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How to house a CD collection properly


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Hi guys,


After much though and angst at having CDs in endless boxes coz my CD racks are full I made the decision to throw away the racks and start again. My collection is around 3-4k CDs and I just want to have them out and easy to select. I went down to JB thinking I would just buy more CD racks but to my horror I found that they don't sell them anymore.


How are people storing there CDs so that they can be used i.e. NOT stored away. Are you putting them in bookcases?


I think there was a thread about this a while back and sorry for going over old ground but any ideas, pics etc. would be much appreciated.




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I was buying the Laserline 400 c.d. spinners. They stopped making them, so I went after the Laserline 300 c.d. spinners. They stopped making them as well. Then laserline, stopped making them all together. My wife got me shelves from IKEA for christmas, but I haven't had time to put them up. I will have enough time in a couple of months, when I lose my job..

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Though I have used a few different types over the years... I am the happiest with the ones I built myself.


Obviously it takes a little more time to do this... but in most cases is way cheaper. The best thing about building your own is that it enables you to get exactly what you need. You can get the color you want, the height between shelves you want, or anything else that you are particular about. I hate shelves that don't give you enough room between each self to even pull out a CD. You don't have to worry if a pre-made shelf will fit in your space. Many times the amount of space you have for your shelves limits your choices anyway. You never have this problem if you build your own. Other have mentioned that sometime a certain shelf is discontinued.. then you have to either mix and match or replace all of your storage shelves.

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I have this really nice thing (I paid almost $300.00 for it) It looks like the cabinet that they keep the index cards in at the library.

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I have a few IKEA racks and some that I built myself.







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Yeah, nice one Bernd.


I got mine almost under control until recently and now I have about 500 completely unhoused CDs. But the Reject Shop have some really good CD cupboards available. I forget how many these hold, but I bought a bunch of them and they do hold a lot. Totally designed for CD storage too.


If you're handy and can stack them on top of each other in a stable fashion you should only need a couple of walls to house the whole collection. They're great. And cheap too.

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I've got a few of these John, each hold 360 cds & they work out cheaper than the single 180 cds Ikea ones.




The only pain I find is that each box hold 15 cds so you're always reshuffling etc if you like to have them in alphabetical order or similar.


If I ever get the chance I'll build something a little wider to fit 70 - 80 discs per shelf.....one day....maybe lol

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Looks ok, but this one wouldn't be tall enough for me with 137cm. The IKEA ones are 198cm tall. I just can't understand why they have to make them so narrow. ... !

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I got my shelves custom made.


These were big enough at the time, but now this is full and i have piles in the spare room.










Nice setup ! Looks great !! :drink:

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