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Last Vegas - Eat Me

Dead Planet

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It's not a complete write off, but it's not good. Reminds me of shit like Jet a bit, too. The chorus isn't horrid.

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The Other Side is the stand out for me from this band.

White Lies and Apologize are another couple of good songs.

Always see them as a hit and miss band.

This new songs didn't even get to enter the archery competition :)

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'Apologise' is a great ballad. I was listening to the album the other day and thought at times they come across as a cool mix of Tesla and Cinderella. That's a huge compliment, but this new song definitely sounds more like Jet than Tesla or Cinderella.

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Sadly, this album is doing absolutely nothing for me, unlike some previous efforts.


Yeah I agree. I was looking forward to this CD but it didn't going anywhere for me neither. My first real disappointment of 2016.

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So even though I posted on this thread, for some reason I never tried out this album, or the one before it.
Not remembering this thread, I listened to both the albums today and found myself questioning if it was the same band.
maybe there was another The Last Vegas?
I'm hoping to find a few good songs as keepers, but damn, it reminds me of when Hardcore Superstar did that weird album.

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