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Mecca - III


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Mecca III

L to R:
David Hungate - Bass
David Browning - Synths
Joe Vana - Lead Vocals
Shannon Forrest - Drums, Producer
Tim Akers - Piano, B3


(Not Pictured)
Joey Vana - Guitar
Steve Lukather - Guest Solo
Mark Baldwin - Guitar
Sol Littlefield - Guitar
Ethan Forrest - Guitar









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Debut had moments but was patchy. Didn't like the 2nd one much at all and I can't see this doing anything for me, but I'll probably give it a go if nothing else.

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Good, but very very overrated (by the AOR mafia and the Freaky boy) debut, better 2nd album, so I am interested in this, without flipping my lid.

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I thought both albums were pretty enjoyable, can't recall which I liked better but think from memory the first has better songs and the second a better production? Looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Sad to say but I only recently learnt who David Hungate is, through promo for the new Toto album. He's a bit of a legend apparently?

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Press release from MelodicRock Records.


MelodicRock Records is proud and excited to announce a partnership with MECCA to release their monumental new album Mecca 3 on October 14.

Records like this don't come along very often. At least not in 2016 they don't.

But this is one for the ages. Mecca will now find themselves sitting alongside genre classics from Toto, Mr. Mister, Survivor, Giant and Journey to name a few.

Recorded over the last 3 years in Nashville, this is a record that would have topped AOR charts back in the day. Make no mistake - this is a classic.

MRR's Andrew McNeice: "Joe has been a friend of mine since 1996 and I've seen him develop into one of the most reliable and mature songwriters in this game. On Mecca III he takes everything that came before as a launching pad for what must come next and Mecca III delivers. This is a monster record that is layers deep in rich textures that remain fresh to my ears even after first receiving the original writers' demos some 3 years ago.
I'm so proud of my friend and I'm honoured to be given the chance to bring this exceptional album to the world. The instrumentation is nothing short of world class, the production is analogue all the way - you can hear it in every crisp, clear note. And the vocals are quite simply the most stunning and emotion filled tones that I have ever heard from Joe. I simply cannot wait to hear fan reactions to this album. It's a masterpiece."

Joe Vana is equally as excited to finally reveal his masterpiece to the world. "Mecca III, here we are! I wanted to take all I had learned from the amazing list of players involved in Mecca up to this point...from Shannon Forrest to Pat Mastelotto...David Hungate to Tony Levin...Mike Aquino to Christian Wolff and my son Joey...and the production I learned over many years working closely with Jim Peterik on his songs as well as Mecca 1.
But...I wanted even more...I wanted A TRUE Audiophile record...not a pro-tooled, over edited mess of 100 takes edited into one...and the groove less, lifeless carcass that playing to the grid creates, the ruination of vibe, groove and soul in music.
I hope everyone digs the record....it's 8 tracks because that's all I needed to tell the story I wanted to convey...lyrically the record flows...All are separate but continuous chapters...vocally the songs even feel different as I move through different phases of my life."

And what does Toto's Steve Lukather think about it? "Killer new music! Great songs!
Great playing from everyone...and Joe's vocals are better than ever! Smooth, real and soulful. I love the 'surprise modulations' that are now his style which make this a great listen for fans of his and the entire genre of melodic rock music. Creative arrangements throughout and I love the synth/keyboard work. David Hungate is amazing as is Shannon Forrest on drums and production. Great sounds + killer guitars all over it! Can't say what is my fave yet cause I love all of it. Summing it up in 3 words...Well f-ing done!" Luke - 2016.

The album was produced by new Toto drummer Shannon Forrest (Tim McGraw, Michael McDonald, Kenny Rogers, Don Henley), Associate Produced by Joey Vana and Recorded at Off The Grid Studios, Nashville Tennessee.

Alongside drummer Shannon Forrest, featured on the album are some of Nashville's very finest musicians:

Tim Akers - B3 and Piano (Rascal Flatts, Amy Grant, Kid Rock, Alabama); Toto's legendary bass man David Hungate; plus David Browning (Katy Perry, Amy Grant, Hollywood Heroes).






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Love that track. Shame I'll never hear the entire album...

Eh? You're on my promo list Dan...


The last email I received from you was in October of last year... the last time I contacted you about this issue. Absolutely nothing since. No press releases, no promos, nothing.


I've checked my spam mail: nothing.


Not sure what email address you have on file, but it sure as heck isn't mine...

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