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Your favorite live album

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Generally I don't actively seek out live albums, but there are a few over the years that I absolutely love.

Queensryche - Operation Livecrime

W.A.S.P. - Live... In The Raw

Dokken - Live From The Sun

Dokken - Beast From The East

Dokken - One Live Night

Danger Danger - Live And Nude

TEN - Never Say Goodbye

Gotthard - Made In Switzerland 

KISS - Alive III




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Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous

Ac/Dc - If you want blood, you got it.

Michael Schenker Group -  One Night At Budokan

Ted Nugent - Double  Live Gonzo.

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all the old classic ones.

Live after death

Live Evil

Get what u play for


Live and dangerous

Alive II

Made in Japan

live in the Heart

if you want blood


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Hate live albums, but the Bonfire one from around 1990 was always pretty cool when I bothered to play it. 

D2's 'Live and nude' is good too, to hear some of the Poley songs with Laine... even though I prefer Poley's versions. ;)

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12 hours ago, kourosofsteel3 said:

Mate, since you're from Australia I have to pick Yngwie's Kiss The Sky. Only in Australia they played Demon Driver and that faster than the original with Goran killing it on vox!  



There a vinyl  version with the same name on discogs, and its one disc.

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I own quite a few live albums... most are more or less forgettable, but these are some that I really enjoy...

Dokken - Beast From The East

Dokken - One Live Night

Tesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam

Y&T - Open Fire

The Eagles - Eagles Live

Warrant - 86-97 Live

W.A.S.P. - Live... In The Raw

Whitesnake - Live... In The Heart of the City

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

Night Ranger - The Best of Night Ranger Live! 

Kiss - MTV Unplugged

Judas Priest - Priest Live! 

Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan

Eden's Curse - Revelation Live 

Duran Duran - Arena 

Alice Cooper - A Fistful of Alice

Brother Firetribe - Live At Apollo

Accept - Symphonic Terror ~ Live at Wacken 2017 

Anthrax - Music of Mass Destruction 

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I'm pretty stereotypical with my faves being

Scorps WW Live
Maiden Live After Death
Tesla 5 Man
Kiss Alive II

They are the only ones which come to mind. Not a huge live album fan, and since these albums most releases have been for cash rather than art.

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