that band” Since that day I´ve been a huge KISS fan ! We thought this song could be suitable for this album with its cool riff and popish chorus. I got the opportunity to sing it - and I became 12 once again for a while :-) 11 Hey You 4:07 Original Artist – Album/Year: Bachman Turner Overdrive - Four Wheel Drive/1975 Nalle: My memories from this song are from the discos at school that were arranged for us young students between the ages of 10-12. Bachman Turner Overdrive had become a big name in Sweden and had a few hits. As far as I can remember this was their second one after “You ain´t seen nothing yet”. This song brings us back to the good old times when life was pretty easy ! :-)
  21. Press release: Track List: 1- Answer Of Life 4:46 2-Don’t Give Up 3:53 3- Edge Of Love 4:01 4- I’m Back 4:28 5-Lost And Lonely 5:31 6-I’m Flying High 4:32 7-Within Your Eyes 5:06 8-Midst Of June 5:06 9-There’s No Denying 4:22 10-To Be An Honest Man 5:02 11-Baby I'm Yours 4:48 12-Euphoria 3:06 Rob Moratti - Lead Vocals and all background harmonies. Torben Enevoldsen - Lead, rhythm guitars and keyboards. Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards Tony Franklin - Bass. Stu Reid - Drums and percussion Christian Wolff - Lead and rhythm guitars on "Don't Give Up" and "Lost And Lonely". Ian Crichton (Saga) - Lead guitars on "I'm Back". Mixed and Mastered by Richard Chycki Produced by Rob Moratti Canadian singer Rob Moratti has had a varied career to date, he first appeared as a songwriter and lead vocalist in the early 90’s for the band “Moratti” and two fine albums were recorded “Desolation” in 1995 and “Legends of Tomorrow” in 1997. He then took centre stage in the band “Final Frontier” alongside Mladen from Von Groove, a band that went on to record 4 albums and gained a cult following in Europe and Japan. The band played exciting hard melodic rock set apart by Rob’s powerful vocals. In 2008 Rob was chosen to replace Michael Sadler in the band “Saga”, a fine accolade indeed, and he featured on the 2009 album “Human Condition” as well as touring extensively with the band. Sadler returned to Saga and so Rob went on to record a solo project “Victory” in 2011 with Escape Music. “Victory” had an impressive line-up that included Reb Beach (Whitesnake) and Tony Franklin (The Firm). The album was an instant success and has since become a firm favourite with fans all around the world. Recently Rob recorded a fine tribute to the band “Journey”, the band that influenced him greatly in his youth, this recording was limited to 1000 numbered units and has since sold out. In addition he provided vocals for the Rage of Angels CD “The Devil’s New Tricks”, an album that really sees his vocals reach new heights. That brings us to 2016 and Rob has completed his second solo outing “Transcendent” which sees him giving his best performance yet, his vocals have never sounded better as he sings his heart out throughout all 13 tracks. This is Melodic Rock at its very best and with band members that include Torben Enevoldsen and Tony Franklin we are set for a real treat. Guesting on guitar is Saga’s own Michael Crichton, exciting times indeed. Rob’s career is starting to really take shape, this is one monster album.
  22. Limited Edition of 1000 copies only all numbered!!! Release Date: 25 August 2017 Catalogue Number: ESM306 Band is: Rosella Santoro: Lead vocals and Keyboards Rob Deegan: Bass guitar and backing vocals Darran Bridge: Drums and backing vocals Martin Latham: All Guitars and backing vocals Produced by: Guy Bidmead (Motorhead, Whitesnake, Cozy Powell, Bernie Marsden, Jon Lord, Crawler, Grand Prix and Exciter etc) Engineered by: Guy Bidmead & Dennis Herman Recorded 1987 at Chestnut studios In Farnham,Surrey Mixed: 1987 Mediterranean studios, Ibiza Mastered by: Evo Mastering Lab Track List: 01 Title: Forever And Ever 02 Change Of Heart 03 Helpless 04 For Those Who Love You Still 05 Hellraiser 06 Can You Get Enough 07 You And I 08 You Really Do Know 09 This Is The Time 10 Mama's Boy From Escape Music: Founder Java members Rosella Santoro (keyboard and lead vocals) and Rob Deegan (lead guitar and vocals), had spent a couple of years playing together in a band which primarily gigged at working men’s and social clubs around London in the early eighties. Although they had written several of their own songs, they never really had the opportunity to air them on the club circuit and eventually, having tired of covering other groups pop songs, they decided to seek ‘musical’ pastures new elsewhere. Rob especially, who had been brought up on a diet of progressive rock and heavy rock in the late 60’s and early 70’s, wanted to play music with a much harder edge. They initially teamed up with Chris Britton, guitarist and original member of the British rock band ‘The Troggs’. They wrote some songs and did some studio work together but nothing ever came of it. In early 1985, Rosella auditioned for a local rock band which had an outstanding lead guitarist (Martin Latham). She eventually persuaded Martin to join her and Rob to help form a new melodic hard rock outfit, the result of which was ‘Java’. They quickly auditioned a bassist and started out as a five piece. However, the bassist left and Rob, who appreciated Martin’s superior axe skills, opted to play bass, thus reducing the lineup to a quartet. With influences ranging from Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Ozzy and Heart amongst others, the band’s fusion of hard edged rock with a melodic female vocal soon started to get Java a lot of bookings in and around London. A couple of drummers came and went before Rosella poached Darran Bridge from another local band. With the lineup now complete Java started to become very popular on the London rock circuit, playing The Wellington, The Rock Garden, The Ad Lib Club, The Marquee and many other of the established venues that London had to offer. It was whilst supporting Girlschool in early spring 1986, Java were approached to make a video for their track ‘Helpless’ which was later released on a Kerrang rock compilation entitled ‘Powercuts’. Regular reviews in the music press and in magazines such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang also contributed to their popularity. Kerrang featuring Rosella as a “Lady-killer” several times. Meatloaf and John Parr came to Darran's parents’ house for dinner courtesy of Chrissy Harwood (RCA Records) who was a family friend. Java had just finished recording a set of demos at the Padded Cell studio in Slough (where Go West were also recording tracks for their debut album). John and Meat played Darran their "Rock and Roll Mercenary" song which was being aired on British TV live the following evening. Darran reciprocated and played Meat and John some of the demo tracks. John Parr in particular was really interested in and liked what Java had been recording. He thought the demos truly revealed Java’s budding potential as a serious rock outfit. Java also sent the same demos to the American TV network NBC who were looking to promote unsigned bands from the UK. NBC planned to shoot a video and secure a record deal back in the USA. Out of hundreds of demos sent, 4 bands were picked (Java being one of them) and the band was filmed live performing at the Guildford Stoke Hotel. The following day the video shoot continued at an outside location using Guildford Castle as a backdrop. NBC intended to air the video on American TV, and back it up with the possibility of a US tour. This was a very exciting time for Java. In June of 1987 Java started work on their first and only album to date. They recruited the services of Guy Bidmead, a producer with credits to his name such as Motorhead, Whitesnake and Exciter. The album was recorded in The Chestnut Studios in Farnham, Surrey and was eventually mixed in July of the same year at The Mediterranean Studios in Ibiza. Following extensive airplay on local radio and despite attracting interest from several major record companies, the ‘inevitable deal’ never materialized, which sadly led to the breakup of Java later that same year. Shortly after this Rob was asked by a local newspaper why the band had split when everything seemed to going so well. His reply was as follows: “We (Rosella and me) tried to stay positive for the sake of the band, but it was a hard thing to do, especially when we came so close to success without actually getting any where. We always believed it would happen and that the allusive record deal was just around the corner, but it wasn’t to be. I’ve always said if someone puts you down or criticizes you, you just have to keep on believing in yourself and the rest will happen. Unfortunately, one band member didn’t share that same conviction. Despite achieving all that we did, particularly in such a short space of time, it appeared that success wasn’t happening fast enough for him. As a result the momentum stopped and the band ground to a halt and to say I felt disappointed was a massive understatement.” However, 30 years on the songs are now finally going to see the light of day.
  23. From Escape Music: Release Date: 20th October 2017 Catalogue No: ESM310 The Band is: Johnny Edwards: Lead vocals (ex Foreigner) J K Northrup: Lead Guitars (ex XYZ) Justin McDaid: Rhythm Guitars Larry Hart: Bass Glenn Hicks: Drums Produced and Mixed by: J K Northrup at Alien Productions Studios Tracks: 1-Fat City 03:38 2-Fire And Water 03:35 3-Winners And Losers 04:02 4-Ready For The Rain 04:36 5-Sheila 03:44 6-Candy Apple Red 03:16 7-She’s Waiting 04:07 8-Survival In The Streets 04:35 9-Dancin’ Feet 03:09 10-Burning In Her Fire 03:36 11-Rough Life 04:34 12-The Kid Is Back In Town 03:59 13-Outside Looking In 03:39 14-The West 04:19 The Northrup Years In 1987 four musicians were brought together by the legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose and their shared manager. Those four were guitarist J K Northrup, Lead vocalist Johnny Edwards, bassist Larry Hart and J K’s long-time friend and drummer Glenn Hicks. Within two weeks they were rehearsing writing and in the studio recording with Ronnie Montrose, who was producing their first demo. It was immediately evident that there was a lot of electricity with the band! Drawing on such influences as Bad Company, Whitesnake and Humble Pie The band’s energy was powerful. Almost immediately several major labels such as Geffen, Atlantic and MCA were coming to the shows and rehearsals showing great interest in signing the band. John Kalodner himself put the band into the studio to record a further six songs. Although an agreement was not reached with any of the record labels the band recorded and demoed many songs over two years. They added a fifth member; rhythm guitarist Justin McDaid and continued playing, writing and showcasing until 1989 when they disbanded resulting in Edwards joining Foreigner and J K Northrup joining up with Paul Shortino for two albums. This collection of 14 songs are a small portion of songs they wrote but they capture the spirit of what a great they actually were. Many of the songs were later performed and recorded by Foreigner, “Ready for the Rain”, “King Kobra”, “Burning in her fire”, “Wild Horses”, “Fire and Water”, “The Kid is Back in Town and “Rough Life” were recorded on the classic album “Back on Track” by Shortino and Northrup. During 1988 JK Northrup, Johnny Edwards and Larry Hart were recruited by legendary drummer Carmine Appice to write, record and perform the King Kobra III album. This is a classic case of a band that should have been a multi-platinum success and these songs we have here are a reminder of what a great group of musicians and prolific songwriters they are.
  24. From Escape Music: It has been almost 14 years since the debut album by Shadowman was released (“Land of the Living” ESM098). The album was warmly received by all who had a penchant for good old British melodic hard rock. As you would expect Shadowman had elements of both Heartland and FM deeply embedded in its grooves, yet it was highly original and was often touted as the best British melodic release of 2004. Two years later in 2006 and the eagerly awaited follow up “Different Angles” (ESM 127) became an important album for this quartet that also includes both Harry James and Chris Childs of Thunder. The unmistakable guitar trademark sound of Steve Morris and the vocals of Steve Overland will always shine through at a very early stage. Somehow they make their music sound effortless, and as we all very well know Steve Overland has a remarkable vocal range. His vocal range suits the classic melodic rock genre and he has a very bluesy side to his talent. His four solo releases on Escape Music are all fine examples of his work. Shadowman are a band that is all about great rock music who will win you over with charm. Quality rock music is so hard to find these days and it is reassuring to know that it hasn’t lost its way. “Ghost in the Mirror” (ESM179), the band’s third release in 2008 is an extension of the band’s already established sound and the 2011 release “Watching Over You” helped nurture the band’s identity even further. Another six years on and we are presented with the band’s fifth studio release, and it’s certainly been worth the wait. “Gravity” is a marvellous opener which shows fresh ideas and superb musicianship, and this pretty much paves the way for the rest of the album. Along the way we have Steve Morris and his ever present guitar prowess, and Steve Overland just effortlessly gives us brilliant vocal performances throughout. The solid rhythm of Thunder men Chris Childs and Harry James are faultless, and with classic touches from original FM keyboards player Didge Digital we are in for a real treat. Discography: Land of the Living (2004), Different Angles (2006), Ghost in the Mirror (2008), Watching Over you (2011), Nowhere Bound (2017) Steve Overland (FM) – Lead Vocals Steve Morris (Heartland) – Guitars & Keyboards Chris Childs (Thunder) – Bass Harry James (Thunder) – Drums Special guest on keyboards : Didge Digital Release Date: 19th May 2017 Catalogue No: ESM303 Tracks: Gravity 4:34 Automatic 4:19 Put It All On Love 4:45 Contagious 3:26 Broken Bones 3:53 Best Things In Life 4:09 Face The Night 4:23 No Smoke Without Fire 4:09 Good Times, Bad Times 2:58 Be True To yourself 4:21 Secrets And Lies 3:57 Stand Up And Be Counted 3:26
  25. From Escape Music: 'Mind Over Matter' is the long awaited second album by the classic AOR act 'Walk On Fire'. This 13 track CD features ex Asia drummer Trevor Thornton, the late Mike Casswell on guitars (ex Brian May band), Phil Williams (ex Spandau Ballet) and Bowie/Seal keyboards and programming legend, Richard Cottle, and was written and produced by Dave Cairns (of 'Secret Affair' fame). These newly discovered buried treasures of 24 track analogue recordings were put to tape following the worldwide MCA Records release of the 1989 debut album by 'Walk On Fire' entitled 'Blind Faith'. Their eponymous album, 'Blind Faith' produced by Boston based Walter Turbitt (of The Cars fame) featured the legendary Steve Ferrone on drums, Richard Cottle on keys, guitars by Keith Airey (Nik Kershaw band) and a host of top session players and a perfect showcase for the incredible Scots vocalist Alan King. This guitar led follow up is a one stop shop for all AOR fans and well worth the wait too! Band is: Alan King All vocals Dave Cairns: Keyboards and Guitars Mike Casswell: Guitars (ex Brian May) Trevor Thornton: Drums (ex Asia) Phil Williams: Bass (ex Spandau Ballet) Richard Cottle: Programming (David Bowie and Seal) Release date: 21 April 2017 Catalogue Number: ESM302 Track listing: 1. Spinning Wheel 2. Reign Down 3. Pleasure Of Pain 4. Mind Over Matter 5. Long Live Love 6. Save Your Lies (We've had Enough) 7. Wicked 8.Bad Attitude 9. Madhouse 10. Big Gun 11. Price Of Love 12, Drag me Down 13. Colour Of Blood (bonus track with first pressing)
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