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Helloween - Straight Out of Hell (New CD Jan. 18th 2013)


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“STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL” – Tracklisting revealed!


Straight to you from the headquarters: The new album will feature 13 mostly fast-paced songs – impressively multi-layered due to their different songwriters: Andi, Michael, Markus and Sascha.

Weikath: “STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL is the consequent development of the two albums before. The new songs are a continuation of the “7 Sinners” directives, only less doom-bound and noticeably more positive. These songs will kick even the lazies

t listener’s ass.” The best example of HELLOWEEN’s ability to think outside the box of metal cliché is the first single from STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL: “Nabataea”. The legendary kingdom and its secret capital Petra – hidden behind cliff scenery and only discovered at the beginning of the 20th century – are the origin of many myths and legends. “Nabataea” is the perfect shape of great music to come and will deliver an epic video clip, yet to be shot. Apart from the standard album, there will be a limited edition featuring premium packaging and two bonus tracks: “Another Shot of Life” and a Hammond version of “Burning Sun” in memory of Deep Purple’s recently deceased organ player Jon Lord.




1. Nabataea – 7:03

2. World of War – 4:56

3. Live Now! – 3:10

4. Far from the Stars – 4:41

5. Burning Sun – 5:33

6. Waiting for the Thunder – 3:53

7. Hold me in your Arms – 5:10

8. Wanna be God – 2:02

9. Straight out of Hell – 4:33

10. Asshole – 4:09

11. Years – 4:22

12. Make Fire Catch the Fly – 4:22

13. Church Breaks Down – 6:06




14. Another Shot of Life

15. Burning Sun (Hammond version) dedicated to Jon Lord

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Woohoo! On the list it goes.

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One of the bonus tracks is a dedication to John Lord and I see track 10 is dedicated to Jerry Sandusky.


All bad jokes aside, I'm not a biggest fan of the band, however Helloween still gets my respect after 25 plus years.

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i like helloween, but i'm hoping they kinda to go back to the tongue-in-cheek style of the early deris years.

its weird when you suddenly find yourself preferring their cover-band (trick or treat) over the actual band.

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First impression on this disc, honestly, i was left disappointed because this is somewhat weaker than '7 Sinners' which is also weaker than 'Gambling' so it's a decline trend for Helloween in my book. It's not bad by any means, in fact, it's a good album, it's a varied power metal album, they put out a lot of spices here, from the almost-progressive fast paced lengthy track to slowtempo ballads, from mid-paced melodic metal to the classic Helloween style, and also modern day stuffs which usually was dark oriented.


'Nabatea' is really awesome at riffs, the verse is also flawless, but I spot a patchy chorus, and I think it's a bit too long at 7 minutes. 'World of War' sadly a bit dull on the verse but the chorus is an awesome classic style. I don't like 'Live Now!', and almost half of these albums were average, like 'Burning Sun' - the Hammond version as a tribute to Jon Lord also doesn't help much, 'Hold Me In Your Arms' is also a cheesy ballad and Andi Deris' voice wasn't meant to be played in the lower register. 'Wanna Be God' is a disastrous filler, and several other 7/10 tracks.


Best track here for me is the title track, 'Straight Out of Hell', what a fantastic intro, great verse, bridge, and chorus, a pretty nice combination and killer all around. Second best here should be 'Years' - classic Helloween style with a catchy sing-along chorus; and the third one is 'Far From The Stars' - the keyboard insertion is very nice, the solos are awesome, and the chorus is extremely melodic. Other good stuffs are 'Waiting For The Thunder', 'Asshole' - lousy title but don't know why I fancy this track, and the bonus track, 'Another Shot of Life' isn't bad at all.


The production is great and I got the 15 tracks edition, so leaving out the 3 weakest tracks, the score is a bit better, climbing up 4% and still I think '7 Sinners' is better (80%-ish). Good album but ain't great for me although I will revisit this later for more spins coz there might be growers around.



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I have listened to this several times and this is a bit of a change in direction for Helloween from the heaviness of 7 Sinners back to more melodic metal. I think the biggest issue i had with this that is was perhaps too long, probably about 4 tracks too long to be exact.

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