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  1. i have to say i don't like the 2nd album nearly as much as the first
  2. this will be the only cd i buy this year,, coincidentally, the last one I bought was last december and it was their debut
  3. my wife left me 2 weeks ago,, and she left a reckless love-spirit/ crashdiet-generation wild mp3 cd in the stereo.. they have become my new favs. although i had heard her play the earlier 2 reckless love albums before ( i recognized beautiful bomb, hot, on the radio, and a few others right away),, i couldn't find those albums among all the stuff she left. 10 months of marriage, 13 year relationship,, and she just up and left me (and out 8 bunnies) in the middle of the night. my life is upside down right now. i have bawled my eyes out to Hot Rain probably 100x.
  4. i like the tone and songwriting of that,, but the video and lyrics and borderline embarrassing.
  5. i am not generally a big fan of 'best-of' albums, but Black 'n Blue Ultimate Collection spends a ton of time in my car's cd player. maybe because i didnt even know about them until i got the UC cd,, so none of the songs had been already beaten to death from my childhood
  6. i prefer japanese bands singing in japanese. lyrical content was important when you were a teen and needed some sort of context to which you could relate. besides, if you listen to enough j-rock, you can still make make out what they're saying even if you don't understand a word of it.
  7. i saw them with Delain & Sonata Arctica when then came to Mesa in october. it was a little club that held maybe a few hundred people at most. totally awesome. i had never heard of them either, but now i am hooked... and diane, well she is deserving of her own wayne's world code word. this is only her first album with xandria, but she's also in Ex Libris, which is more progressive than xandria's powermetal
  8. lyrics dont mean squat to me,, in the past 20 years ive listened to mostly j-rock/metal,, mid 90's to early 2000's their hard rock ruled,,
  9. we saw Sonata Arctica, Delain, Xandria, & Insatia last nite at a club red in Mesa. nearly 5 hours of symphonic powermetal for $25. best fucking show ever so awesome to have a small venue (holds 500 at best?) with great fucking accoustics so close to home. this band lineup for this place looks to be 90% metal. almost made me forget that we were still living in the middle of suckingthefuckingjesusknobville i dont know about you guys,, but this beats vixen back in high school hands down (no puns intended)
  10. i just cant bring myself to go back and listen to a 75% ballad album,, those vulnerable teenage emotion years are long gone
  11. i used to have that same ikea bookshelf,, we included it when we sold the chicago condo because it was too big to get into the elevator without taking it all apart again (although it was fun sawing the couch in half)
  12. just a 3-disc set of arranged game music from Secret of Mana (snes)
  13. weird thing is I never knew who sang that song until last year when i googled it. i always thought the keyboards reminded me of the ending music from Secret of Mana for SNES http://youtu.be/T4o_7Y47o5Y
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