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Anyone use any cool ringtones?


The ones I've rotated through are... (keeping in mind you only hear the first 30 seconds)


All Of My Life - Mike Tramp

Beautiful - Marvelous 3

Got To Choose - Kiss

I Wanna Party With You - Trucker Diablo

Just Like Paradise - DLR

Mama Told You - The Fuzz Drivers

Other Side - The Last Vegas

Rose - Buckcherry

Slave To The Machine - Lynam

The Oath - Kiss

The One That Almost Got Away - Burning Kingdom

The Special - Hot Action Cop

Tragic Comic - Extreme

White Lies - The Last Vegas

Six Feet Under - The Last Vegas


Currently I am using Matt LeBlanc's ringtone from Episodes which I think is, Two Time - Syd Dale


Best ever text tome is the start of New York Groove - been using that one for ages

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  • My Little Pony

My ringtone is from the breakdown in Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin' Somethin': "Mamase mamasa mamakusa..."


My textone is from KIX's Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: "I feel sick. I gotta go home now!"

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I've been using the default ringtone on my phones for the past couple years now but at one point used to have Twisted Sister's ''I Wanna Rock'' (where Dee sings ''I wanna rock'' and then the guitar solo comes on, it was loud as hell too haha) also remember having Ratt's ''I Want A Woman'' guitar solo as a ringtone. Problem was that a lot of times I missed the calls cause I kept listening to the ringtone instead of picking up the phone :D

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Yeah, I tend to have different ringtones for different family members.

My daughter was into screamo, so I founld a screamo version of MJ's Black Or White.

Another kid loves the Muppets, so Mananama was her tone

Another love Chasing Rainbows - Wig Wam.

Coole because you know who is ringing you.


I had a short version of New York Groove as a text tone, but every time I got a text, everyone around me started rocking to the beat so I made a longer version which everyone enjoys :)

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Mine is the James Bond 007 theme. It used to be "March of the S.O.D." by Stormtroopers of Death but if my phone rang while I was at work, everyone sitting around me would jump like "GAAAAAH!! WTF is that?" Haha

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I had 'If love should go' by Steelhouse Lane once, and then a Steel Panther song once too. One of the b-sides from their debut - 'Big Boobs,' I think? No lyrics during the tone, though, just fyi. But yeah, I've just had the default for a long time. Not sure why... I think I just lost interest or couldn't be bothered.

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The intro to 'Crazy Train' .... 'AAAAAAALL ABOOOOOAAAARD! ...' :)

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