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Marco Sandron is the new singer for EDEN'S CURSE.








Eden's Curse Announces New Singer; Unleashes New Video


posted Mar 2 2012 at 7:45 AM by CROMCarl. (0 Comments)


U.K. melodic metal band Eden's Curse announced that former Pathosray/Fairyland singer Marco Sandron is the new vocalist for the band. Simultaneously, the band released its new music video and single for the song "Time To Breathe." The band is offering a free download the track at this location.


Sandron had the following comments on joining the band:


I'm very proud to be the new singer of Eden's Curse! This band is great. The guys are simply awesome and very talented musicians, there are no egos, just respect and true collaboration and we are working together simply to reach our one true aim – creating great music! I simply cannot wait to rock some stages and meet the wonderful Curse fan base that the guys tell me so much about, as well as completing songs for our new album. Yes, I'm very excited because the new songs we are producing are so powerful, melodic as hell and typically Eden’s Curse


Bassist Paul Logue had the following comments on Sandron:


We had discussions with many amazing vocalists over the last four months, but this was about more than just picking a singer – that was the easy part! We had a stringent set of criteria that the successful applicant would need to meet, and they absolutely had to be fully exclusive to the band, in order for us to retain a sound that is instantly recognisable as Eden’s Curse. That is why the search took several months to complete, in order to ensure that we made the right choice and I firmly believe we have the right man.


Logue went on to comment on the video for "Time to Breathe":


It was imperative to us that not only did the fan base get to hear what Marco sounded like, but also what he looked like fronting Eden’s Curse.


Check out the new video here:


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I love the new song, and the new singer is much better IMHO, video is ultimately low budget but nobody wants to pay a lot for a video these days i guess :)

probably a new album later this year or early next year ?

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I actually liked Edens voice... and this new guy... well sounds decent, but missing a little range or something. And as someone said above... goofy clip. Film clips in our genre can be one of the weakpoints. Theres no way people can take them seriously.

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Wow, I actually really like that. I prefer this voice over that last guy. Michael someone?


Nah, but I always got the sense that Logue was the heart of this band with his song writing and bringing some of the great melodies he showed with Cry Havoc in the past to a band with more balls... the new combo sounds really good. I could actually really look forward to this CD. Guitar is killer too.


As for the video, like the write-up says, I'd say it's just a visual intro to the new dude. They will certainly never be a pretty band.

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My first view of the video I didn't love the guys voice since he did sound a little different to Michael Eden but the second I liked it more. After poking around the net it seems that this new guy is very much loved in Prog Metal cirlces and considered one of the better vocalists out there in recent years at least in Italy and Europe. I'm still bummed Mike is singing in this band even though most say he's a jerk or whatever I just thought his voice fit the band very well and I love all three studio discs especially the last two which are excellent IMO. I am looking forward to the new album and based on that song it's sure to be good since Paul and the drummer(Pete Newdeck) wrote most of the songs anyway with Mike I just think adding some lyrics here and there. Anyway hopefully Michael does something new and it's good too and we'll get two good bands out of it.


Oh yes the video was sucky but as most said bands have no reason to spend money on these things these days. I also hate the single cover with the chick with the sands of time thing. I'd rather have seen a painting or something.

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I like it. I had no problem with Michael Eden's voice. "Trinity" was one bad ass disc!! I am looking forward to the new disc.




It was a bad ass disc for sure - made my top 10 in what was a great year......but I bet if they re-recorded with this dude it would be even better.

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James Labrie is a friend of the band, maybe he can do the vocals, although a tour would pretty tough as I'm sure Dream Theater are pretty busy.

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