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  1. Hello HH ppl, I have been a long time lurker here, I joined because I figured it was time, glad to be here. This album is not resonating very much with me either. There are a couple of sorta good songs and it sounds like they tried to clean up the mix on Believe, at least to me it sounds less like a muddy demo but it is still not the best it could be. Station does everything themselves, I don't think they have a record company or an actual producer they work with. I know the bass player engineered their last album and I am sure he did his best but it just did not sound very good. I sure hope Frontiers does not get ahold of Station but at the same time the band could really benefit from a more professional recording and a good hard rock producer. I get the feeling the band just does not want to answer to anyone. I hate to say it too but this is just not a very good record. I know not all albums sound the same as their predecessors but I was expecting much better from this one. I believe the band has the talent but it's not there on this album. C.H.
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