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Hi folks,


I am a die hard MrBig fan since end of 1991. I have seen that band over 15 times live.


I search concert reviews, other fans


MrBig will return in 2014, maybe with a new album


please share your thoughts with me


very cool if some people are out there that might have recorded old shows of them as well





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Love every release 100%. My only aggravation with them is they have more live and best of albums than Kiss. I'd rather have more studio albums.

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Loved the debut,one of my all time favourite albums,actually one of the first cassettes that I bought with my first pay packet back in 1989,really liked "lean into it" also :)

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I love every album by Mr. Big (both Gilbert & Kotzen eras). If I'm honest, Mr. Big are one of my favorite Melodic Rock bands....probably mainly because of Eric Martin's vocals...he has such a great delivery and vibe.

I'm a big fan to Shawn especiallyt the first 3 albums and the underrated Kotzen era Get Over It album. It was great to hear Eric sing at MRF and him do a song from that disc. Did you meet him?

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this is my shows list , maybe someone has old dusty tapes with bad sounding MrBig music on it ( I am on the hunt ) - don't throw that away - give it to me :guitar:


Eric Martin 1998-10-10 Osaka Koseinenkin Middle Hall
Eric Martin 1998-10-19 Tokyo Koseinenkin Hall
Eric Martin 2002-06-02 Bradford Pennington's - Gods of AOR Festival
Eric Martin 2002-07-06 Kelseyville Konocti Harbor Resort Inn
Eric Martin 2003-01-25 Tokyo Akasaka Blitz
Eric Martin 2003-01-28 Sapporo Xanadu Jasmac Plaza
Eric Martin 2009-12-07 Tokyo Bunkamura Orchard Hall
Eric Martin 2013-03-18 Rom Init Club
Eric Martin 2013-11-02 Rom Init Club
Eric Martin songs Navy Bear
MrBig 1988-11-26 Oakland The Omni (as Hammer Lane)
MrBig 1989-03-08 Oakland The Omni
MrBig 1989-09-15 Toronto Rock'N Roll Heaven
MrBig 1989-09-22 Roseville ( Detroit ) Ritz
MrBig 1989-10-18 Osaka Festival Hall
MrBig 1989-10-19 Tokyo Shibuya Kokaido
MrBig 1989-10-31 Los Angeles The Palace
MrBig 1989-11-02 San Diego Bacchanal
MrBig 1989-12-06 South Amboy, Club Bene
MrBig 1989-12-10 New Haven Toad's Place
MrBig 1990-03-20 Edmonton Northlands Coliseum
MrBig 1990-04-05 San Diego Sports Arena
MrBig 1990-06-05 Hampton Coliseum
MrBig 1990-06-08 Cleveland Richfield Coliseum
MrBig 1990-06-10 Cuyahoga Falls Blossom Music Center
MrBig 1990-06-17 East Troy Alpine Valley Music Theatre
MrBig 1990-06-20 Omaha Civic Center
MrBig 1990-06-27 Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre
MrBig 1991-04-28 Edinburgh Playhouse
MrBig 1991-05-02 Sheffield City Hall
MrBig 1991-05-03 Wolverhampton Civic Hall
MrBig 1991-05-07 Nottingham Rock City
MrBig 1991-05-08 London Hammersmith Odeon
MrBig 1991-05-11 Neumarkt Große Jurahalle
MrBig 1991-05-18 Gifhorn Tankumsee Festival
MrBig 1991-05-24 Stockholm Annexet
MrBig 1991-05-27 Bonn Biskuithalle
MrBig 1991-05-28 Paris Palais des Sports
MrBig 1991-05-29 Utrecht Vredenburg
MrBig 1991-06-18 Irvine Amphitheatre (Laguna Hills)
MrBig 1991-06-22 Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheater
MrBig 1991-08-30 Dallas The Basement
MrBig 1991-09-04 San Diego Bacchanal
MrBig 1991-09-25 Tokyo NHK Hall
MrBig 1991-09-26 Tokyo NHK Hall
MrBig 1991-09-30 Osaka Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 1992-01-31 Lubbock Municipal Auditorium
MrBig 1992-02-28 Chicago Park West
MrBig 1992-03-28 San Francisco Warfield Theatre
MrBig 1992-04-25 Norwich The Waterfront
MrBig 1992-04-29 Stockholm Cirkus
MrBig 1992-05-02 Köln Music Hall
MrBig 1992-05-06 Frankfurt Music Hall
MrBig 1992-05-12 Cambridge Corn Exchange
MrBig 1992-05-14 Glasgow Barrowlands
MrBig 1992-05-18 Paris Elysee Montmartre
MrBig 1992-05-23 Kansas City Kemper Arena
MrBig 1992-05-24 Wichita Kansas Coliseum
MrBig 1992-05-31 Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre
MrBig 1992-06-03 Irvine Amphitheatre (Laguna Hills)
MrBig 1992-06-04 Irvine Amphitheatre (Laguna Hills)
MrBig 1992-06-19 New Jersey (East Rutherford) Meadowlands Arena
MrBig 1993-10-09 Sendai Sunplaza Hall
MrBig 1993-10-17 Osaka Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 1993-10-19 Osaka Festival Hall
MrBig 1993-10-29 Tokyo Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 1993-10-31 Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium (Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan)
MrBig 1993-11-05 Madrid Cadena Studio FM
MrBig 1993-11-06 San Sebastian Velodromo de Anoeta
MrBig 1993-11-08 Paris Bercy
MrBig 1993-11-10 Nürnberg Frankenhalle
MrBig 1993-11-13 Budapest Sportcsarnok
MrBig 1993-11-15 München Olympiahalle
MrBig 1993-11-17 Zürich Hallenstadion
MrBig 1993-11-20 Metz Amneville Galaxie
MrBig 1993-11-22 Stuttgart Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
MrBig 1993-11-25 Frankfurt Festhalle
MrBig 1993-11-26 Oldenburg Weser-Ems-Halle
MrBig 1993-11-28 Malmo Isstadion
MrBig 1993-11-29 Oslo Spektrum
MrBig 1993-12-04 Göteborg Scandinavium emeryfull
MrBig 1994-02-14 Buffalo Impaxx
MrBig 1994-03-09 Nashville 328 Performance Hall
MrBig 1994-04-13 Los Angeles The Palace
MrBig 1994-04-21 Madrid Canciller II
MrBig 1994-04-23 Toulouse Bikini
MrBig 1994-04-25 Paris La Cigale
MrBig 1994-05-01 Wien Bank Austria Hall
MrBig 1994-05-13 Potsdam Lindenpark
MrBig 1994-10-11 Sapporo Green Dome
MrBig 1994-10-15 Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium (Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan)
MrBig 1994-10-18 Osaka Castle Hall
MrBig 1996-02-01 Singapore Hard Rock Cafe
MrBig 1996-04-11 Sapporo Green Dome
MrBig 1996-04-17 Tokyo Akasaka Blitz
MrBig 1996-04-19 Tokyo Budokan
MrBig 1999-08-30 Los Angeles Roxy Theatre
MrBig 1999-12-10 Roseville Big Shots
MrBig 1999-12-31 Osaka Dome
MrBig 2000-01-03 Fukuoka Zepp
MrBig 2000-01-06 Nagoya Shimin Kaikan
MrBig 2000-01-10 Tokyo Zepp
MrBig 2000-01-12 Yokohama Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
MrBig 2000-01-18 Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan
MrBig 2000-01-20 Seoul Sejong Cultural Center
MrBig 2000-07-06 Brooklyn L'Amours Club
MrBig 2000-11-11 Hershey, PA Shakey's
MrBig 2002-01-12 Tokyo Akasaka Blitz
MrBig 2002-01-14 Tokyo Zepp
MrBig 2002-01-15 Tokyo Shibuya AX
MrBig 2002-01-17 Hamamatsu Act-City (Shizuoka)
MrBig 2002-01-22 Osaka Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 2002-01-23 Osaka Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 2002-01-25 Fukuoka Zepp
MrBig 2002-02-02 Sapporo Zepp
MrBig 2002-02-03 Sapporo Zepp
MrBig 2002-02-05 Tokyo International Forum
MrBig 2009-06-05 Sapporo Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 2009-06-07 Sendai Zepp
MrBig 2009-06-09 Ishikawa Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 2009-06-10 Nagoya Zepp
MrBig 2009-06-15 Osaka Grand Cube
MrBig 2009-06-17 Hiroshima ALSOK Hall
MrBig 2009-06-18 Osaka Kouseinenkin Hall
MrBig 2009-06-20 Tokyo Budokan
MrBig 2009-06-21 Yokohama Arena
MrBig 2011-04-07 Osaka Castle Hall (Jo-Hall)
MrBig 2011-04-09 Kanazwa City Cultural Hall
MrBig 2011-04-12 Hiroshima ALSOK Hall
MrBig 2011-04-22 Yokohama Pacifico
MrBig 2011-04-25 Tokyo Budokan
MrBig 2011-04-26 Tokyo Dome City Hall
MrBig 2011-06-10 Sölvesborg Sweden Rock Festival
MrBig 2011-06-13 Dublin Button Factory
MrBig 2011-06-19 Clisson Hellfest Mainstage
MrBig 2011-08-17 Cleveland House Of Blues, OH
MrBig 2011-08-24 Foxboro, Ma Showcase Live
MrBig 2011-09-15 Glasgow O2 ABC
MrBig 2011-09-17 Manchester Academy 2
MrBig 2011-09-21 Paris Bataclan
Paul Gilbert 1999-04-04 Tokyo On Air East
Paul Gilbert 1999-xx-xx Seoul
Paul Gilbert 2000-10-23 Osaka Umeda Heat Beat
Paul Gilbert 2003-06-17 Hiroshima Club Quattro
Paul Gilbert 2012-11-26 BayFM Chiba Inter X-press
Paul Gilbert 2013-01-14 BayFM Chiba Power Rock Today
Paul Gilbert 2013-01-25 BayFM Chiba Dig The Rocks Show
Paul Gilbert 2013-04-12 Tel Aviv Reading 3 Club
Talas 1998-09-13 Tokyo Hibiya Open-Air Music Hall
Winery Dogs 2013-07-16 Osaka Matsushita IMP Hall
Winery Dogs 2013-07-18 Tokyo Akasaka Blitz
Winery Dogs 2013-07-27 Belo Horizonte Music Hall
Winery Dogs 2013-09-11 Berlin Lido
Winery Dogs 2013-10-17 Milwaukee Northern Lights Theater
Winery Dogs 2013-10-23 New York City Hard Rock Cafe (Trunks 30th birthday)

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"Lean Into It" is a classic. I remember the days of getting banned from P2P networks because my mp3 player titled the album cover as "Daddy, Lover, Brother, Little Boy.jpg"

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