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VALERIE.... new melodicrock from Norway


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They look like they are 14 years old. The song is very cool in a Hanzel - Murder 101 kind of way, the vocals aren't that great and neither is the production...but the potential is there.

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Very basic song, but I like it. Would love to hear more for sure. And yeah, they do look about 12. :lol:

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They look like they are 14 years old.

Actually, all the band members are between 17-19 years old, so yeah, they're not exactly dinosaurs. I was chatting with them today...should be receiving the promo to review sometime next week.

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VALERIE is a young and ambitious melodic hard rock band from Arendal; a small town in southern Norway. They just released their indie self titled 8-track debut album through various Norwegian music shops. The official international release date through online retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, etc. is still to be announced.

Meanwhile, we have a taste of Valerie's talent.


The style of Valerie is pure melodic hard rock with a sound and style influenced by '80s acts like Icon, Dalton or Dokken, aiming for big, sing-along choruses and guitar riffs, along with blistering guitar solos and soaring vocal harmonies. Valerie is 1987 in 2012... with an updated sound. On these tracks this young band shows the maturity of a seasoned veteran group; from the killer guitar work by BT Valerie (not to mention his vocals) to the uplifting midsection of bassist Augustus Clark and drummer Erlend Omdal, complemented by the crunchy rhythm guitar of Magnus Christiansen.


Valerie rocks with "Vixen", which has a contagious melodic rhythm that reminds you Swedes Dalton. The chorus is instant and catchy in a typical eighties fashion.

"When Two Hearts Collide" brings back memories of the great Scandi AOR sound of Da Vinci and Skagarack, delivering a wonderful commercial melodic line absolutely radio-ready.

"Taste The Bullet" shows Valerie's distinct and diverse sound. This track has a touch of American band Icon (Night Of The Crime) to the music. The CD artwork featuring a 'patchwork' is reminiscent of Icon's album as well. Kich ass tune. "Love Is Like A Heart Attack" is a lovable guitar driven / backing vocals galore, a melodic hard rock blockbuster with a fist-pumping anthem structure built to rock the arenas. This was recorded in 1987? No, this is Valerie 2012.



Valerie is pure '80s melodic hard rock / AOR, blending styles & sounds from both sides of the Atlantic.

For an indie recording this stuff has a superb production, perfectly capturing the essence of that era in all aspects.

Kudos to these young capable musicians for carrying the Golden Eighties torch, and not succumb to the modern rock garbage.

Can't wait for the full album.


Highly Recommended.



01 - Vixen

02 - When Two Hearts Collide

03 - Taste The Bullet

04 - Love Is Like A Heart Attack



BT Valerie - Lead Vocals, Guitars

Erlend Omdal - Drums, Backing Vocals

Augustus W.Clark - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Magnus Christiansen - Guitars, Backing Vocals

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They look like 1987 too!

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I've heard this one. Not bad. Far from excellent, but it's a good solid melodic rock CD. I don't think it's going to blow anyone's world apart, though.

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Get some songwriting help and good producer could make them better I think.

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