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Morning everyone


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Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been using this site for a long time to get info on potential new CDs for my collection. I've tried several times over the last several months to setup an account to no avail. But I didn't pursue it very seriously lol. Your awesome admin got me setup. Nice guy.


I am old enough I was around during the glam/hair/metal days the first go around & I'm so glad to see it all making a come back. I love glam/sleaze. The sleazier the better. I also love thrash meta, southern rock, bluesy type rock & recently I've been getting into NWOBHM. Which some of it I had heard when I was a kid but I wasn't aware it had a title lol. I'm not sure I have a favorite band but lately I've been listening to Habit Of Force non-stop. If you've never heard them check them out. They have been drawing a huge following.


I'm an avid cd collector. Have been since I bought my first cd back in 1988, though back then I had NO idea some of those discs I was abusing would turn out to be worth a buttload of cash. I've got several very rare CDs in my collection. Lately I'm trying to gather banned cover art. I'm hot after a copy of Pantera's Far Beyond Driven banned cover cd so if anyone has any info...

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  • My Little Pony

Welcome dude. Make sure you stick around - so many just post an intro and then disappear into the ether.


So bloody true.


Welcome aboard, mate.

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Thanks guys! Nah I plan to hang around. I'm a long time member on every forum I join because I'm usually pretty passionate about the subject. Plus collecting music is the only hobby I've stuck to over the years. I can't promise I'll have a high post count though because I can't live on the Internet.

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Salutes 'n' hoots.

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    • Looking at the song titles, this is 100% what I expected. Not into it at all - quite dislike it, to be honest. And the song titles do nothing to fill me with confidence that any of the other songs will be any better.  Anyway, this is a real surprise. I thought he was far removed from the music scene and his voice was allegedly not up to ever returning to Autograph (as I assume, music, generally speaking?) 
    • agree with the comments on that first track, was expecting a little more from Steve, maybe something similar to the songs on Buzz, still looking forward to hearing the rest of the album though
    • Germany based label label Pride & Joy Music will continue the Pride & Joy Music Classixx series on June 14th, 2024 with the release of the following 2 classic albums: The LA Cowboys - Endless Summer (Westcoast) Captain Black Beard - Sonic Forces +2 (Melodic Rock) As usual, these titles are only available via shop.prideandjoy.de and direct wholesale via Pride & Joy Music. Both are ltd. editions with 300 copies only each. Due to a high amount of pre-orders, the classic The LA Cowboys album already is almost sold out.   https://www.shop.prideandjoy.de/en/home/16355-the-la-cowboys-endless-summer-cd.html https://www.shop.prideandjoy.de/en/home/16354-captain-black-beard-sonic-forces-cd.html The bonus tracks on the Captain Blackbeard reissue are: 11. All The Pain (Bonus Track – 2022 re-recording) 12. Headlights (Instrumental Synthwave Remix)
    • But in all honesty, I hope music fans can eventually use AI to digitally remaster demo recordings with shitty audio quality
    • Ah, fukkit, what do I care? You're my people so I'll post a link to one I/we (AI and me, lol) just did now.  You're not telling me anything I don't know about how cringe the lyrics are, but in my defence this was written on 25th of July, 2001. Yes, even my youthful self shouldn't have been such a maggot, but I don't care too much. A slice of history, I guess you could say. Anyway, you can see in this what I mean about awkward phrasing and melodies not how the writer intended, but you also may get a sense that the result can still be pretty fun and appealing, perhaps, if you penned your own lyrics.  Another thing I'll say is that the almost violin/cello/accordion-sounding guitar riff seems to keep popping up in 90% of the songs I do with this or similar prompts, and I don't understand how/why that is associated with melodic rock. But it's there, constantly. Guess AI only has so many ideas so far?  I don't like that it has the prompts (which you can see have been somewhat ignored, I guess?) and the lyrics on display, but here's an example of what I'm droning on about, for reference; https://suno.com/song/0b797863-cd90-40b6-94da-5abe78ff98ca  
    • I just shared the following song in AOR Song of the Day, but I figure I'll also create a separate thread since I can't find any information about this band—not even a Discogs page! If anybody has any info to share about them, that'll be awesome!
    • "Save Your Love" by by SIERRA.  
    • The debut took six years, did it? Does that mean we're due for another album soon, another six years later since the debut? Songs are great - would love them on an album.  
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