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Can you believe it?!


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It seems like a never-ending journey, but, I'm finally going to get married. I would have thought it would have happened long before, but, after plenty of bumps in the road, I've finally found "the one".


Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the future Mrs. HSF:












Her name is Kate Upton. She's 19 years old. Aside from the fact that I am twice her age, it's patently obvious that I'm head over heels for this woman and we will make it work. I'm so in love and can't wait for the day.


For anyone contemplating wedding gifts (and believe me, we don't expect them; your blessings and good wishes are more than enough), we are registered at Frederick's of Hollywood, Victoria's Secret, and Alejandro's Warehouse of Whips, Chains, and Accessories.


Finally, it's a surprise wedding. (Come to think of it, it's been a surprise love too.) So, I'd greatly appreciate it if you happened to run into her if you'd not yet congratulate her so you didn't ruin the wonderful surprise for this lovely creature that has captured my heart (and a few other body parts as well).


And, to celebrate my joy, a gift for you:



Thanks in advance for all your well-wishing!












































**disclaimer** I've GOT to start getting some sleep! My delusions are getting worse (or in this case, better) as time goes on. But I'm sure she'd be disappointed it was only a delusion if she ever met me. :rofl2:

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Congratulations, mate! I'm really happy for the two of you. So, uh, can I cu- uh, come on your honeymoon?

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  • My Little Pony

sick. get some help you perverted sicko. ;) love you anyway ! :)



Widda's back!


Where ya been sweetie? :D


Must be recovering from all the B-day partying! :beerbang:

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I'm divorcing this Michigan-loving skank if anyone else wants her. Too many hot fish in the sea to put up with a Wolverweenie.

Who are the new offensively attractive sluts... uh, I mean partners, in your avatar and signature?


I want to eat them all, including your ex-wife. ;)

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I'm divorcing this Michigan-loving skank if anyone else wants her. Too many hot fish in the sea to put up with a Wolverweenie.

Who are the new offensively attractive sluts... uh, I mean partners, in your avatar and signature?


I want to eat them all, including your ex-wife. ;)


The avatar girl is Veronika Zemanova if I'm right. :tumbsup:

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    • That’s not bad at all. I’d love to get an AOR Freaky reaction to this, as it kinda makes me think of the Nu Breed style that started taking off around ‘03 that we know he loved so much! 😂
    • If you liked that one, I think you'll find this one to be pretty cool. It's not satirical though:  
    • Looking at the song titles, this is 100% what I expected. Not into it at all - quite dislike it, to be honest. And the song titles do nothing to fill me with confidence that any of the other songs will be any better.  Anyway, this is a real surprise. I thought he was far removed from the music scene and his voice was allegedly not up to ever returning to Autograph (as I assume, music, generally speaking?) 
    • agree with the comments on that first track, was expecting a little more from Steve, maybe something similar to the songs on Buzz, still looking forward to hearing the rest of the album though
    • Germany based label label Pride & Joy Music will continue the Pride & Joy Music Classixx series on June 14th, 2024 with the release of the following 2 classic albums: The LA Cowboys - Endless Summer (Westcoast) Captain Black Beard - Sonic Forces +2 (Melodic Rock) As usual, these titles are only available via shop.prideandjoy.de and direct wholesale via Pride & Joy Music. Both are ltd. editions with 300 copies only each. Due to a high amount of pre-orders, the classic The LA Cowboys album already is almost sold out.   https://www.shop.prideandjoy.de/en/home/16355-the-la-cowboys-endless-summer-cd.html https://www.shop.prideandjoy.de/en/home/16354-captain-black-beard-sonic-forces-cd.html The bonus tracks on the Captain Blackbeard reissue are: 11. All The Pain (Bonus Track – 2022 re-recording) 12. Headlights (Instrumental Synthwave Remix)
    • But in all honesty, I hope music fans can eventually use AI to digitally remaster demo recordings with shitty audio quality
    • Ah, fukkit, what do I care? You're my people so I'll post a link to one I/we (AI and me, lol) just did now.  You're not telling me anything I don't know about how cringe the lyrics are, but in my defence this was written on 25th of July, 2001. Yes, even my youthful self shouldn't have been such a maggot, but I don't care too much. A slice of history, I guess you could say. Anyway, you can see in this what I mean about awkward phrasing and melodies not how the writer intended, but you also may get a sense that the result can still be pretty fun and appealing, perhaps, if you penned your own lyrics.  Another thing I'll say is that the almost violin/cello/accordion-sounding guitar riff seems to keep popping up in 90% of the songs I do with this or similar prompts, and I don't understand how/why that is associated with melodic rock. But it's there, constantly. Guess AI only has so many ideas so far?  I don't like that it has the prompts (which you can see have been somewhat ignored, I guess?) and the lyrics on display, but here's an example of what I'm droning on about, for reference; https://suno.com/song/0b797863-cd90-40b6-94da-5abe78ff98ca  
    • I just shared the following song in AOR Song of the Day, but I figure I'll also create a separate thread since I can't find any information about this band—not even a Discogs page! If anybody has any info to share about them, that'll be awesome!
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