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  1. Divebomb re-released some of their stuff earlier: http://www.divebombrecords.com/site/bands/picture/ good stuff!
  2. I really liked Babylon and hope Golgatha is follows the same pattern.
  3. nice! I really like this band a lot and this is a welcome addition from the songs presented here.
  4. like their previous material and this is more of the same.
  5. i really like this after several spins. Another great album!
  6. this is ok. Its not something i would come back to again.
  7. listened to the cd and bonus cd and it is very good. The songs are enjoyable and flow really well.
  8. I love Stereo Messiah. They are very good at putting good music.
  9. i am kinda on the fence. I like it but its not a wow album.
  10. i liked the first 2 and the new song sounds good so i will have to track it down.
  11. I am really looking forward to this. Morse is one of my favorites.
  12. nice. I enjoyed their previous efforts so this is on the list..
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