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Lamp Shade Betty


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Whoa! Simply killer and from Minnesota no less. If this doesn't tickle you nothing will.








Live acoustic version, epically brilliant!


From there sight:

"Lamp Shade Betty is a young and high-energy rock band hailing from the St. Paul area. Members of this new group include brothers Benny and Noah Schriener respectively on lead vocals and drums, the shred-prodigy Casey Weishaar ripping on lead guitar, and last but not least Trey Gust holding down the low end on bass. These four guys conspire to make up some of the best rock music on the market to date, which some would describe as a modernized version of 80's metal. Whatever you call it, this is a band you have to see to believe the true talent involved. Currently with 11 original songs that will soon be released on their debut, self-titled album, Lamp Shade Betty knows how to bring the party, and bring it big."




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From the bio page:


"Currently with 11 original songs that will soon be released on their debut, self-titled album, Lamp Shade Betty knows how to bring the party, and bring it big."


I'lll buy in a heartbeat. Indie efforts like this need to be supported.


Looks from their catalog page and the fact that they are currently playing live events, it appears that they are historically a cover band that is also branching into their own material.

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The drummer looks like one of those FaceTube drum cover dudes. He's too focused on playing all the notes right, so he's really stiff.


Good stuff, so far. And I've only heard the first track.

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Strange band name. ..


...err I think you mean really shit band name ;)



Yep, bad enough to keep me out of this thread for a week.


Anyway, I'm either going to be the voice of reason, or just a negative prick; but I'm not quite sure what y'all are falling over yourselves for. ;) It sounds okay and I'd like to try it out, but I'm not really that fussed over what I hear. It's nice - pretty good, in fact, but not great... imo.

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Unfortunately I read that LSB is no more. Shame as this debut is amazing and the boys have such potential. I hope they resurface somewhere...


Posted August 22nd on their FB:


When we started this band nearly 4 years ago, we had one goal in mind. That was to create our own unique brand of rock music that we felt was missing in modern music. This goal materialized in the form of our debut album. It took three tries to make, but after two years of carefully crafting the sound in our heads, we finally had a collection of songs that we could be proud of.

As we’ve grown as a band over the years, we’ve also grown creatively in different directions as individuals. During our recent shows and writing sessions, it’s become apparent that sacrifices have to be made creatively to retain the dynamic that made Lamp Shade Betty work in the beginning. In order to be true to ourselves as musicians, we have decided to call it quits.The decision is amicable. We all remain great friends, but we will no longer be sharing a stage together.

Our music has allowed us to travel across the country, play major music festivals, hear our songs on the radio, come face to face with our musical idols, and meet so many truly incredible people along the way. We’d like to thank you all for the overwhelming love and support you’ve shown over the past 4 years! It’s time to start a new chapter in our lives, but we have so many amazing memories to look back on!

We will be playing our album in its entirety one last time this Friday, August 26th @ The Fine Line in Minneapolis in support of our friends, The Missing Letters, CD release.

Farewell & keep on rocking!

~Lamp Shade Betty

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