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The official Hot fat chicks thread


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Matt and I went on a double date over the weekend and this was his date. Personally, I think he's done alright for himself:



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Join a party ??




I've been known for doin' a little cow-tipping every now & then... :whistle:


MOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :tumbsup:



Is that Geoff on the far left?


No that's his girlfriend. :lol:

Yeah, Geoff's the one on the right in the pink mumu. ;)

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Matt and I went on a double date over the weekend and this was his date. Personally, I think he's done alright for himself:



If a guy has to push a flesh apron out of the way to slam it home there are some issues the gal needs to address, starting with "which way to the next weight watchers meeting?"!

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See what happens when hot chicks eat at McDonalds.

I'm confused...I thought as long as they get the "Diet Coke" they could eat whatever they wanted?? :cartman:

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    • Quite a few classics...I personally love No More Tears...fantastic album it just sounds soooo good
    • Loved the first two and quite enjoyed Revelation Highway...im just not a huge live album fan.
    • Yeah,health has finally got him...hope he has a welcome retirement(from touring) and as nyoilers has said puts out new studio music,although he has said he may still play live so long as it doesnt involve travel as such.
    • I don't know If I've heard a Ptibull song, if I did I didn't know it. 
    • Don't even bother looking it up. If you have avoided it this long, you are a lucky man.
    • The Darkness never clicked for me the few times I've tried them.  I've never heard a Coldpay song I liked.  As for U2, I like When Love Comes To Town and I don't mind One. Mariah Carey is pretty useless as far my musical tastes are concerned. I don't know if I've heard that Dance Monkey song.  
    • I'm not a big RHCP fan but I don't mind a few songs. do you think the chorus of this song is quite catchy?   
    • Alanis Morissette vocally speaking I can not handle, seems like a nice person otherwise.  Ironic is the most annoying song of all time followed closely by You Oughta Know.   Oasis is also very annoying, Wonderwall always hated that song. 
    • Just when you thought it was safe to board American Jetset, Baltimore’s antiheroes nose down into darker and more dangerous depths, as they unleash their capricious beast of an EP, Love Kills. It’s the soundtrack to the slasher flick in your head – the score to a horror film that never existed. The disillusioned descendants of the Sunset Strip­–era are creating a new arc in the evolution of 80s-inspired hard rock by animating a hybrid of lyrical and musical influences. These sleaze rock goth pop anthems will make the Love Kills EP an instant Jetset classic as it follows three nominations for Washington Area Music Awards for their previous release.    In 2022, the Jetset crew stormed through iconic venues alongside hard rock legends, including sold-out shows with Stephen Adler (Guns N' Roses) and Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go. Their arena rock hooks and theatrical live show have earned the band extraordinary reviews and international airplay, all while developing a rabid fanbase in the US, UK, and abroad. The band is back with Love Kills and out for blood in 2023. The caged adrenaline and rage of the EP is a wild ride on the darker side, and will no doubt be heard blasting from speakers wherever the real Monsters roam. The release is now available for pre-order on CD, vinyl, and digital from Big Curve Music and will be in stores on 2/14/23. American Jetset hits the road in the U.S in April and will embark on their first European tour in September.  American Jetset - Love Kills (EP) {Multiple Formats} - PRE-ORDER – Big Curve Music
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