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Rock Songs Covered by Pop Artists


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What about these little gems....ahem....


Bryan Adam's Run to You was covered in early 90's by a electro-pop band "Rage'


Foreigner - Feels LIke The First time covered by a 70's Soul artist (name escapes me)


Metallica - Nothing Else Matters by Lucy Silva


Led Zepp's Kashmir - Puff Daddy aka 'Come With Me'


Bowie's Man Who Sold The World.....LuLu

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Celine Dion's godawful cover of "You Shook Me All Night Long" from a VH1 awards show a few years back :puke:

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Mariah CArey doing Journey's 'Open Arms' and Def Leppards ' Bringing on the Heartbreak'.......

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Not terrible, but not that great.

I like Sheryl, but this cover just didnt do anything for me.

I actually hated it initially, but its grown on me a bit over the years.


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This one though, I hated.

I like a couple of Apollo 440s tunes, but certainly not this shite.



I used to love this tune! Still don't mind it tbh. :tumbsup:


I'm still scarred by the recent pop/dance version of "Don't Stop Believin'". I have no interest in knowing who did it, but suffice to say they should be executed for crimes against music. An absolute disgrace. (BTW, when the original version of a song is that good, it should be illegal for anyone to cover it.)

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I remember a dance/pop group call The Party redoing Dokken's..."In My Dreams"...

My mistake, you are correct and here it is...



I remember hearing that back in the day...I so wanted to jump through the radio and strangle those fucks.

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You mean this turd?



Of course, and rock song performed on Glee is bloody awful as well (ditto for any other genre covered on that show).




Urgh! My ears, my ears!


(It was probably the Glee one I'd heard, but this is just as bad.)

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Kiss's Heavens On Fire covered by that Rock\Electro\Dance female group from Sweden called Star


and Emerald Rains song Everything Is Broken got covered by some chick from Canada that sounds like Sharyl Crow!

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