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Fate - If Not For The Devil


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Through is spelled wrong. LOL






Yeah, so is "world wide". And what's "November the 8 ' th" all about?


Methinks this little promotional snippet was written by someone whose first language isn't English...

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It doesn't all sound amazing, but there's certainly a few snippets there to get me a little more excited than I thought I'd be.

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They sound a bit more like they did in the early days but it sounds a lot like "been there, heard that". Granted I am not a huge Fate fan even though I do own their early albums. To me, nothing will ever top Scratch N Sniff.

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Wow guys, nothing really could give me greater pleasure than announcing that much to my surprise, this is a pretty damn good CD!! I've never made a secret of the fact that Fate are one of my all time favourite bands. However, with only one original member remaining, this is clearly no longer the "real" Fate. The last CD was moderately strong, but a further departure from their signature sound.


On this new disc we don't necessarily get the band sounding like they did back in the day - they will never replicate the lyrics that made them stand out from the pack - but I'll be gunned down by Jesus in a vicious drive by shooting if there is not actually some excellent hard rock on here... regardless of whether it sounds like traditional Fate or not.


The album opens with a banal clunker, and the title track is okay at best. Track 3 however, 'Bridges Are Burning' - yowser! The party atmosphere begins. This song kicks ass, as does the magnificent 'Feel Like Making Love' and very strong 'Gambler.' 'Hard to Say Goodbye' is an excellent ballad too.


I'll admit that after this burst of excellence, it doesn't really get as good as that again, but none of the rest of the tunes are bad at all. They're all good tunes, with degrees of quality ranging from good to very good. It's not a perfect CD and it's not the "real Fate," but it is a very nice hard rock CD and I have to admit, there were a few moments where I did catch that traditional Fate vibe. The vocalist does have a similar voice to Fate vocalists of the past, and the stronger keys are a good addition on this CD, also like earlier Fate.


End of the day, it's not perfect but there's some really good stuff here and it's well worth checking out.

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Glad they are back. Ghost from the past was one my favorite cd from the last years.

They really made great music in the past with limbo and with Per Hendriksen too.

I'm sure that this release will be one of my favorite this year.

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    • Nice SCTV reference.   Rick Moranis is an absolute legend and good guy by all accounts. 
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