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Def Leppard - Acoustic Medley


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I just wish that they would get their finger out and make another album,instead of re-recording old tunes and doing acoustic itunes things,what with them being my fav band and all :( I mean come on,its coming up nigh on 5 years since sparkle lounge!! and mirrorball doesnt count for me,its live,although I did love the "undefeated" track,wasnt keen on the others though truth be said.

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I'll say this one's okay, those were done in lower chord, probably good for the little relaxing moment at the concert, although I must say that they should leave 'When Love and Hate Collide' and 'Have You Ever' out of it because that two songs need to be done in entirety and electric, and three songs as a medley is better and concentrated i guess.

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Someone should tell them to shut the f*ck up, stop wasting their time, and record a new album as far removed from 'Sparkleface' as humanly possible. They have got a severe wrong to right, and they're taking far too long and just wasting everyone's time.


Imagine a band as great as this bowed out with 'Sparkleface' as their last original output. :(

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my favorite part of DL is their almost ethereal endlessly sustained guitar tones (like Stand Up).

it just wouldnt feel right unplugged,, like slayer doing a polka album...

I'd pay good money to hear that! :)

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