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TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Ritual (2019)


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from various internet sources:

TYGERS OF PAN TANG will release their new album, “Ritual”, next Friday, while this Japanese edition including a bonus track appeared today. This is the band’s second recording by the current Tygers lineup, recorded with the help of renowned Søren Andersen, most recently known for his role as Glenn Hughes’s guitarist. Mastering done by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem).

Tygers Of Pan Tang is a legendary band with some legendary albums, but I’m dare to say “Ritual” is one of their best. There’s a classic melodic hard rock feel all over the record, with some irresistible riffing, powerful grooves and catchy choruses.

The mastermind here is original member, guitarist Robb Weir. The band’s current phase proves as formidable as its heyday, with longtime drummer Craig Ellis, vocalist Jacopo Meille, bassist Gavin Gray and guitarist Micky Crystal.

“Ritual” wastes no time in stampeding the listener with the bursting “Worlds Apart,” one of the heaviest tunes on the album. Fair warning though – the straight forward chorus can stick in your mind for weeks, like a modern day version of “Gangland.”

This isn’t the only instance on “Ritual,” this is an album chock full of hook laden rockers.

“Destiny” slides in and the ride continues with a soulful voice. The pounding percussion is back and the riff are melodic, precise. The lyrics are thoughtful, and well written, and do tell a story, unlike many of these so-called hits of today in those other genres that just repeat over and over again.

Slipping into the triple-twist of the steam train you’re on, comes, “Rescue Me“. There’s a simple riff and hook that becomes infectious, and still has you in its clutches. The vocals, clear and understandable, will have you singing along before you realize you’re doing it.

The track that will “Raise Some Hell” is definitely the hidden gem on the record. This has got to be a live track used to get the crowd worked into a frenzy. Fast-paced, and rockin’ as hell. Screaming vocals, a rocket train paced guitar, and drums to match. If this song doesn’t get you off your backside and have your fist-pounding, then shut off the record and go back to your BackStreet Boys, because you’re listening to the wrong music!

As this roller coaster continues, you reach the point where you just don’t wanna get off yet, and hope the rest is just as exciting. Luckily, you would be right.

“Spoils Of War” might be the most melodic song of the bunch, but this midtempo still rocks hard and the solo kills. Masterfully played track.

After a few more thrills, and twists, you know the ride is gaining its way to the final gate, but don’t take the safety bar off just yet. “The Art Of Noise” has yet another trick that will have you raising your fists into the air, and trying to catch your breath once again.

Hang on, because you still have to “Sail On” until the end. Maybe not the most exciting part of this ride, but still an effective end. Clear concise vocals and equally as good playing from the rest of the Tygers are ever-present here. So sit back, and enjoy this last bit of this “Ritual” and to hell with keeping your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

“Ritual” may be the bast sounding Tygers album since 1981’s Spellbound, but don’t take me wrong, it’s still a fresh new album that stands on its own. You couldn’t ask for a more beautifully produced album.

Presenting a top notch mix and crystal clear recording, the use of modern technology pays homage to the band’s legacy without succumbing to a thin lifeless sound. And songwriting is just as strong, as each musician performance.

One of the best classic rock / traditional hard / melodic albums of the year. Raise those fists, and enjoy.

Highly Recommended


01 – Worlds Apart
02 – Destiny
03 – Rescue Me
04 – Raise Some Hell
05 – Spoils of War
06 – White Lines
07 – Words Cut Like Knives
08 – Damn You!
09 – Love Will Find a Way
10 – Art of Noise
11 – Sail On
12 – Don’t Touch Me There (2019 Version)

Robb Weir – Guitars
Craig Ellis – Drums
Jack Meille – Vocals
Gavin Gray – Bass
Micky Crystal – Guitars





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I'm still a fan of Spellbound after all these years.  Just one original member still with the band?  The new tracks are just OK for me.  Songs sound similar to their self titled album from a few years back which was solid, but can't say I've spun it much, I'll check it out though

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4 hours ago, PeterS said:

I know they're both NWOBHM but does remind me of the recent Diamond Head.

I think Tygers sticks to a more traditional 80's hard rock/metal sound than Diamond Head did on their latest, just my opinion though.  I enjoyed White Lines more the second time through and that track along with the melodic Love Will Find A Way would be my favorites.  While Spoils of War, the ballad Words Cut Like Knives, and the lengthy mid-tempo closing track Sail On didn't really appeal to me.  Overall a solid album though.

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Still waiting for mine to arrive but its sounding excellent to me,loved the self titled release they last put out...very solid and production was great...was never a fan of these guys years ago...but have had a like/interest in every release since Ambush.

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4 hours ago, PeterS said:

Listened all weekend and this is really one of the best of the year.

impressive as I loved their last album as well. 

Agreed. This one is definitely going into my Top 10. Very strong consistent disc!

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Good solid stuff. 'White Lines' and 'Love Will Find a Way' are my picks, but the first two are very nice too. Not a world beater, but a good solid hard rock disc. 

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