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  1. Divebomb re-released some of their stuff earlier: http://www.divebombrecords.com/site/bands/picture/ good stuff!
  2. I really liked Babylon and hope Golgatha is follows the same pattern.
  3. nice! I really like this band a lot and this is a welcome addition from the songs presented here.
  4. like their previous material and this is more of the same.
  5. i really like this after several spins. Another great album!
  6. this is ok. Its not something i would come back to again.
  7. listened to the cd and bonus cd and it is very good. The songs are enjoyable and flow really well.
  8. I love Stereo Messiah. They are very good at putting good music.
  9. i am kinda on the fence. I like it but its not a wow album.
  10. i liked the first 2 and the new song sounds good so i will have to track it down.
  11. I am really looking forward to this. Morse is one of my favorites.
  12. nice. I enjoyed their previous efforts so this is on the list..
  13. nice. I liked their first and this sounds good so i will get this one.
  14. me too. I think the debut was brilliant.
  15. same here. I enjoyed the last one and this is a must have.
  16. I really enjoyed this one. I liked Seventh Avenue a lot and this is even better.
  17. Looking forward to this. I have really enjoyed the first 2 a lot.
  18. The last couple of albums have really been a disappoinment when you think of how great Legacy of Kings is.
  19. The prog metal band is back after a hiatus of a couple of years and are ready to sound like their first releases, including the vocals. They are signed with massacre records, and they can't get their early releases re-released due to problems with the company who owns the rights, so they are moving on "Gotta agree with with the salespitch on this site!! Have godd week friends! MAY 21ST, 2014 RELEASE: The band turns 27 years old on April 1st, 2014! With their last release being "Tongues" some years back, "Veni Domine" is BACK with a full frontal wall of technicality, orchestration, HUGE GUIT
  20. I loved the Pale Sister and will be gettng this!
  21. I thought it was a really solid album. Lamb of God was the standout track but the others were good.
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