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  1. I actually like Tales From The Strip and Hollywood Forever better than the last two.
  2. jondavis


    Isn't most toilet paper made in china? Looks like everyone around here is buying out china TP. Hope that paper is safe.
  3. Supersized Holy Soldier won. Loved their first album, second was good, and don't own anything after that.
  4. No way like most 80's bands they were good till the 90's came around. And from what I heard Dale Thompson had vocal problems around that time. Show No mercy, Live To Die, Silence Is Madness - yes a bit raw but still some good songs. Kinetic Faith, Snakes In The Playground, Scarecrow Messiah - play all of these quite often Snakes of course is my favorite. And they put out more albums than most everyone else on the list.
  5. Wow, didn't expect much here, but way better than what I thought it would be. And been out for years. I must of been avoiding this one.
  6. Bride belongs on this list! I would say they are my favorite overall.
  7. If I think Petra I think John Schlitt, other than seeing a few youtube videos I don't know much about Greg Volz.
  8. This band came up on youtube. Not a bad song. But I don't get why you would name any part of your band with Stupid in it.
  9. sorry this sorry this has nothing to do withHeaven's Metalkinda late now though
  10. someone borrowed my first Nitro CD and I got the CD and jewel case back but lost the front insert , could use that one
  11. You would think on a tour it would show who you are getting.
  12. This is a great album. my only complaint is that it feels incomplete, it's like I want to hear some songs from Revelation and having it end with new Jerusalem coming down on the new earth. Hoping for a part 2.
  13. With L.A. Guns, I'm not sure why you care about the name anymore. There has already been so many versions of it already. Why not another one.
  14. I'm more of a fan of Claus Lessmann. I'm ready for something new from him. Have not given the new singer a chance yet.
  15. Album cover reminds me of Scatterbrains All it needs its some guys picking their nose.
  16. So is this CD as good as their first 2? Always been on the fence to get this one.
  17. Looks like they have a newer cd out. Yea they have a good sound. I would own it if it was in English. So I'll put this one on the maybe list.
  18. I think all it is, is that the vocals sound like Lessman at times. Like you said, not real impressed with it but does kind of have that Bonfire vibe.
  19. What do we know about this band? Was looking to see if Claus Lessman had anything new coming out, and this came up. Yea it does sound a little like him. Still would like to know what Claus Lessman is doing these days?
  20. If they would spend more time on writing decent songs and less time on the Steel Panther like attitude they could get good.
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