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I asuume I got this mp3 from someone on here, but I have been away from the music files on my PC for so long, I just jumped on and started going through shit, and stumbled onto this gem, No clue who it is, no idea where it came from, I am absolutely clueless, and thats not something im acustomed to, and I do not like it one bit, so if any of you could go ahead and just relieve the stress this has given me, I will be able to happily order the disc, and enjoy what has to be a killer disc, if the rest of the songs are like this, the song has absolutely NO! headers, ID Tags, nothing, it was even a WAV file, but one of my bretheran no doubt knows who this is, so guys, help me out here, Ah! Thanx.



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Never heard it before but it sounds very cool. The vocals sound a bit like the dude from Big Bang Babies. But yeah, I have no idea, but I'd like to know who it is too.

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It is Tamer Lane.


This song is on the Foundations Forum '90 CD Sampler - Disc 3


Artist Song Label
Anthrax In My World Megaforce/Island
Exodus The Lunatic Parade Capitol
Reverend Scattered Wits Charisma
Precious Metal Downhill Dreamer Chameleon
King of The Hill Freak Show SBK Records
Child's Play Rat Race Chrysalis
Disaster Area This Claw -
The Beautiful Fine Science of Chaos Giant Records
Scarecrow Waiting Cariola Records
Destruction Cracked Brain Noise Records
Randy Coven Strange Cat Guitar Recordings
David La Duke Right From Wrong SB Records
Joy Thunder No Place To Skate -
Tamer Lane More Than A Miracle -
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So what's the story with Tamer Lane? I assume there'd be a demo out there somewhere? Who was in the band and did they do anything else, musically?

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So what's the story with Tamer Lane? I assume there'd be a demo out there somewhere? Who was in the band and did they do anything else, musically?

Don't know and haven't poked about but Alpha's post suggest that that song is a demo as there is a strikethru line where the label would be akin to the others on the disc...

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Well I guess theres no hope that were ever going to get any more Tamer Lane, it's ok, this was probably their best song, more then likely a couple more somewhere, but you'd have to think, regardless, they arent going to give one of their fillers out to be released on a rock sampler, this was probably their bread and butter song, and as for what I can hear, is absolutely fine with me, I got a copy of it, until I hear different, Im just assuming this is their one and only recording, it fits up in my top favorite single songs, so I really dont stress over wondering what the rest of their shit sounds like, though I would be interested in knowing more about the group as a whole?? nobody on here knows anything huh??

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Yes did the same and no useful tidbits, unfortunately the band name lends itself to a lot of errant web searching.

LOL yeah I wouldnt have thought it would be one of the more prolific names of extra shit to uncover on the internet, but I found the same thing, LOL, lot of wierd shit!!

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There's a band on the main site called Tammer Laine (as opposed to Tamer Lane). Perhaps this is the band in question? Wierd that it would be the same band with different spelling though. They also have a track on this 1993 local / unsigned bands CD called 'Texas Power Rail'. The thing is that the Foundations Forum CD is from 1990, this comp is from 1993 and according to a source I found, the band did not form until 1994. So perhaps both tracks were demos to try and secure a record deal. On the other these may be completely different bands, who knows?




"Hard Rock band with a Southern touch from Columbus, OH, formed in 1994 and released one album titled Lets Get It On on Rainbow Rider Records in 1995. For fans of bands like Bang Tango, DMolls and Oney." From melodichardrock.com







David Sivy vocals

B.J. Byrne guitars

Steve Tinney bass

Scott Tennyson drums

Trent Anderson guitars


1. Let's Get It On

2. No Place Left

3. This Ole World

4. Misunderstood

5. Snotnose

6. Keep It Together

7. Good Day For Dyin'


Anyone have / heard this disc? - no comments on the main site.

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Well Tamerlane was a poem I read in English class, I dont even remember who it was by, but Im wondering if seeing that there is a Tamer Lane in about every state in the US, if its more to do with that?? or is it somebodys name??

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Cool looking band. Not sold on the description of their music style, but I'd love to hear the album.

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There's a full concert of these guys on youtube. Not my thing:



Btw, Tamerlane was a poem by E. A. Poe :)

HA HA HA!! Thank you Mr Malcom Tucker!! thats right, how you remember that I'll never know, I thought about it all day long, and just couldnt remember who did it, I can recite it for you almost word for word, but couldnt think of who the author was, it was Edgar, thanks man. never thought anyone on here would even give that a second thought, good lookin out man.

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So is that the same band as the pretty boys in that promo shot on the previous page? Without listening to too much of that, it does sound very very average to poor.

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