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  1. I like it a lot. I think it sounds like old Sammy Hagar solo material with a modern sound. I definitely will check this out!
  2. I really like this. This sounds pretty good.
  3. Roxxi Catalano (Ex-singer of De La Cruz) posted a few timed a few years ago his when his last CD was released.
  4. I love it! Can't wait for this one! Already sounds like album of the year to me Track listing for the album: 01. You Won't Take Me Alive 02. Taste Like 03. We Can Rule The World 04. Shock 05. Love Is A Fire 06. California Summer Song 07. Forever Loving You 08. The Mission 09. Tied To The Tracks 10. Afterlife 11. I Want Everything 12. Comfort Zone
  5. This CD is pretty good. Between this and the new Flotsam & Jetsam what a great way to begin the year!
  6. Nightfyre - From Fortune to Ruin 01. Intro 02. Hunting The Night 03. Full Speed Ahead 04. From Fortune to Ruin 05. Mistress 06. Lunacy 07. Rise, Fall, Down! 08. Tears of a Queen 09. Fyre Burns 10. Nameless Warrior https://www.facebook.com/Nightfyreband/
  7. Harley - Ready To Hurt 1. Break Out 2. On the Road 3. A Great Machine For Loving 4. Young Lover 5. Leave Me 6. Ready to Hurt 7. Back to Light 8. Out of Control 9. Race
  8. I'm liking these songs a lot. Will definitely check this CD out!
  9. I was disappointed in this song. I was expecting Dokken/Lynch Mob classic sound and it sounds more like Dokken Shadowlife filler.
  10. That actually was much better than I was expecting. Will definitely check this one out.
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