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Arion - Last Of Us


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Don't expect this to be the Spanish or the American Arion, this is a new band from Finland playing melodic prog metal.

Debut album out now.

Excellent for a bunch of teenagers (and don't let the image fool you, is that Justin Bieber in the middle?! :lol: )!



From http://www.chadrschulz.com:


Bringing beautiful melodies and a true passion to Power Metal.

Finland’s ARION has unleashed their 2014 début ‘Last Of Us’. A Hard Rock infused Power Prog Metal album filled with sweeping, soulful melodies. Bringing quality Metal to the Commercial Rock masses. At least, if there still was such a thing as “Commercial Rock”–a man’s gotta dream;)



Upon first spin of ‘Last Of Us’ I did a double take, I thought I had played a new TEN album by mistake. As a huge fan of those UK rockers, I instantly recognized that melodic Hard Rock style in this heavier, Power Metal band. Exploring more, I discovered a Hollywood/Symphonic Metal scope within the Power and Prog. Vast caverns of easily accessible melodic hooks, emotion filled vocals, neo-classical guitars and keys, and forceful, precise rhythm.


ARION keeps above the cheese so many other Power/Prog bands wallow in. Lyrical themes with real-world poignancy and genuine emotion. Mostly avoiding all the castles, swords, vikings, wizards, and space goofiness. Vocalist Viljami Holopainen is very atypical for this genre. Able to scream with the best, great range and technique. But he maintains a Hard Rock soul, singing from the heart about profound subjects.


I can’t believe these guys are barely out of high-school. They sound like seasoned veterans, with the weight and wisdom that comes from a lifetime of experiences. In addition to Holopainen there’s Guitar virtuoso Iivo Kaipainen, melody maestro Keyboardist Arttu Vauhkonen, with phenomenal, tight rhythms from Gege Velinov on Bass and Topias Kupiainen on Drums. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a long and successful career.


After an obligatory, yet stirring, instrumental intro we storm into the Neo-classical power of “Out of the Ashes”.


The melodic “Seven” is a killer Prog Power Hard Rock track full of elaborate keys, guitar virtuosity, soaring vocals, and delicate haunting melodies.


Metal fully emerges on “Shadows”. Pounding rhythm, heavy guitars, and aggressive full-range vocals.


I can’t find any fault within the soulful piano ballad “You’re My Melody”. An album highlight with a stripped-bare Holopainen and more killer guitar.


The Neo-classical “I Am the Storm” incorporates bleeding fast double bass drumming, full-on screaming, and burning guitar histrionics. Everything cranked to 11!


The 7-minute Symphonic/Hollywood beast “Burn Your Ship” is aggressive and intricate with varied, crushing vocals (including chorales), more blasting from Kupiainen, and a duel melodic assault from Kaipainen and Vaukhonen.

“Lost” and the more experimental/progressive “Last of Us” are full band, passionate Melodic Hard Metal songs.

Epic closer “Watching You Fall” overpowers with potent riffing and pulverizing rhythm. Modern Prog Metal complete with a quirky, volatile mid-section break.


The Japanese edition includes four bonus tracks: The regal Power Metaller “New Dawn”, a truncated/single version of “Shadows”, and beautiful acoustic versions of “Lost” and “Last of Us”. Worth the scratch if you can find it. I ordered mine from cdjapan.co.jp.


Often Power/Prog Metal albums wear thin with lots of blur and song-bleed. Amazingly, I didn’t notice any of that with the expertly produced ‘Last Of Us’. Each song is distinct and potent while the diversity keeps things fresh.

Can’t imagine what living in a “Metal heaven” like Finland must be like. ARION’s début ‘Last Of Us’ is exceptional Power/Prog Metal. A band of virtuosos writing and playing powerful, melodic, and soulful music. Kick-ass and Highly Recommended.




Viljami Holopainen - vocals
Iivo Kaipainen - guitars
Arttu Vauhkonen - keyboards
Gege Velinov - bass
Topias Kupiainen - drums









01. The Passage
02. Out of the Ashes
03. Shadows
04. Seven
05. Last of Us
06. I Am the Storm
07. You're My Melody
08. Burn Your Ship
09. Lost
10. Watching You Fall






The 'must' ballad:





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They are quite good. Listened only to the live "Lost" because live tells the true tale and they sound great live.


The YouTube comments are terrible, capping on the poor singer cause he isn't pimple faced with greasy hair down to his bottom. He still sings well and I am sure does fine with the ladies. :)

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Really good stuff! The ballad was awesome! Such an impressive group of tunes from such an young group!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Justin Bieber was kidnapped by a prog metal band. :lol:


Now that sounds like a great idea!! And never to appear again .............. ;)

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The ballad was great and a couple of the others made the ears prick up. Some big choruses going on there, so will check out

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  • 2 months later...

It's a good, solid album with some good songs, the ballad 'You're My Melody' especially is great (love the solo). I found the whole thing didn't stick we me after a while though, even, so it just missed out on a recommended placing in my end of year list. Definitely a band to watch though

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Yeah, sadly I gave it a go today but lost interest around track 6 when I pulled the pin. It's not bad, but I just can't give an album with drumming like this the time of day. Plenty of other bands make melodic music with proper drumming, so I choose not to spend time on this stuff.


Good luck to you fans. I guess I can see the appeal - it's definitely melodic in terms of vocals and harmonies in places, but it's definitely not for me overall. It's funny that although the music is kind of "fast" to an extent, and it's pretty heavy which you'd think would keep me on my toes... but I just get really bored listening to this type of stuff. I don't know, it's just how it is. But yeah, to each their own. It'd be boring if we all liked the same stuff. ;)

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  • My Little Pony

Hmm.... dunno. Completely different voice characteristics from the first vocalist. Much prefer the smoother vocals with this type of music.



Yeah, after hearing that, this is very disappointing. Beiber has such a great voice. Why did he leave? Where is he going? I'd be interested to hear more from him.

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  • My Little Pony

Been watching a couple of their videos, and it appears they were fully aware of the Beiber comments, as they called one of their tours "Never Say Never to Metal Tour." Ha!

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They recorded demos of some of their old songs with Lassi on vocals.





No, no, no. That's it. This band is ruined. I agree with Dan, the 'Bieber' dude had smoother vocals that suited this music much better. With the new vocalist they sound like hundreds of other bands in the same genre.


I liked the combination of smooth vocals/heavy riffs. This new outfit I don't like. Maybe I should listen to the final product before completely write them off...



I am.

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