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  1. Her all-female band is here... All four are insanely talented. They are called Plush, first single ("Hate") will be released digitally 2/9. There's a "teaser" video on YouTube.
  2. She was offering it on her FaceBook. I sent her/them PayPal. https://www.facebook.com/moriahformicamusic/photos/a.1528079460797628/2866279080310986/ Now listed as "sold out" per that FB post.
  3. Such a great game... hope the next will give us a similar result. GO BUCKS!
  4. Lettuce Pray Project (from his Soundcloud) https://soundcloud.com/patrickburkemusic
  5. She released her EP on CD (which I was unaware of until December), and I've finally secured an overpriced copy, but she deserves the support. Scan of my autographed copy + the square digital image, which may be more appropriate for the db.
  6. Moriah's a phenomenal vocalist. And no slouch on guitar, either. Clearly a big fan of the classic material... She's got a Live! Bootleg poster on her wall in many of her videos... I didn't even know they made any Live Bootleg posters. I believe she's been doing the covers by request to make some dough while she can't gig. Her original tunes don't quite hit the same notes ('natch), and it's a shame her material is digital only, because I would totally buy a physical copy of her EP to support someone keepin' the music alive, but cannot justify (in my head) paying for digital music files th
  7. There are some samples up on his site http://tomkeifer.com/music/
  8. AWESOME show. Kristen's great (and gorgeous), great cast, good writing.
  9. Great, great show. Leary was awesome in that role. Wish I'd've watched it from the beginning -- FX has an amazing string of incredibly good TV dramas. Oh, and Andrea Roth is gorgeous.
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