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Jaded Heart - Fight The System


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From FB:


New Album Title Revealed!!
We are proud to announce that our new album will be titled
FIGHT THE SYSTEM !! The album will be released worldwide on the 26th of September via Fastball Music (Label) !!!









01. Schizophrenic
02. Control (feat. Rick Altzi)
03. Not In A Million Years
04. I Lost My Faith
05. Nightmares Over
06. Never Free
07. Till Death Do Us Part
08. Terror In Me
09. Haunted
10. Crying
11. In The Shadows

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Hopefully Bormann is back...haven't liked a single thing since Trust :(


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If you do not like HELLUVA TIME you must be deaf! One of the best hard rock albums of all time.

I'm not deaf (not yet anyway) but I can't stand anything they have done since Michael left and I wouldn't call any Jaded Heart album one of the best of all time...Michael Bormann or not. That's a bold statement :)

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Oh come on now, he's not that ba.... fuck, who am I kidding, yes he is.


Digging the musical intro and then all of a sudden HIM or 69 Eyes breaks out. It's a goth rock vocalist voice, not hard rock or power metal.


VERY poor fit.

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Well I like the disc again. I thought 'Helluva time' and 'Sinister mind' were both excellent. The 3 albums since then, including this one, have all been pretty similar in quality. I like them all, but if you didn't like the last 2 you won't like this.


I don't think they're amazing, but I see their peers as someone like Dynazty, and if you compare this album to Dynazty's latest, there are literally more hooks in the opening song on this CD than the whole Dynazty album combined. More variation in tracks too. Yeah, I have no issue with this. Good for what it is.

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See I liked Fate's last album too. About 4 excellent songs on it and nothing too weak on it. They're not setting the world alight, but two good solid metal bands.

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Yeah solid just about....but solid these days is not enough to grab my attention amongst 100 - 200 releases a year.


Both bands are a mile adrift from where they once were.

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I agree to some extent and even admit that to the naked eye I seem to contradict myself at times in regard to writing off some "okay" albums, whilst finding a place in my earlobes for other "okay" albums.


I guess, to explain, I will always make time for bands I feel I have some kind of "loyalty" to, as long as they still create good music. If either Fate or Jaded Heart created an awful CD I'd call it that and discard it as I would any other band who made a CD that bad. But for now, as noted, I still like what they're doing and because I have been long time fans of each band, I probably give them a bit more time than a new band who might record an album similar in quality. I honestly do like these albums, though, and they go a way to filling that desire for heavier tunes every now and then.


That's my excuse anyway. :)

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Sadly id lump Gotthard & warrant in the same group.


I agree with those two. They both suck and I've acknowledged as much. But like I said, I still like what Jaded Heart and Fate are doing, so I'm content.


That said, neither band is in any way shape or form the band that I loved at their prime. I think there's only one original band member left in each band from their heyday? They should both have different band names, but hey, what do you do?

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