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Music videos that you (maybe) didn't know/forgot existed

Captain Howdy

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14 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:



Haha! That Treat one is brilliant. Very cool on a couple of levels. Thanks for that one - really enjoyed that. 

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On 1/23/2020 at 11:59 PM, Glen said:

that Femme Fatale song is so cool.

Love that album 

I dug the video too. I'd love to know what sort of sexy things happen in that band environment. So many sexy people with long hair together... and she's probably bottom of the list, lol. 

Can we all just pause for a second and acknowledge how shit a single choice 'Tainted Angel' was for Southgang? On such a great album, that is surely about the worst song on it. So shit. 

Now this, was a good single choice;


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    • "Chance of Your Life" by Craaft.  
    • Another thing is Joe has always worn his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his love of 70s glam rock. I remember when they did the cover of Action for the Retroactive album, and Joe did an interview where he was talking about how he listened to the original by Sweet over and over before they recorded it as he kept hearing all these different things they did in the song with vocal layering and especially the backing vocals. That whole big gang vocal that has become Lepps trademark sound, defo owes a lot to Joes influences.
    • Right Between The Eyes - Icon
    • Sister Moon - Gotthard
    • From Iconoclassic Records FB page: Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison's previously unreleased 2007 country-rock solo album! Entirely written and produced by fellow former Survivor bandmate Jim Peterik.  After leading Survivor to the top of the charts in the mid-'80s, powerhouse vocalist Jimi Jamison reunited with Jim Peterik to cut... a country-rock album? The concept seems perplexing, yet it makes perfect sense. The singer was born Jimmy Wayne Jamison in smalltown Mississippi. Those who knew him best said that you could hear his Southern roots, no matter what he was singing. Today's country music often blurs the line between true old school country, pop, and straight up rock & roll. The same is true with 'Jimmy Wayne Jamison,' which at times, doesn't stray too far from the Jimi Jamison that we all know and love so dearly.  All track versions are previously unheard. Second release in the Jimi Jamison Archive Series. Coming on August 23, Jamison's birthdate.   Tracklist 1. Live Life 2. Love You All Over The World 3. Runaway Train 4. Strong At The Broken Places 5. I Wanna Touch You There 6. Heart Of A Woman 7. Sound Of Home 8. Alive 9. Till You Love Someone 10. Come Dancing 11. A Kiss To Remember You By #jimijamison #Survivor #jimpeterik #melodicrock #countryrock #southernrock #aor
    • I'm happy the do different stuff. Otherwise what they do would get old. Tesla proved how easy it is to make and album have a def Lep feel. And I loved that album, as a one off. And I loved slang as well. Variety is the spice of life 😁
    • Ohh nice,hoping the new recent singles will be on this one.
    • New album out September 20th through Frontiers.
    • I agree. Ultimately, I think bands become sort of what they "really" want to become and move toward the "mean" so to speak.  Leppard always said that they wanted to be like Queen in that they weren't constrained by having to make certain types of songs.  It was probably that desire to go outside the box that allowed Pyromania and Hysteria to happen in the first place.   And it's probably what's caused them to jump around with different style songs throughout the years.  I think it would've happened that way regardless.   Who knows though.  Maybe Steve would've influenced things a little bit as his Led Zep and Jimmy Page influences might've trickled in more.  And who knows what could've happened if Mutt stuck around for a couple more albums too....he was probably the most important piece in the puzzle.  They were already changing lanes though even with Steve and Mutt in the fold.  I think they've still shown they're capable of doing more classic sounding stuff if they want to with songs like Promises, Paper Sun, Dangerous, Take What You Want, etc being a few examples.    Either way, I'm just happy they've kept it going for nearly 50 years.  It has to be tough staying inspired and coming up with new song ideas for that long so that's kind of why I think the course they took would've naturally happened either way.  
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