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My daughter on stage


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So last night my 18 y/o daughter went to see a band - Modern Baseball

she is the talented musician I've talked about before.

Anyway, she's been practicing some song for a week and went off to the concert with a sign she made asking to play the song on stage with the and.

And it worked.

Guess you make your own luck...





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Looks like she got to do the solo as well.

I'm intestate so i haven't discussed it all with her properly.

also looks like the guitarist starts playing the song in case she trolled them and didn't know it, and then drops off to hear what she is doing.

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Yeah, even though she is amazingly talented musically, I was (and am) the dad who keeps on asking for a backup plan, because, well... music.

She's looking at a music tech course at university this year, which is cool, but I'm still way of a "fallen angel' type situation.

Add to that the worries about the behind the scenes music scene and while I hope for the best, and am proud and happy for her that this happened, my challenge is to help get her in the right frame of mind for it all.

She also does light for bands and a bit of mixing etc, so I guess this is the direction she's heading.


Don't know much about this band, but they are from the US and have 3 albums according to wiki, so i guess we could liken what happened to her as kinda the same as one of us getting up on stage with a mid range 80's band, so i can appreciate how she is on cloud nine right now...


Her post to go with one of the videos was...


Last night was the best night of my LIFE, I got to play up on stage with Modern Baseball! Then they took me up to vip and I got to chill! With Modern Baseball! And Camp Cope!!!!???! I am stocked with free merch and my phone is blowing up from all MOBO's fans tweeting me it's insane, it's really insane, this is the video of my solo that Georgia from Camp Cope put on her Instagram!! There's full length videos floating around but I'm well too excited to wait! I am literally still shaking I can't stop smiling thank you so much @modernbaseball, for the best experience ever!
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Add to that the worries about the behind the scenes music scene and while I hope for the best, and am proud and happy for her that this happened, my challenge is to help get her in the right frame of mind for it all.



She's already got an advantage with a music loving, supportive dad.

Good on you mate.

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Really nice to see that and it's good that you encourage her!

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Thanks guys, I cautiously encourage her.

Is she wasn't so gifted it would be harder.


Out of this stage appearance she has formed a band, with a couple of other band offers thrown out.

She's been offered free studio time from some local recording dude.

Tripple J radio station have approached her with an open invite to play her music.



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Martin! That is so awesome!!! Great for her!! And...it's quite obvious that you've influenced her musically throughout her life with your love of it too!! Awesome!

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haha, Yeah she went through her 80's rock stage (she was bombarded by it most of her life, but for a while she was right in to it) then she had a classical music stage, screamo, and now she's settled in to what I suppose is modern hard rock?

Anyway, we'll see where it goes.

She certainly makes her own luck.

She was at a bar/club the otehr nioght and there was some feedback. Nobody cold find the source, so she offered her help. Within a few minutes she found the problem and they were wrapt. Then offered for her to be on the door this Friday for some band she wanted to see but couldn't get tickets for lol

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Shit Jim, you would have probably seen pics of her back in the day when she was 2 or 3.

Time flies....


Yes sir! Time does fly.....it's crazy how quickly....I guess we're 'old' now...lol

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  • 6 months later...

So I just got these texts...












How cool is that. She's been working at the studio with awesome musicians and didn't even know it.


To all the Americans here, these messages aren't from the future. Time is different in Australia :)

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Which guitar show is that?

I don't know about it. She may, but she's a teenager and like all teenagers doesn't convey info very well.

I was surprised that she let me know that she was working with these people when she found out rather than telling me in 6 months when we see the Angels on TV and she said "I've worked with that guy, also worked with...."

lol that's how it usually happens, and I say "I can't believe you didn't tell me"
And then she'll be all cool like "it isn't a big deal dad, they're just guys in bands"


She said she's probably going with Simon Hosford who she clicks with better.

She said he offered to tutor her for free but she is insisting on paying.

What do you pay someone like that for guitar lessons?

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I should have said, she working with these guys in the studio as an assistant engineer or something, not playing with them.

But all good exposure and contacts to be making.

The guys she's working with has 'taken her under his wing' which sounds great, but as parents we worry about creepy guys with a different angle.
Sad that you think that way but these days it's how we've learnt to think.

Having said that, I've met the guy and he seems pretty cool.

Also it's not like he's working with no names in the backyard.

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Still, it's a great opportunity and she's got a foot in the door so to speak.

This industry is all about the contacts and as i mentioned before, watchful and supportive parents is a bonus.

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That's so cool, Martin! I would go with the Men at Work guy, too! lol

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