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The Women Of Facebook


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Fap fap fap fap fap!!! :masturbanana:

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Mmmmm :tumbsup: How did you find this? :D



I actually found a link to that Popcrunch website via another website and after checking out some of their funny pics, I found the 4th installment of the "Woman Of Facebook"... Naturally, I had to seek out the other 3 :quagmire:

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My facebook friends never post pics like this! :crying:



Then you have the wrong friends mate!!!!

Jez and Bernd dress like this all the time...strangely enough when they do I get a desire to rip my eyes out!

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I dont want my friends to post pics like this, maybe if they send them to me in a message, then i'll have something to get excited about, to quote the great Jason Mcmaster, "the ones that are fine, oh will never be mine, they wont even give me the time of the day"

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