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  1. Alright here is my review after a few spins: I think this album is fantastic and easily the best this year (there won't be anything like it the rest of the year or years to come). Ted sounds fantastic as always and Steve really gets the opportunity to shine and knocks it out of the park. One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is the lyrics or the lyrical quality which I think is absolutely top notch. The title track "Lions" hits home as I live five blocks north of what was the "CHAZ/CHOP" in Seattle and we literally had streets on fire (plus other things which can be a whole discussion in
  2. Waiting till I get the vinyl before listening to this album in full! The singles have been awesome.
  3. Juliette is one of his best tracks yet! So good
  4. Super excited to listen to this on vinyl when I receive it which will be hopefully soon (I usually save albums for a first listen on vinyl)! I thought Kids was pretty good and very unique with the interesting interludes. Nastoligia is strong with the Kids album which I think is what they were going for.
  5. I think this album is great and has a unique sound compared to most of the other popwave stuff out there. Ollie can flat out sing and he is fantastic live (saw him with FM-84 in Seattle). Michael Oakley helped produce this and you can hear some of his sound
  6. Slowly going back to their original sound albeit tweaked after the debacle that is their last album. These are good and I hope an indication of their sound moving forward
  7. Lovers in the Rain is awesome and sounds better than This Time.
  8. First single sounds good! It's definitely one to watch when the album drops. From the first track, I can see myself driving around in the summer sun with the windows down loving life blasting it. I'm intrigued!
  9. Sounds great. Catchy as hell. Also something my girl will enjoy on these summer days with the windows down and her blonde hair flowing in the wind
  10. New track sounds good but I prefer Alexander on vocals. I'll compare both versions of Straight To The Top when this album is released.
  11. Yep I absolutely agree! Great new album from these guys. Now get them to Seattle!
  12. I really like this album. It's has a nice variety and sounds good throughout. It's hard rock and melodic all at the same time. His voice also reminds me of Firehouse in spots. A nice surprise to start off 2018.
  13. This EP is absolutely fantastic! LeBrock nailed it. Every track is amazing. Easily the best I've heard this year.
  14. I think this is a great album and better than the first. It's fun as hell to listen to and sounds great. They nailed it.
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