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hi all!

Guest babylon love

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Guest babylon love



i will try to be short.


I'm french, big fan of hard rock/ metal. big big fan of Metallica and joe satriani music.



also i like mostly hard rock like cobra dane, lynch mob, reckless love, H.E.A.T, bad english, hardline, danger danger, fair warning, firehouse, bonfire.


heavy metal: like iron savior, edguy, saxon, heavenly, manigance.


and brutal like devourment, abominable putridity, cerebral bore etc..


but i have to admit i prefer hard n heavy than brutal.


My favorite guitar players are: Joe satriani, george lynch, phil collen, pepe reckless, and james hetfield of course.


i am a amateur guitar player for 12 years (not in a band), play on ibanez, jackson and blade strat and laney tube fusion and fender mustang 1 amps.


I am single (but love a girl of course), i work in computing and i love riding MTB every day and playing basketball.


hope i don't bother you! lol



see ya mates!


ps: if a moderator read this: is there a section of the forum where i can ask some advices for bands, albums?

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hello there, welcome to the board.


If you're french, you should check out Blackrain, your hometown band, they're pretty cool too, and I think you also have band called Silence, it's an AOR band which I think is pretty great as well.

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Guest babylon love

thank everyone:


yeah nighttrain: i know black rain they are well known here.


Karpet: i try my best to speak/write english as best as i can but nobody's perfect.


i have just one thing to ask: i like the demo of cobra dane and i would like to members if members have done something later: another album ot another band? and can you advice me some bands which sound like this?

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