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Toto FB:


Just a little update from NYC. The NEW music is really f-ing good and we are very excited. We have been told March 2015 is the release date. Steve Porcaro is doing his magic now and Paich too. I think Joe is done and his best work ever.. I have one vocal and one solo to do and I am done, not much left to do but David Hungate on Bass on a few things and I think we are all but done recording but a few bits and pieces. Mixing will start very soon. e have the luxury of taking our time with this most important process~!
Thanks for the worldwide support of the new DVD that is still selling like ice cream on a summer day and looking forward to a world tour to follow in 2015 !
In the meantime summer USA dates are selling great and we are pumped to get back out and see out USA fans! Gonna be a great summer. Come see us!
Love from Ringo-world !
Yer pal





Paris FB:


Time for a little update on our new album: we're about 80% done!!

- all Drums and Bass are done... fantastic job from Rob Mc Ewen and Dave Bartlett!!!
- Sebastien tracked all rhythm and solo guitars... and raised the bar very very (and even "VERY-ER") high!!
- Frederic is recording all Lead Vocals, under the guidance of Producer Steve Newman... who already did some outstanding Background Vocals together with Dave Bartlett.
- And there is 1 amazing guest... whose name will be kept secret for now!

PARIS new 12-track album to be released in 2015. Thanks for your support... and your patience. We're making sure it's worth the wait!





Trixter (from Frontiers Records)


Back in 2012, we released the first new studio album of original material from TRIXTER in 20 years! Happy to announce that the wait for the next album will be a lot shorter as the band has just inked a new deal with us and we'll be putting out their new studio album in 2015!










The Burning Crows home page:


And So It Begins... The Road To Album #2 Starts Here!

We’re heading back into the studio to once again work with legendary producer Nick Brine and record our Second Album, set for worldwide release June 12th 2015

We want you to be involved every step of the way, so we're offering you the chance to get fully involved and be a part of it from the start by pre-ordering the album today for just £8 through PledgeMusic.com right HERE!

As well as being the first to get the album on April 24th well ahead of the official release, we’ll also be keeping everyone who pledges updated with the latest news, videos, demos and blogs so you're always in the loop with what’s happening, as it happens! If you want something a little extra however, there’s also the option to pledge a little more cash and get yourself anything from one of a kind memorabilia and merch through to personal shows and a studio holiday, all available only through PledgeMusic.

We’ve always been incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated fan base and to be honest we couldn't do any of this without you, so once again it’s all over to you...

Thanks as always for all the love, support and dedication... Nothing but love to each and every one of you - See you in the studio.

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris





House Of Lords (James Christian FB):


New HOL CD 2015 has begun. No title as of yet, but the early tracks are really exciting to me. 7 songs written so far and more to follow. It has always been my belief that it's all about the songs. In order to have longevity as a band, you need to have material that can stand the test of time. I believe that HOL has met that criteria. I still listen to the debut CD and still have a sense of pride. We thank all of you for all your support though the years. 2015 will bring a new European Tour as well as some USA dates. Offers from Brazil, Japan and Greece are also in the works. See you all very soon





Robin Beck FB:


"It's wicked Wednesday. New album on the rise. Due out early 2015"





Voices Of Extreme FB:


Voices of Extreme's New Album Artwork for our EUROPEAN release in Feb. 2015. A combination of new and vintage tracks coupled with a few new Bonus tracks! Stay tuned for the European tour dates starting in February as well !





Dante Fox FB:


Songwriting sessions for the forthcoming Fifth album are coming along very nicely with a great selection of idea's that are very nicely balanced.





Ünderwörld FB:


Hello everybody!

Let me introduce myself:
My name is TODD, and I'm in charge of the official ÜNDERWÖRLD FB page.
If you have any questions, requests, ideas (crazy or otherwise), you are very welcome to contact me here. You can think of me as your link to the very ÜNDERWÖRLD.
I grew up with music like: YES, RUSH, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Journey, Gentle Giant, Saga, etc, etc ...
Of contemporary artis
ts I like: MUSE, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, etc ...
Straight from the heart:
ÜNDERWÖRLD is the GREAT WHITE HOPE for people who are into music of this genre!
You can expect an amazing debut album due for release in the spring of 2015. You will also be able to buy the album/merchandise through our web shop.
I'm the only living person who has listened to all 8 tracks already written for the debut album (of which 3 are already recorded).
Are you curious about how the album will come out?
I can only tell you:
BUCKLE UP!!!!!!!

Happiness & love to all of you






Voodoo Circle FB:


Songwriting for the next album is in full swing. Expect catchy, melodic, hard rockin', dynamic, sweaty, ballsy tunes with the typical Voodoo Circle mojo and a shot of heavy blues, tabasco and tequilla.





Lynch Mob FB:


Oni Logan in the studio working on the new Lynch Mob CD that will be released exclusively on Rat Pak Records later this year! Then, next year (2015) another new Lynch Mob album coming to you from Frontiers Records. Great news for all Lynch Mob fans world-wide!





Angeline FB:


Excellent songs this weekend. We think we have an album in sight:)
A couple of sessions more then we start the recording of our new album.
Hopefully set for an early 2015 release

//Jocke, Tobbe, Janne & Uffe.





Nelson (www.axs.com):


Matthew and I are finishing up recording an album called “Peace Out”; which will literally be the last Nelson rock record that will ever be recorded. We’ve been putting a lot of love into it for the past year and are going out with a bang. It’s a classic, vintage album and I’m pretty stoked about it.

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The Toto is gonna be a monster

Is it? Are there samples?


You know Jez is the biggest Lukather/Toto fan on the planet, so he assume everything will be top notch...


Damn straight. Bar the covers disc, they haven't ever released an even remotely bad album, with some of them up there as the best AOR albums that have ever been released. My expecttions are no different this time, and word around is that this is gonna be a biggie, so my expectations are very very high. Hopefully I am proved right.

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  • My Little Pony




The Toto is gonna be a monster

Is it? Are there samples?

You know Jez is the biggest Lukather/Toto fan on the planet, so he assume everything will be top notch...

Truu! But I thought he might have some samples for us.

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Radioactive '4' from Escape Music:

Produced and written by project leader Tommy Denander, this album is all about quality songs, very well written and timeless classic rock songs with vocalists like the late Jimi Jamison, and Fergie Frederiksen (R.I.Ps), Bobby Kimball, Jeff Paris, Dan Reed, Robin Beck and more to be announced soon!.
And as always you can expect some great musicians as well.
Co-song writers include Jim Peterik, Bobby Kimball, Ricky Delin and Jeff Paris.


Release date: January 2015

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Lee Aaron




From instantauthorityexpert.com


"I've taken a bit of a hiatus from recording, or I 'had' taken a bit of a hiatus from recording, because I became a mom a few years ago. But I'm getting back into writing and recording this year and hope to have the new studio album out in 2015.

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From www.metalunderground.com:


Furyon just recorded a second album, produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy), which is projected for release in early 2015. The band issued the following press release:


"What’s to be expected is more of the same explosive guitar riffs and solos in well crafted song form. Expressive vocal delivery and melodies to scream along to. A possibly darker album still with progressive elements and a grungy edge. The album aims to be a 10 song album with additions (acoustic tracks and videos). Furyon is extremely excited and looking forward to sharing the outcome of this venture with the world."

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From FM FB:


We are thrilled to announce we have signed a new worldwide record deal with Frontiers Music srl. With many great acts on their roster such as TOTO, JOURNEY, STYX, WINGER and SURVIVOR it seemed like a great fit for us and we are really looking forward to working with them on our new album due for release early 2015. Next year promises to be the busiest yet for FM and we are looking forward to playing as many live shows (to be announced soon!) as possible to support our new album

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Ted Poley




From Frontiers Records FB:


We are pleased to announce the signing of Ted Poley from Danger Danger for a solo album!

More details coming soon!



Dee Snider




From sleazeroxx.com:


On the way in the spring of 2015 is 'Rock and Roll Ain't Dead -- Dee Snider Essentials 1983-2015', a new compilation that will feature music from all of Snider's projects over the years including Twisted Sister, Widowmaker, Desperado, Van Helsing's Curse and Dee Does Broadway. Also included in the collection are three brand new songs... Snider's first in over 20 years!

"My writing partner (and inspiration, really) is an amazing blues-rock guitarist named Nick Perri (Silvertide, Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Matt Sorum and more)," says Snider. "I will be dropping the first single, 'Rock And Roll Ain't Dead', on March 15, 2015 -- my 60th birthday -- and the album after that (age pun fully intended). There will be a video and a number of select solo shows in the spring and summer of 2015."

Dee Snider's new solo band includes lead guitarist Nick Perri, guitarist Dan McCafferty (Dee Snider's SMFs, Dee Does Broadway), bassist Nicolai "Nosferatu" Nifoussi (Automatic 7) and drummer Joe Franco (Widowmaker, Van Helsing's Curse, Twisted Sister, Good Rats).

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From FB:


Hi all!
We are very pleased to announce that the songwriting process of the next Stamina album has started.
Guitarist and songwriter Luca Sellitto says:
" During the last couple of weeks I've started recording some home made demos of new songs for a future Stamina album,
which have been taking shape in my head for a while.
I'm using the sequencer of my Roland XP-80 keyboard to create some drums, bass and keyboards parts, as I always do.
Then, I import the tracks in Cubase to add guitars and vocals and send my band mates the stuff.
The bad news is that I have to sing the vocal lines myself on these demos (:-P), but fortunately Jacopo (the singer) will soon show up at my place to re-record all the vocal parts, so
that we can have a better idea of how the new songs would sound .
Five songs are completed and I hope to come up with some good new ideas in a short period of time.
We are really looking forward to meeting in the rehearsal room, so that we can play the new stuff together and discuss on all the arrangements and details.
We hope to record and release the next album by summer/autumn 2015.
In the meanwhile, we are still promoting our latest release "Perseverance" and we'll soon announce new shows around Europe!
Thanks a million for your support! Keep on rockin' !!! \m/

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