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Music videos that you (maybe) didn't know/forgot existed

Captain Howdy

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Here's c ool one some may not have heard.
Killer album, the re-release had a couple more songs on it and the hidden track full length and complete.
I still have the original CD version, couldn't find the re-release in hard copy.


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6 minutes ago, AlphaMale said:

Yup. Bought it for this song but was disappointed overall.

Yeah, me too,

Just went and checked and it's still there.
Never gets played because I haven't ripped it yet.

Same with a lot of my music that is 15+ years old.
need to get on that...

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Love this. Very cool thread. Particularly the Hot Boy one...

As a gigantic Poison and CC fan, man, what a cringe-fest that tune is. 

awkward britney spears GIF

Gyspy Rose, Wildside, Sven Gali are all I've not seen and I love them. Cool to see Roxxi too. 

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How cool is 'West wind blows?' I note that is the 1989 version, and not the one from 'Crunch.'

'Dorianna' is really cool too. Never would have guessed there was a clip of that - one of my all-time favourite songs ever. Jeez he was handsome with a killer hard rock voice. Not sure about the close-ups, though. Looks like they got to the desert and realised they'd left all the wide lenses at home and only had a 100mm lens in the camera bag and thought fuck it, we're not coming back out here so let's just film it today and be done with it. 

I think I've seen 'Scratch my back' on an old 'Hard N' Heavy' video, but that's still some really cool shit. 

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6 hours ago, Geoff said:


'Dorianna' is really cool too. Never would have guessed there was a clip of that - one of my all-time favourite songs ever.

I saw D2 play London back in 2003 and was right down the front. Someone in the crowd shouted "Play Dorianna". Paul smiled a huge smile and said something along the lines of "I appreciate that, but I was just a child when I wrote that" ha ha

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    • "Cry Baby Cry" by Aldo Nova  
    • Ah sweet, I've been meaning to look into audio file editors myself since the tracks aren't split correctly on some of the music I purchased digitally. Which editors do you use?
    • I think my favorite song by them is either Love Kills or Ecstasy
    • I know, right? I loved the song until I got to the part with the noise. I guess the noise was supposed to replicate an effect on the record where the noise wouldn't stop until you picked the needle up. While kind of neat on the record, I think the other versions of the album would've been better off without it.
    • Some guy created a video on YouTube saying Chez Kane should be the new singer, but she has shot that down as well.
    • New album 'Kings Of The Revolution' out June 14th.
    • I really should use one of my editing software to have an MP3 without it. I separated the two versions of Gone again by PC69 years ago, but for some reason never edited this. Should be able to cut most of that 3 mins and fade the song out.
    • From Lions Pride Music: Nightfox emerged from the musical landscape of Trondheim, Norway, as a dynamic fusion of synthwave origins morphing seamlessly into the hard-hitting realms of 1980s-inspired hard rock. Founded in 2012, the band initially embarked on a journey rooted in synthwave aesthetics before embracing the electrifying energy of hard rock around 2017.   Driven by a relentless passion for the roaring riffs and blazing guitar solos reminiscent of the golden era of rock, Nightfox found its true voice within the spirited soundscape of 80s rock. What began as a synthwave experiment organically evolved into a full-fledged hard rock powerhouse, propelled by the inherent inclination of their compositions towards rock's anthemic essence.   The band's evolution culminated in the creation of a diverse repertoire of instrumentals, laying the foundation for their debut EP slated for release in 2018. However, personal circumstances necessitated a postponement, prompting a pivotal realization within the band that vocals would elevate their sonic tapestry to new heights.   Between 2019 and 2020, Nightfox embarked on an intensive songwriting and recording spree, breathing life into their compositions through the addition of poignant lyrics and powerful vocals delivered by a seasoned hired singer. As the album "White Cobra" began to take shape, the band opted to release their songs sequentially, with the debut single "Ride the Sky Tonight" igniting a spark that caught the attention of Lions Pride Music record label.   With Lions Pride Music extending a record deal, Nightfox found themselves propelled into the limelight, abandoning their original release strategy in favor of a cohesive album experience. In June 2021, the world bore witness to the electrifying debut of "White Cobra," a sonic odyssey that garnered critical acclaim, widespread airplay, and sold-out pressings within months of its release. Buoyed by the success of their debut, Nightfox set their sights on the creation of their sophomore album, "Chrome Tiger," a testament to their unwavering commitment to the legacy they've forged. Scheduled for a worldwide release on August 30, 2024, "Chrome Tiger" promises to further solidify Nightfox's position as torchbearers of the hard rock resurgence, captivating audiences with their infectious energy and unbridled passion for the genre.   Nighfox is: Vocals: Felipe Del Valle Briceño All Instruments & Programming: Erik Winther    
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