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Dirty White Boyz - Down And Dirty


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From Escape Music:

In early 2016, Ex “Kiss of the Gypsy & Kingdom of Deadmen” frontman/guitarist, Tony Mitchell started writing & recording what was to be his 5th solo studio album.


He set out to return to his melodic/AOR rock style that was associated with him in his previous bands leading up to the raw classic rock style of Kiss of the Gypsy & the heavy rocking Kingdom of Deadmen.


It became evident to Mitchell that the songs had a real magic about them & rather than finish the album & release it on his own XGypsy music label which he had done with previous albums, he thought he would test the water by sending a handful of tracks out to a few melodic rock record companies.


All were blown away & wanted to release it there & then but what swayed Mitchell’s decision was when he received a call from Khalil Turk from Escape Music.


After a conversation about the recording of the songs, Khalil suggested that he introduced Mitchell to a few musicians that he has worked with, to make the songs sound even better as Mitchell played all instruments & vocals on the demos.


The musicians included Paul Hume (lead guitar) & Neil Ogden (drums) from classic rock bands,“Demon & Lawless”,
Nigel Bailey (bass) from melodic rock bands, “Bailey, Lifeline & 3 Lions” also, Jamie Crees (guitar) from “Lawless”.


All brought their individual style to the table & was evident that something very special was happening ... “Dirty White Boyz” was born.

They have all come together to form an allegiance of AOR/Classic/Melodic Rock & each lending their style & craft to the dynamic songs for this debut album.


DWB have tried to use all the ingredients from their rich history, Mitchell's raw, rock vocals & punchy thick riff guitars, Ogden's thunderous, rock solid drumming, Hume's flawless, majestic lead guitar licks & solos, Crees’s power riffs & twin lead & Bailey's thumping, ground shaking bass lines, all of which are singers that can harmonise effortlessly.


Now with the debut album, “Down & Dirty” finished, it’s all systems go. The album not only hits you like a freight train, it also leaves you breathless in it’s a combination of melodic gems, Anthemic rockers & a few heart wrenching power ballads for good measure.


Songs that will shake the very roof off any venue, songs that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride & songs that will stand the test of time.


Dirty White Boyz are here !!! Jump aboard this Rock train, get down & dirty & let's enjoy the ride !!!



The Band is:


Tony Mitchell - Lead and backing vocals / Guitars / Keyboard
Paul Hume - Guitars / backing vocals
Nigel Bailey - Bass / backing vocals
Neil Ogden - Drums / backing vocals
Jamie Crees - Rhythm Guitars





Catalogue Number: ESM301
Release date: 24th March 2017


Track list:

1- All She Wrote 4:52

2- Dynamite 5:17

3- Hangin On A Heartache 4:53

4- Ride With Angels 5:41

5- Playing Dirty 5:08

6- Rise 4:52

7- Waiting For This Feelin 4:24

8- Sanctuary 6:28

9- Hell To Pay 5:01

10- All In The Name Of Rock N Roll 4:54

11- After The Rain 5:41

12- Bring It On 5:29



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Another interesting release to watch out for...so many releases on march 24th!


Yes agreed. I'm definitely interested.


Tony sounds similar to Ronnie which I dig.


Keeping my eye on this one

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There is pretty decent stuff in there, but it's a pretty raw sound and average vocals. And there's some average stuff in there too. Could be worth a listen.

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I'm enjoying the whole thing,its been a while since ive been interested in anything Tony Mitchell has been involved in,but this is as close to another Kiss Of The Gypsy cd that I'm gonna get :)

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I don't like this album, to be honest. I think 'Rise' is a really nice melodic rock song, but it sounds out of place on the album and is the only one of it's kind. The rest just misses the mark for me.

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