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BULLETRAIN - Out Of Control


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Good song. You beat me to it, I meant to post this video later today.

Out on Metal Heaven (AOR Heaven)










1. Nothing But Trouble

2. All For On

3. Dark Days (Dark Nights)

4. From The Bottom Of My Heart

5. Even With My Eyes Closed

6. Start Talking

7. Out Of Control

8. Phantom Pain

9. Bad Blood (Out Of Love)

10. Dicing With Death

11. Take Me To The Sun

12. Joannas Secret

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I heard a new album the other day by a band I think by the name of Bulletride. And every time I saw this thread I was all like, doods, the CD is okay, but why are y'all so excited about it?


Anyway, today I heard this one and I was all like, ah, this is what y'all are on about. Very nice album. There are a couple of kind of average tracks, but there's also some very good stuff on here. It reminds me a bit of that band that released that good disc a few years ago and then disappeared - Babylon Bombs, was it? 'Babylon's Burning?' Maybe. Either way, I love stuff like the revamped version of 'Even with my eyes closed,' the title track, 'Phantom Pain' and 'Bad Blood.' They were my early faves, but it's a good album.

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New video for 'Phantom Pain':


Good song!

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