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Black Tora - s/t


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All of the new songs are top-notch.. as is their everything they have previously done.


This band killed it a my "M-Pre Party" a couple weeks ago.. crowd favorite for sure.

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Pretty cool tune. I like this band and will check them out. As noted above, 'Never enough' is a classic tune.

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Interesting. Seems no releases can be found, easily anyway on the interweb for sale... Very bizarre.


The latest as mentioned is on Amazon and Best Buy but from $25 and up...


I'll see what I can do when I see Black Tora in a couple weeks.

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They have released a handful of CDs.. look for "Rise Of The Tora".

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All I know is the band told me that all they have is CDRs and the only way to get a non CDR physical copy is the Japanese import.

And poking about I'm not seeing any of the previous releases available anywhere's either.


I do need the Raise Your Fists and the latest S/T (Black Tiger). Fortunately I have the Rise of the Tora and the previous release when they went by the name Warryor.

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