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MelodicRockFest 3


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Holy crap what a lineup!!!


WET, Eclipse, Harem Scarem, Adriangale, Ted Poley, Tango, Bombay, Bonrud, House of Lords, Newman and many others!


Yeah it looks great! Not sure whether I'd go with Friday but the weekend looks very strong.


The weak link is Steve Augeri - he was pretty poor last time I saw him. Ted will blow him away IMO.

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Holy crap what a lineup!!!


WET, Eclipse, Harem Scarem, Adriangale, Ted Poley, Tango, Bombay, Bonrud, House of Lords, Newman and many others!


Yeah it looks great! Not sure whether I'd go with Friday but the weekend looks very strong.


The weak link is Steve Augeri - he was pretty poor last time I saw him. Ted will blow him away IMO.


No doubt in my mind. I'm not looking forward to Augeri much and as you said Ted will kill him as he is great live.

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If anyone is thinking of going you better reserve your room pronto as they are running out.

I just booked mine and they have a deal for $79/night for the event at that Holiday Inn Express.

Plus they don't charge you until you check out and you can cancel up to the day of the check in/event.

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Thanks for the support guys. Might have to sort something for Thursday also :)


Sounds awesome Andrew!


How about Farcry????

I would love to see Pete and the guys there!


Also i paid with paypal. Will the tickets be mailed?

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Thanks for the support guys. Might have to sort something for Thursday also :)


Sounds awesome Andrew!


How about Farcry????

I would love to see Pete and the guys there!


For the record Pete and the guys would love to be there, lol!

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Thanks for the support guys. Might have to sort something for Thursday also :)


Sounds awesome Andrew!


How about Farcry????

I would love to see Pete and the guys there!


For the record Pete and the guys would love to be there, lol!


Everyone is getting there Thursday. Let's start a Farcry headliner campaign on Thursday!

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No Far Cry. Gotta mix it up a little and there is already some repeat of MRF2 on the bill. There will be a gathering Thursday, but no extra "show".


Please buy 20 tickets each and hand them out to friends :)




PS. Mecca+ to be announced and explained very soon!

Or...or give each of us 20 tickets. We will hand out 19 and use the last one for ourselves. ;)

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There's only one place on earth that you will find these acclaimed rock vocalists all in the same place at the same time:


Eric Martin (Mr. Big)

Steve Augeri (ex-Journey, Tall Stories)

Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, ex-Journey)

Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge, MSG)

Ted Poley (Danger Danger)

Glen Burtnik (ex-Styx)

Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto, Trillion, LeRoux)

Jimi Jamison (Survivor)

David Reece (Bangalore Choir)


Lightning doesn't strike twice. Don't miss out!


MelodicRockFest 3

Chicago, IL September 27-29, 2013.

Tickets on sale now @



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Chicago's Arlington Heights, will become rock n roll central this September, as some of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the melodic rock world descend on the city for MelodicRockFest 3.

3 years on from the last gathering of the melodic faithful, MelodicRockFest 3 has upped the ante, with 26 bands to be featured over 3 days at one of Chicago's newest and best music venues, H.O.M.E. Bar (www.homebarchicago.com) Friday September 27 – Sunday September 29, 2013.


Appearing at MelodicRockFest 3 (www.melodicrockfest.com) will be some very familiar names, some appearing for the third time in a row, others making their MelodicRockFest debut. MRF3 organizer Andrew McNeice; “We wanted to change the script up a little this year. We wanted to give some up-and-coming artists a chance to finally be seen and heard as well. So over the weekend, talent will not only come from some of the pioneers of the scene, but also from some great young talent that need to be heard.”


Steve Augeri (formerly of Journey), Ted Poley (of Danger Danger), House Of Lords, Eric Martin (of Mr. Big), Kelly Keeling (of Baton Rouge), Glen Burtnik (formerly of Styx), 7th heaven, Canadian legends Harem Scarem, Swedish hotshots Eclipse and W.E.T. (featuring industry veteran Jeff Scott Soto) will all deliver knockout “best of” sets for the fans gathered.

Joining them will be some cult names in the melodic rock scene, such as the reformed Adriangale, AOR heroes Mecca (with special guests Jimi Jamison & Fergie Frederiksen), Tango Down (featuring Bangalore Choir vocalist David Reece), Brett Walker, Robert Tepper, Sweden's ColdSpell, Bombay Black and Newman – all the way from the UK.

Rounding out the weekend is some of the brightest new talent around will be showcased in one place for the first time. Australia's power pop hopefuls The Radio Sun, melodic metallers Inner Siege and Crossing Rubicon, plus rising stars Evolution Eden and Chicago's own Loveblast.


2010's MelodicRockFest 2 saw all bands present bring their A-Game. Some of the fan feedback for that weekend included:

Jody P: “I feel so honoured to have been a part of what is sure to become a melodic rock institution! The first Melodic Rock Fest was such a great time, and I felt so lucky to have been chatting with music legends, and listening to them rock the stage all on the same weekend! Can't wait for MRF3!”

Steve Neruda: “MRF2 provided value unheard of in the music industry. In days when a single act commonly asks upwards of $150 a ticket, the fact I saw 2 days of awesome band after awesome band - some of whom I never expected to see live at any price - for less than that is utterly amazing. It is simply an opportunity to good to pass up. I still have the ticket stubs in the visor of my car!”

Kimberly Pinto: “MRF2 was the best time I have ever had and can't wait till September fit MRF3.”

Charlie Kaus: “MRF2 was the single greatest concert experience of my life!”

Max Kligman Roitman: “MRF2 was an awesome atmosphere! Mingling with the artists at the venue and outside was amazing! It was a Rock'n'Roll fest just the way I like them, intimate, friendly and comfortable!”

Doug Vogel: “You know it's an event when the bands stay to watch other bands in the crowd.”

Kip Frazier: “Both previous MRFest's were simply amazing! This is a three day Fest that shouldn't be missed by any hardcore Melodic Rock Fan!”


MelodicRockFest 3 will be another very special weekend, not only for the fans gathered, but also for the artists involved:


Jeff Scott Soto: “We missed MRF2 but we're making it up by showing this time to MRF3!! Thanks to Andrew for getting W.E.T. over to debut in the US, could be the start of something big...see you all in Sept!!”

Eric Martin: “Howdy Melodic-rockers, EM here in Holland waiting in the airport for the next flight to Austria). I've got a lot on my plate this year with this acoustic tour and the upcoming Avantasia Mystery of time tour, I'm a lucky man that's for sure. But I'm saving my strength for the main course in Chicago this September. I am so excited to be sharing the stage with all these great performers; I can bet that the atmosphere will be full of wild energy Yee to the haw!!! For me it's going to feel like a Rock & Roll High School reunion (without the platform shoes and bellbottom jeans).”

Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem): “Hey y'all! I can't tell you how excited we are to be back and playing at Melodic Rock Fest 3 in Sept! Seems like to perfect gig to start the 2013 Mood swings reunion tour! This time I promise we'll make sure our Visas are in order and actually show up. Oops!”

Ted Poley: “I am very proud to be a part of the upcoming MELODICROCKFEST! This event is a MUST for any fan of Melodic Rock, it's a rare opportunity to see many of their favorite artists that simply do not tour on a wide scale. Anyone who attended the last one knows that this is an event not to be missed! See you there!”

Joe Vana (Mecca): “The last MR fest was an honor and a blast...the guys in Mecca and I very much look forward to doing this show and meeting the fans again! Oh yea, one thing more....Fergie Frederiksen is firmly back at the helm with me! We now get to do material from Mecca I, Mecca II, Fergie's solo career and of course some Toto tunes from his tenure with that Amazing Band....We are coming to kick ass!!!”

Richie (7th heaven): “It is an honor to be a part of Melodic Rock Fest 3. What a great line-up of great acts with great songs, I hope everyone can make it out. We, 7th heaven, are looking forward to a great rocking set. See ya there!”

Vic Rivera (Adriangale): “Pumped to be playing at my third MelodicrockFest - on behalf of all of Adriangale, we are looking forward to seeing you all in Chicago in September for what will be a truly awesome event!”

Scott Miller (Tango Down): “We have played a lot of shows over the last 2 years, from festivals (indoor and outdoor) to clubs and even theatres. But playing MelodicRockFest 3 will be an event to remember!! Thank you for having us Andrew. It doesn't get any better than playing your show and along with some of the most awesome bands around. Again, an event to remember (Pre Beer drinking!)”


In order of appearance, THE COMPLETE LINE-UP DETAILS ARE:


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27 (Acoustic Night)


- Eric Martin – Fresh from his European solo acoustic tour, Eric will bring the best of his solo career and all the Mr. Big hits to the stage for this headlining appearance.

- Kelly Keeling – The Baton Rouge vocalist will be performing a best of set including songs from his main band, plus others from his time with Michael Schenker, Heaven & Earth and John Norum.

- Glen Burtnik – One of the greatest songwriters of our time has agreed to do a solo “best of” set, which will include songs from his legendary Heroes & Zeroes & Talking In Code albums plus more!

- Robert Tepper – The 80s AOR star will perform songs from his cult classic No Easy Way Out album and new material.

- Gary Schutt – Often a one man band in his own right, the popular Jeff Scott Soto Band bassist, guitarist, songwriter will be at his entertaining quirky best.

- The Radio Sun – Out of the ashes of Square One comes a new band ready to make a statement. They will perform acoustically Friday and a full electric set to open Saturday.

- Line Of Fire – One of the best new AOR acts out of America, here to play songs from their first two albums.

- Bonrud – By popular request, we are sneaking in these guys to close the night with an electric set to rev fans up for the weekend ahead. And there may be more….as we have no curfew to adhere to!




- Harem Scarem – After missing MRF1 due to visa issues, the band has a mission to blow fans away with their high energy set and infectious songs. The Canadian melodic rock legends will be touring to promote the 20th Anniversary of their classic Mood Swings release. This is their first US show in 20 years and the only one for now!

- WET – The melodic rock “supergroup” consisting of Jeff Scott Soto (Vocals), Eric Martensson (of Eclipse on guitars) and Robert Sall (of Work Of Art on guitars/keyboards) plus members of Eclipse will perform their first ever USA show and are set to blow fans away just as they did last year in the UK and earlier this year in Sweden with one of their rare live appearances.

- Mecca+ - Mecca is Joe Vana and his powerhouse professional band of Chicago natives. But this time around they are bringing a very special guest with them – Toto's Fergie Frederiksen, who was an integral part of the Mecca debut. The set list will comprise of tunes from Mecca (old and new) and also Ferge's time with Toto.

- Adriangale – No one saw this one coming, but Vic Rivera, Jamie Rowe and Co are back together. What better place to relaunch this great act, along with a new Album (on Kivel Records) than at MRF3! So expect a "Hit” infused set, with some killer new material!

- Tango Down – The band is becoming a well-seasoned live act and vocalist David Reece promises a set heavy on material from their new album and classic Bangalore Choir tunes!

- Brett Walker – He delivered the cult classic Nevertheless album, so on the eve of a brand new studio release, Brett will bring his band to Chicago for a dose of old and new Americana melodic rock.

- Newman – The acclaimed British rock outfit are finally set for their USA debut. Expect a set featuring songs from all eras of the Newman legacy.

- 7th heaven – These guys need no introduction, being at MelodicRockFest 1 and 2. For #3 they have a new singer and a new album – expect a killer high-energy set.

- Evolution Eden – One of the newcomers featured this weekend. This powerhouse trio will impress, no doubt.

- The Radio Sun – Plugging in and cranking it up to get Saturday off to a flying harmony filled start.




- Steve Augeri – Best known for his time bringing Journey back to the masses and fronting the amazing Arrival album; he's also fronted Tall Stories and Tyketto. The man himself will be in the house with his backing band Valentine for a set filled with everything you'll be hoping for.

- Ted Poley – Mr Energy will deliver another fabulous set of high energy rock n roll, from his solo tour to all the Danger Danger hits and a few rarely heard tracks for the die-hards!

- House Of Lords – The James Christian lead lineup that has delivered four amazing melodic hard rock albums in the last several years will be delivering a knockout set of hits and current favourites.

- Eclipse – Sweden's favourite melodic hard rock act will be in the mood to rock, giving tracks from all albums a spin – especially the brilliant current album Bleed & Scream.

- Bombay Black – A party favourite for any occasion and MRF3 will be a party. So who better to warm up the crowd!

- ColdSpell – Another class act from Sweden, these guys are building their profile and delivering more each time. Get ready for a dose of Scandi hard rock.

- No Love Lost – A new American act that is making some waves and will no doubt make their presence felt at MRF3.

- Crossing Rubicon – One of two heavier bands for the day. American melodic metal band Crossing Rubicon will help make up the crowd after what will no doubt be a long night Saturday.

- Inner Siege – A touch of progressive metal mixed with a melodic edge will get the crowd over any hangovers from the night before.

- Loveblast – Chicago's own 80s melodic hard rock band will show why they are a star on the rise with a set that is bound to convert fans gathered for the show.


All these bands and more will rock your world at MelodicRockFest 3. Already several special guests are lining up to be in attendance and will no doubt try and talk their way onto the stage in one form or another. This is going to be an EPIC weekend and the venue has an early morning curfew, so we will rock as long as physically and mentally possible!


On top of the musical entertainment planned, there will also be a number of vendors on hand for your every merchandise wish.

Merchandise will be located in two different areas, with a range of vendors on hand to offer that full rock n roll event atmosphere. Also expect some surprises, giveaways, and a lot more!

Not only that but there is going to be the raffle to end all raffles, with so much gear and prizes to give away, it just can't be listed in one place.


MelodicRockFest is planning to make this event a really "different" weekend than your usual concert going experiences. We are attempting to raise the bar a little to increase the fun factor and experience as a whole. Also, make a point to stop by the MRF3 Event Booth! There will be plenty of other options to buy a whole range of MelodicRockFest gear, new and old MelodicRock Records CDs and MRCD Compilations and more.




Frontiers Records - www.frontiers.it

Kivel Records – www.kivelrecords.com

Escape Music – www.escape-music.com

ARfm – www.arfm.co.uk

ClassX Radio – www.classxradio.com

CSR Music Promotions - www.csrmusicpromotions.com

Rock My Wood - www.facebook.com/RockMyWood?fref=ts

Metal Mayhem Music – www.metalmayhem.com

Laser Engrave Art – www.laserengraveart.com


TICKETS ON SALE NOW at: www.melodicrockfest.com (PayPal sales) or via TicketWeb/H.O.M.E. Bar using the following links:


FRIDAY ($55) - www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3446814&pl=home


SATURDAY ($65) - www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3446984&pl=home


SUNDAY ($65) - www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3446994&pl=home

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