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Favourite bands from the 'internet years'

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I've been buying music for 30 years. For the first 20 I bought my stuff only in stores but for the last 10 or 12 I've bought nearly 90% of my stuff online. In that time I've discovered a ton of bands that I'd never know about if it wasn't for the internet. If it wasn't for the internet I also wouldn't know any of you.


My Father always told me I'd never like modern music, he's right in a sense but I do love modern bands that do the 80's sound. Even though I'm a fan of 80's music and especially big hair rock/metal as most of us are on this forum, I have discovered new bands.


Here is a list of my fav 'internet' bands that have only been around as long as I've had the internet. The catch is the band needs to have released at least 2 discs.


1. Brother Firetribe

2. Waltham (they've released enough music for 2 different discs)

3. Work Of Art

4. The Poodles

5. The Darkness (funny I've bought all their stuff in stores.)

6. Reckless Love

7. Crashdiet

8. H.E.A.T.

9. Entwine

10. The rebirth of Harem Scarem after the Rubber years


other notables include Wig Wam, Leverage, Place Vendome, White Widow, Jettblack, Steel Panther (although I also bought both releases in a store)


So what are your favourite internet bands?

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Tango Down

Bombay Black

Crazy Lixx

Hardcore Superstar



Reckless Love

Eden's Curse

Wig Wam

The Poodles

Hell in the Club

Hell N Diesel



MIllion $ Reload

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since the sad demise of kerrang magazine(which I bought from its first issue right up to around '96-) from what it was to what it now has become I depend on the internet for most of if not all of my music information.

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Agree with all those above - all great bands.


The two I would add is





Yeah, those 2 aren't band and I'd go along with Crazy Lixx and White Widdow too.


For me, by far the best new band of (at least) the last ten years is:





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To be honest, as many bands as I have discovered through the internet in the last few years (both old and new), for me one of the most recent ways to find new music has been support acts at gigs.

The amount of bands I now listen to purely through being support acts has been a revelation.

Knock Out Kaine, Night By Night, New Device, Hell In The Club, Dear Superstar, Jettblack, The Scams, The Wild Lies, Falling Red & Kinkade are a few that spring to mind. All discovered through being support acts.

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