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  1. There are some samples up on his site http://tomkeifer.com/music/
  2. So sad, always thought he'd get his stuff together. He was a great songwriter. I hope he's at peace.
  3. "No More Dirty Deals" is currently listed under both Johnny Van Zant and The Johnny Van Zant Band: http://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=1291&CDName=No+More+Dirty+Deals http://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=4089&CDName=No+More+Dirty+Deals (The JVZ Band one has a review -- the JVZ one has more personnel listed ...) Any chance "we" can split the Van-Zant listing into one for Johnny's AOR band and one for the (mostly-awful) duet project w/ his brother -- or just move the first AOR Van Zant disc to Johnny's solo listing -- or something?
  4. Well, I haven't lived in Chilli since '94... and it never occurred to me they'd put on a metal festival at the county fairgrounds! (And, I've literally never heard a single song by any band that was on any of the 3 lineups.)
  5. Apparently, there's a metal fest in my hometown, that's in it's third year, and I'd never even heard of the thing -- of course, I've barely heard of any of the bands, either, but some here may be interested: http://www.warriorsofmetalfest.com/bandinfo/
  6. Nicely put. R.I.P., R.J.D.
  7. Looking forward to the Rosie discs. What is the current policy on CDrs v. silver discs? Is it case-by-case? Or ?
  8. It's just "okay", to my ears. You can stream the full song at LaLa: http://www.lala.com/#album/937030198006652...28New_Single%29
  9. Kix are definitely in for M3 -- as well as the return of Cinderella, and the Scorps as headliners (apparently, this tour is gonna be their last one ever):
  10. Did 10c Billionaire kill Chavis Records? Both the label website & MySpace are gone. Anyone have any info? Is anyone still awaiting their "pre-order"?
  11. I'm pretty sure their home base was actually Columbus, but still and all an excellent band. I can't wait for these releases! Yeah, it'll be great to have those available!
  12. Tesla - Reel 2 Van Zant - My Kind of Country Kid Rock - RNR Jesus AC/DC - Plug Me In (3-disc DVD) (+ 3track CD single) The "Hairspray" soundtrack Dave Evans - Hell of a Night "Lost Boys" soundtrack Gilby Clarke - Pawnshop Gtrs + pre-ordered Stormspell's Sergeant releases
  13. He's got multiple personalities.
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