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Lipz - Scaryman


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On 6/19/2018 at 11:07 PM, Mr.AOR said:

Sorry guys but I must be hearing something completely different to you. Just finished listening to this and it has to be one of the worst albums I have heard this year. 

I'm hearing the same album as you. Absolute rubbish. I don't think I knew they had an EP out before with their better songs... keen to try that. But this is a really weak collection of songs. 

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I'd love to hear the EP too. It'd be nice to hear a recording when these guys were actually good. Such a disappointing album... 

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Pretty good is a mega understatement. 2 full on robot chubbies for the tune and Scarlet Madison (nice fucking hooker name darling)....

Lipz is and always will be a talent to recon with for me and this cover is in the vein of my favorite Lipz variant.


Well done boys and Scarlet!

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Original is definitely better but this was okay. Doesn't really matter, though, as I barely noticed what else was going on apart from the penis enlargement aspect of the clip. 

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Only recently discovered these guys due to Dangersous being a recommended video on YouTube.

Have to say I absolutely loved that song so checked out a couple of other videos and bought the album.

The album is a classic throw back with a nod to both 70s and 80s glam. Checked out some of their early stuff, and you can certainly see a progression in sound and image from their early days as a pretty weak emo band, to the much slicker sounding glam they have now.


To each their own and all that, but outside the album, there is one or two great songs, but a few of the early songs sucked.

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I was never a huge fan of the original. Didn't hate it, but didn't froth it.
I like the cover much better.

I've tried the band, but nothing has really grabbed me, sadly this cover is probably their best song.

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