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Sophomore Slump? Debut or #2?

Which release do you like more?  

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1. Asphalt Ballet - "Asphalt Ballet" ....just a really underrated hard rock disc with a bluesy edge.


2. Bad Moon Rising - "Bad Moon Rising" .... I've always thought that Aldrich is an extremely underrated guitarist. I'm a big fan of all his projects/bands. This one is pretty much a toss-up for me, but since I can only vote for one, I'll take the debut. Both are really good though...


3. Blue Murder - "Blue Murder" ... Again, I like both of these albums, but I give the edge to the debut. Fantastic guitar work by Sykes.


4. Child's Play - "Rat Race" .... another one of the MANY "lost gems" of the early 90's. The biggest highlights for me; "Day After Night", "My Bottle" and "Knock Me Out".


5. Crash Alley - "Loud n Ugly" .... I honestly haven't heard the debut, but I like this one.


6. Every Mother's Nightmare - "Every Mother's Nightmare" .... another greatly underrated album! I love it. The second disc has it's moments, but I'm definately taking the debut...no question.


7. Gotthard - "Gotthard"


8. Harem Scarem - "Harem Scarem" ....this might be the closest one out of these for me. Both are phenomenal melodic rock releases by a truly underrated band.


9. The London Quireboys - "A Bit Of What You Fancy" .....this is an okay album, "Hey You" is the biggest highlight for me! Haven't heard the second.


10. Riverdogs - "Riverdogs" ...honestly not too familiar with Riverdogs. But I do know that Vivian Cambell was in the band...what does everyone else think of these albums??


11. The Screaming Jets - "All For One" ... how was the song "Better" NOT a huge hit?! Love that one...


12. Talisman - "Talisman" ..... Another great release. If Jeff Scott Soto is involved with it, you know it's top notch. One of the best and most underrated vocalists of the genre.


13. And for this one, I honestly haven't heard anything from Two-Bit Thief.



I really enjoy these kind of threads....keep 'em comin'!

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Can't vote either as I have only heard about half of these.



Of the ones I have heard:


Bad Moon Rising - 'S/T' - Aldrich is awesome on this and the songs and Production are better than 'Blood'


Blue Murder - S/T' - Excellent disc with some mighty tunes


Gotthard - 'S/T' - Brilliant debut although 'Dial Hard' was a goodie aswell.


Harem Scarem - 'S/T' - One of my fave Melodic rock discs of all time. 'Moodswings' was good, but this destroys it.


Quireboys - 'A Bit Of What You Fancy' - Great Faces inspired debut and way better than the follow up.


Talisman - S/T - Still the highlight of their discography for me - great disc.

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Harem Scarem - 'S/T' - One of my fave Melodic rock discs of all time. 'Moodswings' was good, but this destroys it.


Backed......Mood Swings is a great album but definitely falls away on the second side. S/T is blinding throughout.

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I've only heard these ones:


Bad Moon Rising - 'S/T' - Killer disc this...


Blue Murder - 'Nothing But Trouble' - The S/T was total shit, at least this one had some actual songs


Gotthard - 'S/T' - Loved this, but both were good


Harem Scarem - 'Moodswings' - Tough tough call. Both AWESOME, but this has zero filler


Talisman - 'Genesis' - The S/T is stupidly overrated and average, this one is way better. Great band...

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Wow there's to many up there that I haven't heard so I can't vote again.




Which one's have u not heard?


Screaming Jets, Two Bit Thief, Crash Alley, Riverdogs(I've always wanted to hear these guys) and the 2nd Quireboys. I think I've heard everything else up there except maybe the Gotthard debut but can't remember for sure.

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Asphalt Ballet "Pigs" ; not a popular decision, but I don't really like the debut and I dig this one.


Bad Moon Rising "S/T" ; this one's better, both are good, though.


Blue Murder "S/T" ; the next one is okay, but this is 100% all the way much better.


Child's Play "Long Way" ; the debut is solid with some good songs on it, but I prefer the overall feel of this one. 'Knock me out' is great, though.


Crash Alley "Loud N Ugly" ; the debut should be better, but the sound is so piss-weak. This is ballsier hard rock and I just prefer this to the lightweight but cool debut.


Every Mother's Nightmare "Wake Up Screaming" ; love the debut and I cry sometimes over the production job on this one, but the songs just murder the debut. This is actually one of my all-time favourite albums, song-wise. Absolutely adore this.


Gotthard "S/T" ; 'Dial hard' is average, this is excellent. Easy choice.


Harem Scarem "Mood Swings" ; Impossible choice but I went with this one. Don't know why. Could have gone with debut just as easy. :( Both flawless.


The London Quireboys "A Bit Of What You Fancy" ; I voted for this as it's all I've heard from them, but I HATE it. I did not want to vote for either of these because this is beyond terrible.


Riverdogs "S/T" ; not sure I've heard 'Bone', but this one is a good disc.


The Screaming Jets "All For One" ; have never heard an album from these guys - and don't want to. Random vote.


Talisman "S/T" ; to this day the debut is the only really great thing they've done. This by light years.


Two-Bit Thief "Another Sad Story In The Big City" ; truly terrible band. I can't believe they inflicted a 2nd disc on people. Again, a vote 'cause I had to but these guys suck.

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Have to agree on Two-Bit Thief. They had the whole industrial sound to 'em.


You're missing out on the Screaming Jets disc though. "Tear Of Thought" was a horrible follow-up.

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For those of you who have never heard The Screaming Jets "All For One", here are a few of the tunes that were on there. Some good stuff IMO.








Blue Sashes

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